BinDroid ROM for Rooted Galaxy Tab 10.1!

BinDroid ROM is another great ROM for your Galaxy Tab 10.1, comes with custom app drawer and lots of cosmetic changes, which I feel is refreshing without losing TouchWiz interface.

I am running this ROM with a 1.4Ghz Overclocked kernel, which runs just as good as other ROMs, give it a try and let me know what YOU THINK!

Download ROM here:

Download BinDroid ROM

Download 1.4Ghz OC kernel here: (flash this right after the ROM if you want overclocking)

Download 1.4Ghz Kernel

*Note - Don’t worry about fuzzy color boots, just reboot, its zipaligning apks.

Donate to ROM developer here

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14 Responses to BinDroid ROM for Rooted Galaxy Tab 10.1!

  1. trtshen says:

    Would this disable 3g in my gtp7500? Cuz i heard there is rom that disable 3g in gtp7500, thank you.

  2. boris says:

    how fast is it compare to the paris rom, and also is adhoc enable too? Thanks

  3. Juan Gutierrez says:

    why is the volume for the earphones so low?

  4. trtshen says:

    thank you for the link, but i flashed my p7500 with this, Bindroid rom after all…
    this rom doesnt work with the 3g service.
    so, for those p7500 user, please consider before try this (if it’s not upgraded for p7500)…

  5. Snake says:

    Hi bro, I have a NOOBish question that i would like to ask someone who knows about samsung galaxy 10.1 and well you seem to know it pretty well =)

    my problem is I don’t have a Samsung galaxy Tab yet, I am thinking of buying one, just comparing it with motorolla Xoom, my brother has a Xoom and it is awesome, he can install hubs and customizations and all

    my questions are:
    1- will the tab10.1 be as customizable as the Moto Xoom? I mean will be able to install all these customizations he installed on his Xoom which made it much cooler and he did not even root or anything? or will the native samsung UI stand in the way?

    2- he can easily download from 4shared for example APKs and install them -as i am in a country where app market is very limited-, can I do that on the galaxy tab 10.1?

    3- what would be your advice? seems silly asking a tab 10.1 owner but what would you really advice a noob to get? Xoom or Tab 10.1?

    thanks so much and i will be waiting for your response =)

    • admin says:

      Yes, you can pretty much do everything a Xoom does, I think Tab 10.1 is a lot better device, lighter, thinner, and also was Google IO tablet.

  6. Cole Mayes says:

    First, I want to thank the creator of BinDroid as it makes my 7510 look the best. While I still love In Paris, I love the redesign of the Taskbar menu and the Lock Screen unlock graphics. Really nice!

    However, I’m finding a battery drain from which I cannot locate. Prior to BinDroid, I could unplug my EdnaTab (pet name :-) ) before going to bed and in the morning the battery would be at 98% or 97%, but this morning it was at 70%. Nothing was different in running apps than with In Paris.

    Has anyone found this an issue as well, and might there be a fix or suggestion for solution?

    Again, kudos for this awesome ROM.

    • admin says:

      Try draining battery all the way then recharge all the way, installing new ROMs sometimes causes havoc on the battery stats, which will not work correctly until a full discharge and full charge.

      • Cole Mayes says:

        DANG! Now this is most likely exactly the cause, and a simple solution. Being a computer engineer, this should have been my first thought for a solution, but the most simple solution tends to be the last we engineers see because we usually complicate things by over-thinking them. LOL

        I’ll give this a run today, and bet it solves the issue. — Thanks! :)

  7. Cole Mayes says:

    OH! I’ve also noticed my Tab 10.1 has all blank pix for both the Home Screen and the Lock screen. This happened after I changed from the stock ROM. In Paris ROM is a cool 3-D like black Rubic’s cube, but once I changed the home screen to a weather widget, I couldn’t retrieve it. The same goes for BinDroid. All the home/lock screen photos are black. I’ve searched through all the folders looking for these original ROM home/lock screens, but none to be found.

    Where might they be or how can I change back to them when I want?


  8. Luis says:

    Just wanted to give you an update on this. I just upgraded my Tab to the latest Bindroid 3.4 ROM and it comes with USB charging, I don’t think they disclose it on their site, but after doing the upgrade, I plugged my tab to the usb to transfer my back ups and noticed it started charging… I left it on and it charged it up to 100%.

    Also, the percentage icon in the bar is gone, which is good because I was never able to get it to be accurate.

    It is working really good, happy with the update!

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