How to Root Galaxy Tab 10.1!

UPDATE: There’s an easier method now, please see How to Root Galaxy Tab 10.1 the Easy Way!

I’ve recently got a retail white 16GB Galaxy Tab 10.1 over at and was happy to find out it can be rooted indeed!

Why root Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android Tablet?

People always ask me, “why do you have to root your Galaxy Tab 10.1?”

Well, simply, you can do more with a rooted Galaxy Tab 10.1 such as installing 3rd party programs or being able to run Ubuntu Linux on top of it.    There’s also apps like ScreenCapture app which can only run properly with a rooted tablet.

Basically, “rooting” an Android tablet device gives you super-user access to your Tab 10.1.  Now, for those who don’t care for all that extra jazz, you don’t need root.  But for those of us tinkerers who need to overclock our Galaxy Tab into 2Ghz territory, you can root your Tab 10.1.

How to Root Your Galaxy Tab 10.1!

Before we begin, these instructions are for “retail” versions of Galaxy Tab 10.1, which come with a locked bootloader.  If you bought your Tab 10.1 from BestBuy or Amazon, a U.S. retailer, these instructions should work for you.  I am not sure if it works on the Tab 10.1v (UK version) so that’s up to you to find out.

Also, my Galaxy Tab 10.1 shipped with Android 3.1 so if these instructions still might work later on with Android 3.2 but that’s up to you to find out.

The steps are a bit complicated as you have to “unroot” your Galaxy Tab 10.1 back to Android 3.0.1, then install root/SU files, ClockworkMod Recovery, then revert back to Android 3.1 with another install of root/SU.  But in the end, you will end up with a stable rooted Android Honeycomb 3.1 Galaxy Tab 10.1 so follow these directions carefully.

Step 1 - How to Put Your Galaxy Tab 10.1 into Downloader Mode!

The first thing you will have to do is to put your Galaxy Tab 10.1 into downloader mode by powering off your device.  Then hold down the Power button to start the device.

Next, while you are holding down the Power button, you should see the Samsung Galaxy Tab logo pop up, when you see this, immediately also hold down the Volume Down button.  (Remember, the Volume Down button is the one closer to the Power button!)

Now you are holding down the two buttons, after couple seconds, you will see an Android guy icon pop up, when you see that, immediately let go of both of your fingers/buttons.

Now you have two choice, the Android icon with “Downloading” gets you into downloading mode (which we want right now) and the other gets you into the stock Recovery.

So, without hesitation, hit the Volume Up button (The button on the most right).

If you see a screen like below, you are done, that’s how you get into downloading mode.

Step 2 - Install Galaxy Tab 10.1 drivers!

First, these instructions are for Windows systems.  For Windows, you need to install Galaxy Tab 10.1 drivers so you can flash the Android 3.0.1 using Odin.

You can download Galaxy Tab 10.1 Drivers here and install them simply by running the EXE program.

Next, connect the USB cable from your Galaxy Tab to your computer.

Step 3 - Download and unzip/uncompress!

I’ve made it simpler for you by putting all the files you need for rooting your Tab 10.1 in one zip file.  Simply download the and unzip/uncompress using your favorite program.


When you unzip the zip file, you should get a folder called “tabroot”.  Open it, and run the Odin program as shown below:

Step 4 - Run Odin to flash Tab 10.1 back to Android 3.0.1

When the Odin program opens up and you see “0:[COM4]” or something similar with yellow highlight, that means your computer is connected to your Galaxy Tab 10.1.

If not, you will have to make sure the drivers are installed correctly, go back to Step 2.


Next, hit the PDA button and choose the “PDA_SIGNED_P7105.tar.md5″ file inside the tabroot folder.

Next, click “Start” and your Tab 10.1 will be reverting back to Android 3.0.1.

This should take about 5 minutes, below is what your Tab 10.1 should look like now, showing the progress download bar moving.

When it’s all done, your Tab 10.1 should have rebooted by itself like shown here:

And Odin should show “complete” as shown here:

You can verify that you are now reverted back to Android 3.0.1 by going to Settings->About tablet.  You WILL get lots of “force-close”, do not worry as we are not done yet.

Step 5 - Install stable Root/SU!

Next, we are going to connect the Tab 10.1 as a disk drive, copy over our root/SU zip file so we can install stable, working root/SU on the Tab 10.1.

