Starburst ROM + 1.4Ghz Overclock = Super Galaxy Tab 10.1 [2800+ on Quadrant]

Couple days ago I made it my goal to have the best and fastest ROM and kernels running on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 and I think I may have achieve my goals so far.

With the latest version of Starburst ROM and 1.4Ghz overclocking kernel, I was able to achieve near 3000 on Quadrant benchmarking, which tests your Tab 10.1′s CPU, Disk I/O, and graphic processing speeds.

That’s quite good I think as stock Tab 10.1 gets near 1800 to 2200 on Quadrant, that’s almost near 50% improvement in speed of my Galaxy Tab 10.1 (Take that iPad 2, jabbing at Steve Jobs).

Anyways, here’s what you need to get your Galaxy Tab 10.1 running faster than any other tablet device out there:

First, install the latest version of Starburst ROM by downloading it below:

Download Starburst ROM

Then, install the latest version of 1.4Ghz overclock made for Touchwiz UX model:

Download 1.4Ghz Overclocking kernel for Touchwiz UX

Then, install the latest version of SetCPU.

Run the SetCPU app then overclock it to 1.4Ghz and enjoy a super-fast Galaxy Tab 10.1.

What else can I say about this setup?

Nothing, it’s effin awesome, try it or you are losing out on the best features about your Tab 10.1.

And oh yeah, you need to root your Tab 10.1, duh!

Here’s reference back to all the stuff you need to do beforehand:

How to Root your Tab 10.1!

How to Backup/Restore ROM on Tab 10.1!

How to Install ROM on Tab 10.1!

How to Install Kernels (same as this guide).

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84 Responses to Starburst ROM + 1.4Ghz Overclock = Super Galaxy Tab 10.1 [2800+ on Quadrant]

  1. David Huewes says:

    I got almost 3300 on Quadrant with SetCPU on “performance” mode.
    The TW interface is notably smoother and the transition animations are using a far higher refresh rate (FPS) giving a far better user experience.
    Great job!

  2. Robert says:

    Is this Rom available for 3G model?

  3. hman says:

    i can’t seem to setup my yahoo mail since i did this update. can you please help me?
    is there also a way to set the fonts sizes? social hub and email on screen displays with too large fonts for me.

  4. Ed says:

    How is the battery life compared to stock?

    • Hussein Akram says:

      I think there is no difference, or at least non-noticeable for me, but once the tablet was fully lagging (only settings button working) and I had to reboot it. Rather than that, I feel it much faster than the stock and highly responsive!

    • Jerry says:

      My battery started to report wrongly after flashing this combination of rom and kernel. Trying to recalibrate it back now. If still fails i will try to revert back to stock kernel.

      • bowens44 says:

        I have had a couple of lock-ups. I’m think of reverting. Do you know where I can get the stock kernel ? I should have backed up and didn’t…… oh well live and learn

      • Jeroen says:

        I am experiencing the exact same problem.
        Battery reports wrong (drops really fast when in use, but is still half-full when charging). I do not have the stock kernel at hand though. Any known links to download?

        • admin says:

          It does that the first time until you drain the battery all the way. Drain battery all the way, charge back to 100%, you should be good to go.

  5. bernard says:

    I have flashed the Starburst ROM and 1.4GHZ Kernel on my Galaxy Tab, and the Quadrant Standard Benchmark jumped from 1400 to 2800!!! My Linpack MFLOPS jumped from 45 to 90!!! Awesome!!! Only issue I have is it took over 8 hours to download the Starburst ROM to my computer…I gues due to the 349MB size of the file…

  6. lost_odeassy says:

    Been trying for over 24 hours to download starbust rom but no luck, the speed is very slow e.g. now it is saying 1 day left.
    Is something wrong with server any alternative links?

    • admin says:

      Sorry for the slow downloads, we added two more servers (for a total of 10) today, please try again, it should be faster if you hit one of our newer once (at least for now until it gets clogged again).

  7. lostodeassy says:

    downloaded andinstalled fine

    Btw what r the drawback if i keep my cpu in 1400 al the time

    Any hardware damagepotentall.?

    • admin says:

      Not really any drawback, you should be fine. I’ve overclocked all of my Android phones and tablets no problem for years.

  8. Jay says:

    I am have a issue with the Netflix app after I installed this ROM, it crashes and it seems that I cannot uninstall it. Anyone else having this issue. I am thinking that I need to try a reinstall of this ROM?

