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Got questions, you can contact author of the site Max Lee at [email protected].

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  1. vince says:

    Hi, i was watching this video about the galaxy tab 10.1 and there are features that i can’t find such as mini apps. i did follow your steps and they we’re great (thanks) but how can i get mini apps on my tablet and i’m also missing the samsungapps icon. thanks for the help.

  2. Doug says:

    Max could you put up a video on the instructions to insall BusyBox I can’t seem to find it.

  3. George says:

    Can you do a tutorial on how to setup gscript for the Galaxy tab so that you can change Wifi to allow Adhoc so you can tether to a rooted phone(droid1) in my case??

  4. vince says:

    hi Max, with the new Samsung touchwiz coming out how would this affect our rooted tablet? Do we have to unroot before an update? Can you do a bit on how to properly update our rooted tablet. Thanks

    • admin says:

      Please see my latest post, you can install the rooted Touchwiz UX, I’ve had this ROM on mine for over a week now!

  5. gin says:

    it there any difference between P7510 and P7500 on rooting, and also…can i get official OTA after i rooted my gtab10.1?

  6. Jonathan says:

    Hi, I have my tablet 10.1 galaxy protected by password and I can not unlock as i do?

    Help please. Thanks

  7. Aaron says:


    This may sound scandalous to a lot of people but is it possible to install windows 7 on a tab 10.1?


  8. gin says:

    I did the easy root process…but..I can’t mount storage under recovery…anyone notice ?

  9. Jonathan says:

    Hi, You could do a video on how to format the galaxy tablet could be helpful for people Thanks: D

  10. Jonathan says:

    hola solo es para saber si la raiz es lo mismo que formatear mi Galaxy tab

  11. vince says:


    I FOUND AN ISSUE WITH THE NEW STARBURST ROM, also used the new overclocking - its fast but with a problem (two of them below)

    or maybe i’m the only one who has this problem but after installing the rom on my rooted GT 10.1, my netflix app seems to be not working any longer, the icon is also changed to a black background with an android logo on the bottom right corner with a the netflix working in the middle from the original red background. i have to keep installing the old netflix apk file for me to use netflix but after rebooting the system it has the same outcome.

    the lock screen configuration is no longer working
    everytime i select to enable lock screen (to turn it ON), it just throws me back to the application and security options. anyone has this problme -> what should i do to fix this issue????

    • admin says:

      Interesting, let me look into it and will let you know.

    • Roberto says:

      I don’t have that problem…… 10.1 wifi only….. is yours a Verizon version or straight wifi?
      did you try reinstalling the ROM a second time? (no harm done, I had to do mine when i broke the wifi)

      I am pretty sure there are 2 different ROMS with Touchwiz on this website, did you try them both?

  12. Frederico Guimaraes says:

    Dear, can you show us how to allow that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 recognize AD-HOC WiFi conection, i allready rooted my tab, but it still does not recognize it. thanks.

  13. vince says:


    someone recently posted something about bonsai rom’s have you tried them before can i trust this rom?


  14. Frederico Guimaraes says:


    I did everything, i think some commands i did it wrong, i don’t know how to change the permissions on /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf using this code, where do i have to write this?

    adb shell chown system.wifi /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf

    • Roberto says:

      Frederico there is another way to do it using an application right on the Tablet, Root Explorer for example. If you still have the problem, let us know and I or someone else can tell you how to achieve the same.
      First question would be did you transfer the file over to your tablet?
      All can be done a different way, just using that wpa_supplicant file, transferring it wity Cyberduck for example on Mac, to a running SwiFtp on Tablet which is an FTP server app, that gets the file across, then another app like Root Explorer can let you move the file to the right place —— but after you transfer the file, Turn WIFI OFF, then copy over the file to the right place, then you click (long) on the file to change permissions within Root Explorer and click on the Execute to be checked — 755 means Root: read/write/execute Group:read/execute All: read/execute —— so basically you just need to add the execute permissions (checkmarks), the rest of the permissions should be already ok.
      Then you reboot at the end and only then try. It worked for me.

      Another thing to note is that this wpa_supplicant works with the TouchWiz ROM, but if you don’t have TouchWiz in your OS then you need a different wpa_supplicant [from an article dated before August].