First, make sure your Tab 10.1 is NOT in USB Debugging Mode by going to Setup->Applications->Development and make sure USB Debugging is checked OFF.

Next, connect the USB cable from your Tab 10.1 to your computer.  Your Tab 10.1 should show that it’s in Kies mode and you should be able to access the internal storage drive of your Tab 10.1 on your computer.

Simply copy over the file from the tabroot folder to the root folder of your Tab 10.1.

Next, turn off your Galaxy Tab 10.1 then get into the Android icons (bootloader mode) like we did in Step 1 by holding down the Power Button, then holding down the Volume Down button when you see the Samsung Galaxy Tab logo, then letting both go when you see the Android icons.

Next, hit the Volume Down button (the one closer to Power button) and hit the Volume Up button to select the stock Recovery:

Next, use the Volume buttons to choose “apply update from /sdcard” and hit Power button.

Using the volume buttons, choose and hit the Power button.

This will install the stable/working Root/SU files on your Tab 10.1.

Next, choose “reboot system now” and hit the Power button.

When your Tab 10.1 has rebooted, connect your USB cable from the Tab 10.1 to your computer again and copy over the file to the root folder of your Tab 10.1.

Next go to the Market and search for “ROM Manager”.  Download and install the free version of ROM Manager app.

Open up ROM Manager app and choose “Flash ClockworkMod Recovery”.  This installs a custom ClockworkMod recovery, which allows us to flash any type of zip file, so we can re-install the Android 3.1 and zip the Root/SU files.

And choose “Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1″.

SuperUser app should pop up, just hit “Allow”.

You should get “Succesfully flashed ClockworkMod recovery” message.

Next, hit “Reboot into Recovery” and “Okay”.

Once you are in ClockworkMod Recovery, choose “install zip from sdcard” (using Volume buttons) and hit the Power button.

Next, choose “choose zip from sdcard” and hit the Power button.

Now, choose the file and hit the Power button.

And choose “Yes - Install” and hit the Power button.



When that is done, we are going to zip the Root/SU files again by going to “choose zip from sdcard” and hit the Power button.

Choose the file and hit the Power button, the hit the “Yes” button.

When that is done, you just need to reboot your Tab 10.1 and you should have a fully-rooted Android 3.1 Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Congratulations, you should pat yourself on the back now.


HUGE thanks to user Ritztnack at XDA as this guide is based on his guide!


This will install Android 3.1 official version OTA back to your Tab 10.1.

If this is the first time rooting an Android device, I highly suggest you to watch the video I took while I rooted the device here:

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115 Responses to How to Root Galaxy Tab 10.1!

  1. Jona says:

    Great post! Very clear and well documented. But I am wondering if after I root my Tab there is a way to UNroot it and get it back to factory state (for example, in case I have to return it)?

  2. Michael says:

    Great instructions, but after I rooted my tab my gmail widget went missing. Anyway of getting it back?

  3. Robert says:

    Will I lose all my apps and data if I follow the root instuctions above?

  4. Michael says:


    Will this process work with the GOOGLE I/O edition of the GALAXY TAB 10.1 ??



  5. PookiePrancer says:

    Can’t thank you enough for putting this information in a format for average Joes. Your videos, pictures, instructions…excellent! Looking forward to the UNrooting hack; I love my rooted devices, but I’m sure we’ll see a couple of factory software upgrades in the future :) Thanks again!

  6. Claudio I. says:

    I followed the video’s instructions (thank you for that… it was easy to follow along) and you’re right that I didn’t lose any *apps* but I did appear to lose the Gmail widget. Do you still have it after rooting to 10.1?

    • admin says:

      Yes, mine still has GMail, if you lose it, just go download it off Market.

      • Claudio I. says:

        I have the Gmail app, but I no longer appear to have the Gmail _widget_. The app itself shows up in my app drawer, but not in the market (for an attempt to uninstall/reinstall). Does your Gmail widget still show up among the other widgets?

  7. Benny says:

    Got a question, I am currently stationed in Japan with the Air Force. I have the new 10.1 tab from Amazon and I cannot access many of the common used apps because my IP address here in Japan. Is there any way after doing this root that I will be able to “alter” my ip address so it shows the states instead of Japan? By thew way, this is the best root page I have come across. Please keep up the great work!