  9. lost_odeassy says:

    Thanks Admin, one my question I had heard after rooting I will be able to get FULL access to market but I cannot seems to, do i need to install some program appreciate feedback

  10. Javier says:

    Dear admin …..
    First ..Great job ..nice work and perfect explaining …it´s amazing how easy it´s to do with your videos and post . Congratulations ….
    I have a problem ..all of this post is for a Samsung Tab 10.1 Wifi model ..also de the kernel for 1.4ghz . I teste and the 3g doesn´t work ..the starburst rom also doesn´t wor the 3g … I´m on Spain and i can not fin any rom for 3g …no one …nothing .. Do you know how can we ( we are 4 people here with samsung tab ) fix this ??? We test the 1.4ghz with setcpu . Results : 2950 , 2800 , 3000 ,2950 . We want to use the rom and the kernel too in the 3g versions !!!! please help us !!!
    Thanks for everything ….. Hasta pronto !!!!

  11. Floor says:

    Help. I installed de starburst rom on my tab. Only I did’nt know it was for the tab 10.1 Wifi only.
    Now I have no 3G possibilties anymore. Any help on how to put my tab back on its own Rom? I can’t find that rom anywhere anyway. Need help!

    • Javier says:

      Well …admin ,i answer if is not a problem ….
      Floor …i had the same problem …i hope you make before a copy of your rom in your sd card . When i installed the starburst rom the 3g doesn´t exist anymore . I turn off the tab and restart in recovery mode . I go to wipe -reset and click it . After that go to BACKUP AND RESTORE and click into RESTORE. If you make a Backup before install Startbusrt rom it must exist a file called ” Year - Month - day -hour ” when you make the backup ,click it ,wait the finish and REBOOT …. And your tab is working again than default .
      If you dont´make a backup …you must find the stock rom , put the zip file into sd card using windows ,wipe and reset ,and install zip from sd card and reboot .

      PD. I found a 3G ROM CALLED BROODCOMB ,3G WORKS PERFECTLY AND YOU CAN MAKE OVERCLOCK WITH THIS TO 1.4 . The rom is not beta and is very fast ,not keyboard delay and using overclocking by kernel my results in quadrant are 2900 -3000 and 82 mflops in linpack .
      I hope i help …and best regards from Spain ,writing from a sunny beach of Canary Island !!!!

      • pmk says:

        hey man, great news you got there about that 3g rom. i also have a 3g version and lost 3d after the patch. Can you please post a link to that 3g rom ?

  12. Floor says:

    @Javier Hello Javier, stupidly enough I didn’t make a backup of the stock rom. I have seen the broodcomb rom when searching for the stock. I am going to try right away. Thanks!

    • Javier says:

      Nice !!! I have it and testing 2 days ago …its fast …stable and 3g support . Also if you change the kernel from the broodcomb you can also overclock to 1.4 ghz. Just i have a problem with this rom ..when the tablet is inactive for long time when i put the on button is doesn´t work and i have to reboot . It happens two times in two days ….i still testing that to comment …
      saludos !!!

  13. Floor says:

    @Javier. Put broodcom on the tab. Works well. Tonight I am going to try to overclock. By the way, searching for broodcomb, I found on XDA also the stockrom. So now I can go ahead, coz I can always go back.
    Greeting from the middle of sunny Holland. (This is the third sunny day of the whole summer I think)

  14. Koki says:

    Hello everyone! I’m having the same problem as you @Floor and @Javier. I didn’t noticed that this rom was only for the wifi version. I also noticed that my tablet’s IMEI number was set tu null after I installed the overclock kernel, and I didn’t get to install the Sunburt rom. Luckily I’ve made a backup of my stock rom before I proceeded with the installation, I will give it a try restoring everything to default, and if I get my 3G back to work I’ll try that BroodCom 3G rom you’re talking about.

    I’ll keep you informed.

    Saludos desde Paraguay ;)

    • Javier says:

      Hello everyone …..Afther 3 days testing Broodcom Rom …

      1. The rom is not yet finished ..sometimes gets blocked into an application and close it suddenly
      2. The keyboard is really better than stock rom …there is no to much delay writing but ..still having a little bit ..something really bad for a tablet if your are working with this .
      3. The 3g works perfectly
      4. The overclocking works really good but you must be careful to use 1400 mhz too much time or the tabley will turn off because is too hot .
      5. The tablet need more ram for work …honeycomb needs minimum 400 mb of 730 for work …this is not enough
      More opinions …testings…where are you admin ???

      saludos !!!!