  15. Zubair says:

    Hi Max

    I installed Busy Box and them my tab is not booting up, screen is all distorted, do you know any reason or how to fix it?


  16. Matt says:

    I recently joined the galaxy tab community, and love it! However, my tab has been shutting down when it is left idle for several hours, please help?
    It is currently stock, without overclockimg or rooting.

  17. oleg says:

    Is there any way to get Galaxy 10.1 into fastboot mode?

  18. Rob in Katy says:

    Hi, after rooting my Galaxy Tab10.1 LTE, which worked fine, I was doing a backup with rom manager, and it went into boot loop. Is there a recovery image for the LTE? or a way to kick it out of the loop?

  19. shabab says:

    im new in samsung galaxy tab.
    i uninstalled skype from my device.
    when i reinstall the skype again it showing the error as “INSUFFICIENT STORAGE AVAILABLE”
    i want to install the skype.
    so please help me as soon.
    my mail id is [email protected]

  20. Brian says:

    i think i softbricked my galaxy 10.1 wifi tab.. it doesn’t boot back up, please help!! my email is [email protected]

  21. eydie says:

    I tried to root my tab 10.1 but when come to step”choose from sdcard”,it says”E: can’t mount sdcard”
    I’m new in this, please help me out!what should i do?

    • Roberto says:

      maybe it’s not in the /sdcard location proper?
      QuickBoot app from appstore lets you boot into Recovery mode without pressing keys at startup by the way, you just pick it from the App………. oh wait i am pretty sure you have to be rooted first :) … well once you are, get it

  22. poison says:

    hey i am looking for a way to install windows drivers on my galaxy 10.1. or i am looking for a way to print using the usb adapter needing to print excel spread sheets on a non samsung printer

  23. James says:

    Hey, I was wondering if you will soon have hacks and tips for the 8.9 version of the GT. I just bought one and can’t find anything out there on it. I would love to root mine :D . Thanks!

  24. SANJAY says:

    Hi, I found the website user friendly & helpful. I have rooted my tab however the problem now is after reboot only Samsung logo comes, goes & repeat. i tried all measures but not able to succeed.

  25. Wesley says:

    Hallo,i using galaxy tab model p7500.after I wipe data,cache.my tab cant even switch on now.any1 can help? just wish to reset my tablet to factory reset.

  26. Slayer says:

    Hi, I which rom is actually faster? Inparis v5 or overcome 1.2.3?

  27. Martin says:

    Hi There,

    I was one of the unfortunate few who downloaded the 3.2 update and it has trashed my Galaxy Tab 10.1.

    Please can you give me instruction on how I can get it back to the official Manufacturers 3.1 software instead of the broken 3.2 software it currently has?


  28. Hermes says:

    Hi, I have ROOT and OVerclock MY gALAXY TAB 10.1. 3.1 KERNEL VERSION -
    I’be having problem updating from 3.1. to 3.2
    should I do anything in order to update my Android Version?
    Thanks for your help

  29. Michael says:

    Max, I am having problems with the 3.2 update. It stops right on 15%. My tab is rooted and not overclocked.. Do I have to unroot it and install the update and then root it again? Or do I just have to be patient and wait?

    • Michael says:

      I did upgrade to 3.2 finally with KIES. But i am experiencing lots of problems with my display. I am getting lines in my display. When i rotate it and have it in vertical position, i see no lines. When i have it in horizontal position, lots of lines in my display.

  30. georgiy says:

    Can you describe me, hou can I update my tab 8.9 to Honeycomb 3.2 and to make Tabuntu.
    I read your information, wrote only for tab 10.1. Does it suit for tab 8.9?

  31. michael says:

    Hello, having trouble enabling the adhoc wifi on tab 10.1. I downloaded the zip file to my tab then unzipped using android zip. I then use rootexplorer to access the system bin file with the wp file that came with the tab. I hit mount r/w and copied over the wp with the wp from the zip file, but when i go to connect to the wifi. I get an error. I tried this three times with no luck. I had to repaste the wp file that came with the tab to get the wifi to work again. Can you please help me.