    • admin says:

      Great question, you can setup an SSH tunnel or VPN through a SSH tunnel or VPN app, you will need your own server in the U.S. probably or sign up for a VPN service. If you don’t know how, let me see if I can make a video tutorial soon on how to do it.

      • PookiePrancer says:

        I’ve been using Astrill, and love it. About $60/yr.

        • Benny says:

          Hello Pookie…can you give me a step step on how to use the same thing you are using? Thank you so much!

          • PookiePrancer says:

            It’s a Virtual Private Network service called Astrill. Go to their web site,, and check it out. Once you purchase, you get a bit of software for your PC that sends all your web traffic through any of their servers you choose. Want to be in the US? No problem. UK? Ditto. Your PC will think it’s half a world away! On the Tab, which already supports VPNs, it’s just a simple matter of setting the VPN up from the Tab’s Wireless Settings. The Astrill site has a tutorial on how to set it all up, and if you have issues, their tech support has been great. I switched to them after two years with another provider for two reasons: half the cost, and support you could actually reach.

          • PookiePrancer says:

            BTW, you don’t have to be rooted to do this. Also, there are free, but more complicated, and sometimes slower, alternatives.

          • Aless says:

            Wich one are free, just to try if it works…

          • PookiePrancer says:

            Aless, I don’t want to lead you to a questionable service, as I haven’t used any free options, but you can Google “free vpn for android” and research some of the options you’ll see. Some are free because of ads, some can contain viruses, some are unclear about how your traffic is handled or stored, some are almost unusable because they’re so slow…. So do some research and check out reviews.

          • Aless says:

            Tanks Pookie
            The thing is that I only need to made the download from the market, because I know that the app runs well in my ip location. Is seems that the market is not traget to Puerto Rico.

      • Benny says:

        Please do. I used your website to root my Galaxy Tab 10.1 and it was my first time doing anything of the sort. If you can show me how to do what you suggested, please let me know. I am not sure what an SSH or VPN is. Thanks so much!

  8. Torremitsu says:

    I want to return mine to BB to get a 32 gig. How do I unroot?

  9. Aless says:

    hi, i live in Puerto Rico and I have some issues wene i try to istall an app,I have a Galaxy Tab 10.1, it said that “it cannot be installed in my country deviced”, if I root my tab it will fix the problem? and can i be abel ti install and run logmein ignition?

    • Aless says:

      And Puerto Rico is part of the USA.
      These issues is only on the tab 10.1, the older one is abel to download and install without these issue.

  10. Dan says:

    thanks for the great video! but I forgot to backup my stock ROM before rooting so is there anyway that I can revert back or unroot it to stock?

    • admin says:

      You can’t actually backup the stock ROM, you can backup rooted stock ROM but stay tuned as we will have full instructions on how to unroot your tab.

  11. jason says:

    hi there, since i just bought my gtab 10.1 honeycomb 3.1, i started to look how to root it, i was starting to google with key search ‘how to root galaxy tab 10.1′

    my question is, how this procedure need more steps while another websites need less commands to root it (adb push bla bla bla). are both methods working or what? I dont know how many types of this galaxy 10.1 (or maybe different o/s)


  12. Greg says:

    After I followed your video I noticed a snowy picture after the initial splash screen and before the boot animation. Does anyone know what could that be?

  13. Greg says:

    Also I am noticing that when I turn off my gtab and plug it in the screen stays on with an empty battery meter showing. I don’t know if this is normal. If it isn’t I am going to take it back.

  14. vian says:

    hey… plz help urgent here… i have just folloe the intructioan and pass the step revert to 3.0.1,
    but my tab always show force close app again an again and tabe vibrate it self… how do i recover ..thx plz help me

    • admin says:

      You need to complete the rooting steps and you will get a stable 3.1!

      • Robert says:

        I have followed the instructions but I cannot proceed to get the ROM Manager app from the market because whenever I touch the screen in any way, a force close message appears stopping me from clicking Market.

      • Luis says:

        Hi, for my happened the same. mi TAB reboot and reboot so many times. and didn’t pass to the sept 5. What can i do???? Thnks..

    • Luis says:

      Vivian, for my happened the same. What can i do? What u do it???? reboot and reboot and nothing.
      I shotdown, and do it the same…………please help me, thks.

  15. hendy says:

    is it possible to use this method in gtab 10.1 that has been release in Indonesia? the model number is P-7500 and its 3G enabled, cause i see the model above is P-7501.. is it the wifi only model?