  15. Koki says:

    Gentlemen, I got my 3G back to work :) Downloading BroodCom 3G rom!

    Thnx! Saludos!

  16. Dickson says:

    I installed the super burst ROM and over clocked the galaxy tab 10.1. But after that the battery seems discharges very fast (from fully charged state drops down to 29% within 2 hours). And also the charging meter in the machine also works improperly. It jumps from 29% to 92% within half an hour and cannot fully charge the machine for hours. How can I solve the problem?

    • admin says:

      Actually that’s just a software error, same thing happened to me, you can actually reset the battery status while installing a new rom, if you don’t, your tab will think its out of battery when its not. Simply power it on and it will power up again after running out of battery. After the first time, Android will get it right and you will get full battery power. Yours should be fixed by now, just keep using it.

  17. Dickson says:

    Thanks for your help and I will try it.

  18. David says:

    Hello admin & everyone, one dumb Q since im new on android, do i need to do a wipe data/factory reset after installing starburst to install 1.4Ghz Overclocking kernel for Touchwiz UX? or should i install it right away after installing Starburst without the wipe?

  19. Picard says:

    Thank you for your good article. I have one request. Could you give me cifs.ko and nls_utf8.ko/slow-work.ko for this kernel to access Windows folder? I could access before but can not now.

  20. Lucas says:

    Hey, the rom is working great for me, thanks for the share.

    One issue though, I used to be able to sync with my mac via Kies. Now the program will say something like “No response from device” and fail to connect.

    Any idea if this is ROM-related?

  21. Max says:

    Give me normal speed!!! Third day I cannot download this file with 100MB/s unlimited bandwidth. I’m feeling at modem 19600 time! Shut down your servers and upload it to some filesharing service!

  22. M.K. says:

    The file what I downloaded have md5 checksum fbb8b4e8d3b5064614e225098a79c21b and not 09e8bb7a90acec968e2b8055a973b9c1 as I see on . Any suggestions? Is this file real and without some malware? Actual size is 357 755 551 byte.

  23. wmz505 says:

    I spent 2 days trying to get a workable tun.ko for OpenVPN with the stock ROM and kernel That’s one of the reasons I’m looking to a new ROM.

    Any ideas if the new starbust ROM will have tun.ko module included to support the OpenVPN?

    Thanks and nice jobs!

  24. Dickson says:

    Battery meter reports incorrectly. Is this caused by the setcpu software? Cannot fix the problem after reinstalling the ROM and overclock the tab. Any suggestion to solve the problem?

  25. wmz505 says:

    Just flashed with the new rom, no problems so far.

    However, I still can’t get the openVPN working. If anyone has the proper tun.ko for to share, I’d really appreciate.

  26. Chris says:

    Here is whats happening to me..I rooted my Galaxy tab 10.1 soon as i got it…no problem…I then tried to set it up to recognize ad-hoc..using the tutorial from this site…when i rebooted ..the Samsung log appeared followed by multi colored horizontal lines all accross the screen..I restored it back to factory settings and was good to go exept now I have a yellow exclamation point at boot up. So Then I rerooted no problem….I was able to set up for ad-hoc using another tutorial elsewhere…then i tried to overclock and install Starburst and back to Horizontal lines when I rebooted..Luckily this time I backed up the I reverted to that and was ok…This is my 1st andriod , please help ..I want to over clock and put in a new rom but im scared.

  27. Ahmad says:

    Is this Wi-Fi or 3G version?

  28. John says:

    I did the overclock and bought the setcpu do I need to install the starburst rom? or is it just as good? and what about the touchwiz uz rom? Thanks

  29. paytue says:

    After installing starburst rom, i cant find mobile network in the setting of Wifi and network setting. My one is 3G+ Wifi version.

    How can i fix??

  30. Skywalker says:

    Thanks to admin for this Starburst ROM and the overclocking instruction. I have installed as per the above instructions without any problem yesterday.

    My new tab for 3 days definitely is very responsive now but the set back is the battery drain which the Admin has explained should be normalised after a few days due to installation of the new ROM.

    I am keeping my fingers cross hoping that this is true else it will be pointless having a powerful tab that last barely 2 hours or less before the low batt alarm went off.

    Thanks again Admin for this fantastic share.