  32. Thomas Duffy says:

    Cool website. I had this “mac unsupported” issue trying to root my phone for the first time. It seems that your are using ODIN just to flash the clockworkmod recovery. Can you not just download the ClockworkMod app and use it to flash the recovery to get the same result? It’s kind of hampering to just say that Mac’s are not supported and its a bummer that that is the case. This would essentially take the PC/Mac out of the equation except to put the .zip file in the right spot to do the root.

    I successfully did this on my Samsung Galaxy SGH-I897 before installing a rom and I see no reason why it wouldn’t be the same for the tab. Thanks and keep up the good work, its nice to see people interested in no limitations on these devices!

  33. tom says:

    disregard the last. i got a bit confused as to what program i was thinkin about

  34. rambod says:

    My P7500 has problem
    hi man and thanks for all video that u uploaded . all of them were really helpful.
    i bought my Galaxy Tab P7500 3g 3 weeks ago ,, from beging had problem until i found ur web site and kernels of galaxy tab that u uploaded on ur web site , they were awesome ur site changed my life on that time . but after few days my tab doesn’t turn on no way . i tried 15 sec pressing power button . Volume + and power , volume - and power , but none of them work , do u have any idea how can i fix it?!

    Thanx a lot and i whish that u can help me

    Best regards

  35. nuno says:

    any updates on netflix? I just followed ur videos on rooting my tab 10.1 wifi, then installed the starburst rom and overclock kernel, again thanks to ur videos. But i have the same two issues as above

  36. john says:

    hi, ive made the mistake of upgrading an OC to the wrong kernel version. now i cant rotate the screen anymore.

    the wife is mad at me and wants the device back to stock. i have the tab unrooted and fully restored to factory settings, however it still wont rotate. the cyanogen mod and pershoot ubuntu are still existing kernels on there. how can i FULLY put this device back to stock 3.2

  37. Chris says:

    Hi Guys
    Im trying to unroot my galaxy tab 10.1 back to stock so i can return it to be repaired (Having problems reading my sim card) Ive followed the steps showed on the site and arent able to flash the stock ota rom.
    Will this rom work for the 3g version of the tab? If not, do you know where i can get it from?
    Thanks for the great site btw! Im a nubie to all this rooting and hacking business and you guys have helped big time!

  38. Nicholas says:

    Samsumg Galaxy Tab 10.1V (GT-P7100) = Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1?

  39. kenyaone says:


    Im new to all this. Have a new galaxy tab 8.9 Any simple program for a layperson like me that will root this tab and allow me connect adhoc hotspots. Its wifi only. Hoping to get a one stop solution that is up to date and simple to use. please post download links too if possible

    cheers all.

  40. Matt Wilson says:

    Hey awesome website!! thanks to you im rooted. I put the 3.2 on my Gt-p7500m 4g bell canada Gtab and like the added perks with the market and so on. Can you please show me how to put a native dialer on this thing i have spent hours doing things like putting on euro roms and i still didn’t see a dialer. bell will let me put calling features on no problem i even unlocked it and tried my sim card from my rodgers phone and data worked fine but when i tried to make a call to it it wouldn’t work because i think it don’t have a dialer!! from what i have read i think i just have to somehow put a APK dialer on it??? whatever it takes ill do i have done so much already to get away from voip it seems like im so close please help!!!!!

  41. Brandon says:

    I just wanted to say thanks for such a great and user friendly website! I was one of those skeptics out there about rooting my tab 10.1. I finally got off the fence and just did it, and was amazed at what happened. It was so easy to do, and yes, my Tab 10.1 runs much better than original. You guys are awsome! Keep up the good work!

  42. supersbite says:

    Mid Jan 2012 I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 the latest itab. This does not suppport SD cards but it has the ability to attach a USB to it.
    I’ve not subscribed to internet data plans and use only the WiFi option at home to access the net and make Skype calls
    I want to know if this tab can be cracked to function like a normal phone using my phone SIM Card (Vodafone) which seems to be the only missing thing to complete the all use itab

  43. Charles Wehrenberg says:

    While one of two of your rooting technique videos do work to root the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, your subsequent instruction to employ su_busybox_misc-sam_tab_10.1-061611.zip IS A COMPLETE DISASTOR on a GTP7510 wifi tablet! Immediate color smear! No restore! No shut off! No factory reset! NADA@#!%$#@. Are you sure that this is how you put BusyBox on a Galaxy Tab 10.1? I don’t think so.