  16. Frank says:

    I try this in Galaxy Tab 10.1v (Portugal) aind i f… everything up, it fail on Step 4, now even start or charge.
    Any ideas?


  17. Fubie says:

    Once rooted will I be able to update the Android OS? I know Samsung is about to release an update anytime now.


  18. Mo says:

    Hey man, great post! It was all going smoothly until I got to the part where I had to download the ROM Manager onto the tab. You see, the reason why I need to root my device is the fact that I’m residing in Kuwait where probably the only Apps I can get my hands on are in league with soduko!!

    Anyhow, My question is this: is there any other way to go around the ROM Manager trick? or is there a way where I can download the ROM Manager outside the market and somehow install it onto the device? I would appreciate any kind of feedback man. Thanks in advance, you’re doing great :)

    • admin says:

      You can download ROM Manager as an APK file then simply copy over to your tablet, install it. Let me see if I can find a link for that…

      • Mo says:

        Thanks Man!
        I’ll try looking around for the APK file, somebody out there must have posted online, right? I had a difficult time transferring files to the Tab through OSX, and since that didn’t work, I ended up sending APKs through bluetooth, slow but gets the job done when needed until I can root the thing :)

        Thanks again dude, you rock!

    • rommel says:

      i had the same issue. i found the rom manager over on 4shared. havent been able to get market enabler workaround working though. let me know if you have success when it is done

  19. jason says:

    If something goes wrong, can i redo everything all over again?

  20. rommel says:

    off-topic question here, but how do you get facebook/facebook widget on your galaxy tab 10.1. it says it’s not supported on my device when i try to access it in the market

  21. Benny says:

    For some reason, everything was fine, but all of a sudden, I had problems with connecting to the Market. I then wrote Google and asked if the market was down and they said no. They advised me to reset my settigns to factory, which I did. So now I can connect to the internet, but the wifi icon shows up as grey. I also cannot connect to any of my Google accounts. What did i screw up and what do I need to do to fix it. Prior to all of these problems, I have rooted it, and overclocked it. Things were fine, but there must have been some progrma I installed or app that degraded my google accounts. Any advice?

  22. Bobby says:

    Is this possible on Mac yet???

  23. Benny says:

    Has anyone had problems connecting to Google’s Servers? I keep getting the following message: ‘Can’t establish a reliable connection to the server’ when I try and sign into my Google accounts. I can sign in through the browser, but not through the apps or devices. I have tried all the Google Apps. I think I may need to unroot and send back to Amazon if I cannot find how to fix this. I tried searching the internet and came up with nothing. I have wiped all data, restored back to factory, re-rooted, everything. Please let me know if you can help. Thanks.

  24. paris says:

    i have a question i got the part where i needed to download the rom manger i don’t have a wifi connection to download rom manger is there anyway i can get help with unrooting my galaxy tab 10.1 plz

  25. firasath says:

    can you PLEASEEEEEEE post the procedure to unroot( restore back to factory setup)…i think it will help all of us here to have a rollback procedure available before trying to root? Thanks again for your wonderful instructions :)

  26. Adina says:

    I can’t seem to download the tabroot folder. everytime I click on the link it keeps opening up another page.. No download option.. If I right click and save the link it tells me i have a broken link.. pls help

  27. firasath says:

    hmm..i posted a question yesterday and dont see it today (:…Can you please post steps to restore back to factory settings, i think it would help us to have a back out plan before we try to root the device using your steps. Thanks for the wonderfull post.

  28. Gordon says:

    I just got my Tab from best but last weekend and when I power it on I see a unlocked lock at the bottom of the screen. Does this mean that the bootloader is unlocked. Its a new gray 32gb 10.1 tab.

  29. eyalkeren says:

    hi, i have rooted the tablet exactly as you showed but now after some time when i am trying to connect to the internet it’s always kind of shuting down the OS and loads up againg. so… what did i do wrong?
    how can i fix it? when the wifi is of there is no problem

    • firasath says:

      Guys i would STRONGLY RECOMMEND TO NOT MAKE THESE CHANGES UNLESS YOU KNOW HOW TO ROLLBACK. I am waiting for the admin to provide instructions on how to get back to previous settings.

      • eyalkeren says:

        Hi, I followed the same things that the video and manual showed but there was no such thing as saving the old ROM.
        I found this article but i’m not sure that’s ok for me because they say it’s the euro version and I have US tablet.
        what do u think ‘firasath’?