    Regards from Malaysia

    • M.K. says:

      Also - I must reboot after my tab says “I’m empty” 2 times. After first time battery level was 51% and after the second one - 24%

    • M.K. says:

      Strange - my comment awaiting for moderation, but moderator is drunk :)
      I has the same trouble with bad battery. I installed another ROM (task650_V6) but problem still was present. And yesterday I saw the interesting method what help me (100% brightness with 3 hours car travelling with GPS+Navitel active instead of 2 hours full battery drain). It’s battery calibration.
      Battery recalibration :
      1 If you’re experiencing higher than normal battery drain, try the following: Charge the phone to full battery; let it keep charging until the battery says it is fully charged. Do not wait until the light is green, it isn’t always fully charged, causing a lot of inaccuracies.
      (You can check by going to: Settings -> About Phone -> Status -> Battery Level = Full.)
      2 Boot to recovery mode and wipe battery stats in recovery (I use CWM -> Advanced -> Wipe battery status or something like this)
      3 Immediately reboot, and once you have access to the launcher, unplug the phone.
      4 Do not charge the phone until after draining the battery completely, resulting in it automatically shutting off.
      5 Recharge and use your phone as normal.

      P.S. This is not my method – found it here:
      P.P.S Will see battery lifetime after full battery charge.

  31. David says:


    A few things first, i am a total noob to Andriod. I have P7510 wifi 16GB tab
    Your site has been absolutely brilliant to get me up and running with Andriod.

    I rooted the Tab as soon as i got it. No problem. Installed ROM manager and made a back up of my stock ROM.
    Quadrant was 2258 rating. I then over clocked to 1.4Ghz no issue.

    I then installed the Starburst ROM and re-applied the over clocking. Weirdly the Quadrant dropped to 2022. Not a big thing but as others have mentioned the battery has gone crazy. from 100% it drained to 34% in 50mins.i have rebooted and recharged a few times no difference.

    I have restored my backup ROM(overclocked) now and battery is fine again. Also Quadrant now showing 2368.

    Thanks again for the great site but appears to be some issue with starburst affecting my battery so will hold out for updated ROM or new one.

    PS are you planning on trying the Bonsai ROM?

    • David says:

      Ok done a little more.

      I re flashed the tab using the exact details and files you listed. So currently on Starburst overclocked to 1.4Ghz. I reset battery counter in clockwork also

      Quadrant showing 2335

      The battery drained from 55% to 1% in approx 12mins. I then left the Tab over and charged it. Battery looked as though it was charging from 50% mark and took about 2 hours to charge. I then switched it on and with no apps running it has dropped to 83% in 20 mins.

      From your previous comments do you mean to power cycle the tab to resolve it? IE let is drain fully then full charge and repeat a couple of times?

      Before installing Starburst I would get 7-9hrs battery life doing various things.

      Any happy would be appreciated



  32. Ahmad says:

    Can i install ONLY THE KERNEL without the ROM?
    I’ve the Middle Eastern ROM so i will lost my own language when i flash another ROM.

  33. Jack says:

    DUDE! I really like your website and all and I appreciate the hard work, BUT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! GIVE SOME WARNING TO NEW READERS LIKE MYSELF ABOUT THE POSSIBLE PROBLEMS! THE BATTERY GET’S ALL SCREWED UP! And it’s not an “easy” fix. Please Give Proper warning, so that people don’t just follow your tutorials in vain, and end up all screwed up like me, now having to return my tablet for a new one.

    • admin says:

      This is normal, just a software battery stats, after couple reboots it should work fine or just reboot your tab after it runs out of battery, it WILL boot with more battery left.

      • Jack says:

        Yea man, But it’s not “Normal” to have a screwed up battery. You really should tell people of the potential damage. It’s only fair and makes you a nicer guy and more credible. I personally would not have done any of this if I knew the battery would get all screwed up.

        • admin says:

          This doesn’t screw up your battery physically, it only “fools” the OS while you install a new ROM, you can actually reset your battery stats in ClockworkMod Recovery to get it working correctly or after couple reboots fixes itself.

          • Jack says:

            Ok, gonna keep trying to fix it for a while and see if it get’s better. But still, give some warning about it. I feel like you are reluctant to do so. Does it not seem fair to say: “There is a chance your battery may experience some problems….” and then you can talk about how to fix it if it does happen. Anyway. Thanks for replying and thanks for the tutorials, I really do appreciate it, but please give people some warning.