  44. jose says:

    Hi, I have a galaxy tab 10.1 wifi. I downloaded a movie off flixster for the ultraviolet copy on my tab but wont play. Its an mp4 file. Ive downloaded different video players and codecs but that doesnt work. Can someone help me into what I can do to fix this???????

    • jose says:

      I talked to Samsung, via chat, they said to reset the tab and it should work. Will that work?

      • jose says:

        To Britney!! I downloaded different movies and shows and its works. Idk, just might be of where you downloaded from. Give it a try with a different download and see if that works…

  45. Mitch Gulliford says:

    I need a little help! I installed busybox on my galaxy tab10.1 as per your instructions. download to the root then clockworked and flashed. Everything looked good then rebooted. Now all I have is basically static of colored lines on the screen. I can re-enter clockwork at boot but that is about all. I did not save a backup before I did this so I am screwed there. How do I correct this and also what happened? I went through the steps up to this point working good in the hopes of installing Ubuta, but now this. Is there anything you can do for me? Con som ni da

  46. Charles Wehrenberg says:

    I hate it when that happens! First, did you add Busybox from the Samsung Galaxy Tab Android Market? Or did you flash su-busybox-misc-sam-tab-10.1-061611.zip from GTH? If you flashed the su-busybox…zip, that is what toasted your tab. Next time add Busybox from the Android market once you have your device rooted. It’s free. Right now, reset the factory settings by holding down the power button and the volume button as described; this will allow you to reset the factory settings and reboot. Samsung tech help can lead you through this procedure which they say this will fix the problem; if it does not, Samsung will authorize a warranty exchange. Some vendors will also exchange devices which flame out, Best Buy gives you 14 days to bring an item back for an in-store exchange. The less said the better, of course: all anyone needs to hear is that you were trying to install Busybox, an app which is available from the Samsung Android Market.
    This hack can work. I have ubuntu 12 [precise] running nicely on my GT 10.1 which means Python 3.2 is also there to use. It is proving to be surprisingly fast. Keep the faith.

  47. Dan says:

    I had the same problem when installing busybox. I read that if you followed along with the hack to overclock the processor to 1.4 ghz that you probably have busybox already installed. Either way, I flashed my ROM again, and then skipped the part in the walkthrough regarding busybox. I was able to install Ubuntu following the remaining directions. I had trouble installing tightvncserver. Fortunately, I fixed it by doing this instead (which I found on another website, although I didn’t copy the URL):
    cat > /etc/apt/sources.list
    deb http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ karmic main universe

    Then hit Ctrl+D twice and Enter.

    I then ran the update command and was able to install tightvnc. My ubuntu loaded fine, and it works. The only problem is that my graphics on the tablet look horrible. Trying to resolve that now as well.

  48. laszlo says:

    hi this is my first android tab and i need help with it. i let my friend borrow my tab and he went into clockwork mod recovery and formatted /system, /data, /cache and now my tab won’t go past the “samsung galaxy tab 10.1″ screen. and i have no clue what to do. can someone please help me.

  49. Walter says:

    I try to connect 3G USB MODEM & WIFI tab (GT-P7510) but the tab prompt “high-power device is connected” . I have downloaded wwan_usb.ko file. Is there a way to solve the supply problem?

  50. hamid says:

    please i want to help me . i have samsung tab sgh-i905. i search in the net but i can’t find any any thing to help me. i have the bootloader lock i can’t access to my tab. and the windows doesn’t recognize my tab. either odin doesn’t recognise it. the adb command doesn’t work because the tab has perhaps the bootloader lock.
    please help me to solve my tab i am very hapy to know you. thanks

  51. hamid says:

    please i want to help me . i have samsung tab sgh-i905. i search in the net but i can’t find any any thing to help me. i have the bootloader lock i can’t access to my tab. and the windows doesn’t recognize my tab. either odin doesn’t recognise it. the adb command doesn’t work because the tab has perhaps the bootloader lock.
    please help me to solve my tab i am very hapy to know you. thanks

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