  30. feras says:


    how r U ??

    I would ask U if this way work on

    Samsung galaxy tab 10.1v

    thanks a lot.

  31. azaman says:

    I’m having probs updating to 3.1. the error as follows;
    ClockworkMod recovery v4.0.0.4
    - Installing: /sdcard/
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    Installing update…
    assert failed: getprop(“ro.bootloader”) == “P7100BUKB7″
    E:Error in /sdcard/
    (Status 7)
    Installation aborted.

    Any clue how to resolve this? Been retrying many times but same errors. TQ

  32. Doug says:

    I was trying to use you file but it is corrupt.

  33. Benny says:

    All, I had to send mine back to Amazon…got a replacement coming any day now. I wil suggest that the rooting is great, but until Admin comes up with a way to unroot, please be careful. Mine was fine and worked wonderfully, but then after a week or so, I had trouble connecting to the market, then I factory reset, and that made things worse as I was not able to sync or sign on to any of my google accounts. When I get my new one, i will not root it until there is a way to unroot it. I wil say that rooting was fun and exciting as I was able to overclock my CPU thanks to Admin and I also was able to install some apps that are not available to unrooted devices.

    • android_user says:

      I totally agree with you. I am also waiting for Admin to give the instructions to set it back to factory settings.

  34. irf says:

    hello i rooted and did factory reset to revert back but cannot download anymore from market please advise how to unroot ot fix this error

  35. Asim says:

    You promised to put a Vedio for UnRoot.

    I am waiting for that.

    Thanks. ?.

  36. android_user says:

    helllo Admin…i couldnt wait more…i was SUCCESSFULLY able to root my SAMSUNG TAB 10.1 using your method…thank you so much..however my main goal to root my tab so that i could tether with my phone still doesnt show up do i do that..any iddea?>

  37. Alex says:

    Hi Admin. Great site.
    Unfortunately I bricked my Tab 8.9. This is what happened after step 4.
    It just shuts down after the Samsung 8.9 logo. I can only enter USB mode and Odin mode.
    How to factory reset or recover it???

  38. Uzi says:

    the tabroot file is corrupted please upload this file again


  39. Boxxyorc says:

    I was wondering is this root method is for the WIFI US version or any GTab?

  40. bernard says:

    Why does it take tabrot=ot so long to download? My status says 35 hours, and counting down…

  41. paparude says:

    Also trying to get the file downloaded but takes forever…36hrs…something wrong with the download link?…admin?

  42. John F Snyder Jr says:

    When I go to open and run Odin, a little screen comes up that says Odin and then a bunch of Japenesse letters. When I hit OK, I see the Odin screen for just a second and then it goes away. What have I done wrong? I’ve installed the drivers like 3 times. Thanks!

  43. corwin says:

    Please help! I’m at the section where I copy over ”” and then it says to go to the Market and search for “ROM Manager”.

    Well I can’t do that because I’m still getting the force close errors for hours. I did complete the section where I copy over and install and that went fine.

    Please tell me how to get to the market when I can’t get past the force closes.


  44. Chris Kranz says:

    I’ve tried this method (before noticing there was an updated easier method), however when finished my tab is constantly force closing and I can’t do anything with it. Tried the method to unroot it but afterwards I still get repeated force close messages.

    Please help!

  45. Paul says:

    I have a Galaxy 10.1 that I purchased in Singapore and I am using it in Australia. I have a problem where I cannot sync with any Google site, whether it is gnmail, Market or It was fine until I did a factory reset and now it only works on any other site than google sites. Any Ideas.

    P.S. I just borrowed a sim from another ISP and it appears to be working but my sim is working fine in a wireless modem. Still confused with what can be the problem.


  46. Yarzo says:

    I was wondering if i can get help with NAM programing on the Verizon galaxy Tab 10.1

  47. bhanz says:

    hey! once u root it, wud skype video work on it??

  48. Scott says:

    Hi I’m still getting forced close popups even after installing It says “Install from SD Card Complete” and when it reboots I’m still getting the force close Popups. I was also able to uncheck USB Debugging.any help would be great.


  49. Ryan says:

    will this work on a 3g tab?

  50. astro says:

    Perfect instructions. Just works :)

  51. fuzz says:

    theres error when i wanna do the flash clockwork recovery… any comment?