  34. JoaoM says:

    Hi, I have just boughted the galaxy tab but it still have the stock firmware from the operator, it has the boot animation etc, should I format and instal a stock fw or do I install with this fw??

    Thanks, I´m a newbie on android.

  35. Isaak says:

    Hey bro, I love this page!! Nice info here, i just added you to twitter and added you this page to my rss feed. Just a qeustion, hoy do you get those black menus? I just installed starburst rom but my menus are the same (white) BTW, i can send u some info on installing polaris office on starburst rom, since u get quickoffice and IMO Polaris just kick ass!!

    ty!! greetings from Mexico!

  36. Marko says:

    Is it possible to add phone call option?
    (SGT 10.1 P7500)

  37. Anthony Bush says:

    Hi, need some help. I have searched EVERYWHERE for the factory ROM for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 for U.S.. I can find them for other countries but not for the U.S.. Does anyone know of ANYWHERE I can find it / download it? I would greatly appreciate any help. :)


    [email protected]

  38. Fred says:

    Oh My GOD!!!! Everything is faster and smoother!
    2972 with Quadrant. It’s awsome!!…

  39. Vasar says:

    I have huge battery drain issue after flashing this option. I have reseted battery information twice, but it still is draining too fast.

  40. mike says:

    hey admin..or anyone else…the only problem I had with this rom is it comes with so MANY apps and bloats your ram..i run android assistant and its showing my ram is almost full with all the apps starburst comes with…it comes with like 50x more than stock lol…i have yet to overclock it or download setcpu……..that should help, no?

  41. mike says:

    im still having huge battery drain issues as well. i let it fully drain till it shutoff and than charged without interuption twice now and its still draining a mile a minute. now I am trying to use the battery caliberation app from the market, supposed to charge while the tab is on, wait till it gets to 100% than hit caliberate……..well the thing wont charge…its been stuck on 82% for about a half hour now…PLEASE HELP BRO.

  42. Park Chan HO says:

    My galaxy tab 10.1 is korean ver.

    I install the starburst rom in my galaxy tab 10.1
    isn’t suit it…

    And it doesn’t overclock……

  43. Matt says:

    Hi, i recently install Starbust Rom on my GT 10.1 and then have boot loop problems. Samsung logo appears over and over, and i have to restore back my old Stock rom.
    Any suggestion?

    Thank You, anyway

  44. Mikko says:

    Hi u all.
    I got a problem like the most in here but i live in sweden and did the root and kernel and rom install as you show on video…
    After i installed the kernel with 1.4 “latest” the 3g was Gone!!! I try many options but nothing worked.
    So i went back and reset the setting in boot and putt other rom/kernel settings and got it working again ;) how ever i would be happy to know how do i get info on the cpu speed and how high can i go?


  45. Mikko says:

    Little update to the late one… When i putt on the tab 10.1 all factory settings was reseted and i did do backup on google so i let the tab 10.1 get the backups back and install all again… So does this take away even the programs or roms and all??
    Hope you understand how i mean?

  46. Will says:

    Hey hows it goin, by the way…Nice work, on everything. Everything youve shown me has worked perfect…almost lol. Ive ran into one little problem, its just kind of annoying to say the least. After I rooted and overclocked…my screen will not rotate manually anymore. it only does it on apps that force it to. If I rotate my tab on the home screen or any other apps…the screen will not rotate. Heard of this….any ideas?

  47. Robert says:

    I have a weird problem. First i rooted my tab and it passed the root check and superuser was working properly, then i installed this rom. It installed correctly and everything is running fast and smooth but it seems to have unrooted my device which doesnt make sense to me. It fails the check and superuser does not work. Im just wondering how this happened and will it be safe to root again over starburst rom?

  48. acheterre says:

    Hi, I need your help, I buy a GT7510 in China, and I want to put original ROm but Europe version.
    Can you inform me when Can I find this ROM, and How can flash it ?
    thanks in advance

  49. acheterre says:

    Sorry, I mean Where Can I find it

    Hi, I need your help, I buy a GT7510 in China, and I want to put original ROm but Europe version.
    Can you inform me when Can I find this ROM, and How can flash it ?
    thanks in advance

  50. chandler says:

    it says i need a firmware update and when i try to update it it reboots and only gets to 13% and stops and the screen goes blac. idk what to do ive tried everything ive tried unrooting my tab but it always keeps the starburst rom on there. any help would be greatly appreciated

  51. chandler says:

    thanks in advance

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