  52. klonical says:


    Thank you for the post. I have try it with a P7500 and when the tab reboots after flashing the PDA file it starts a boot loop on samsung stars/logo.

    Could this be because the tab model?

    Thank you!

  53. chief says:

    I just purchased my galaxy 10.1. I have now left the US and I am unable to download paid apps. I would like to root my galaxy tab but Im afraid of messing up. Should i attempt to root my tab or should I find a professional???? all please give advice

  54. khali says:

    merci a l’administrateur, j’avais jamais rooter quoi que se sois comme machine android. Mais grace a la vidéo et au guide pas a pas j’ai réussi. j’avais galéré au début pour le passé en 3.1 . J’ai copié dans la racine de ma Galaxy Tab 10.1 acheté a la fnac, ensuite je sais pas pourquoi j’ai étais dans paramètre_a propos du périphérique_mise a jour logicielle et il ma trouvé la mise a jour 3.1 j’ai du crée un compte samsung avant. mais par contre je sais pas si mon galaxy tab a téléchargé a partir de ma SD ou de chez SAMSUNG.??? mais je suis bien en 3.1 SU. En suite j’ai téléchargé et copié dans la racine StarBurst_Rom_8.9.11 a l’aide de rom managere j’ai redémarré en mode recovery pour installé StarBurst_ROM et par miracle sa fonctionne bien. Mis a par un petit souci au niveau de ma jauge a batterie quant je me branche a mon PC un petit quelle que chose serrai le bien venu pour corriger le souci. Merçi beaucoup!!! Et maintenant on passe a overclok…. :-)

  55. Christian says:

    I tried to do this method on my tab. but when i try to install the it gives me an error:

    assert failed: getprop(“ro.bootloader”) == “P7100BUKB7″
    E:Error in /sdcard/
    (Status 7)

    is it broken? that wouldnt be very nice, since there is no guarantee on rooted devices :/

    does anyone know how to solve this or at least why that error occurs?

  56. sara says:

    Plz! help me, my samsung tab 10.1 is stuck on the screen where it’s written SAMSUNG. I don’t know what to do, it does not reboot either, it comes back to the same screen after! :/

  57. Thanuj says:

    Dear Friend..Im from Sri Lanka. if you can plz give some help to root and unroot to Huawei MediaPad tab.
    im just a new user for Huawei MediaPad tab … can you plz explaing me how to root this device….. also plz advice me and it make back to original situation and unlock it….if needed to warranty claim … plz advice me……

    really appreciating your knowledge and help.

  58. jun says:

    How can i use apps2sd apps? My device have no sd slot,,, i buy an sd adapter in ebay but still i cant figure it out how to transfer apps on it,,, i have rooted my device using your guide, tnx! But, ,,please help me again with apps2sd,,, ill wait for your reply…tnx

  59. Nara says:

    I tried to folloe your instruction with the sgt 10.1 with 3.2, when i got to do the first download of odin3 the system reboots, bott it kept on cycling over and over on the samsung start up screen, it did this for 15min, so i decided to power off, and restart it. When the first samsung word came out, there a yellow triangle at the bottom or th screen and started to cycle the boot screen over and over again. I tried evn unbooting it to factory rest, but still doing the same thing, any suggestion?

  60. Nara says:

    I tried to followed your instruction with the sgt 10.1 with 3.2, when i got to do the first download of odin3 the system reboots, but it kept on cycling over and over on the samsung start up screen, it did this for 15min, so i decided to power off, and restart it. When the first samsung word came out, there a yellow triangle at the bottom of the screenwith an (!) in the triangle and started to cycle the boot screen over and over again. I tried even unbooting it to factory rest, but still doing the same thing, any suggestion?

  61. sreedev says:

    i am not able to install the bellow mentioned file.
    can u plz help me?

  62. Satvik Bhatt says:

    I have a galaxy tab 10.1 P7500, and i think that this root is for the tab P7510, so does it matter or u have another rooting process???????

  63. Dos says:

    Hi.. Need your help on this matter.
    I bought my tab in Malaysia and tried to install a few paid apps from market and found the apps quite nice ;-) The problem is currently Im working in Brunei, and i found here I cant find the paid apps section from market. Are these paid apps is not available in this country. If yes can I get back the paid apps section when im back to Malaysia? Appreciate your expert advise to resolve this issue. Thanks in advance.

  64. Tapori says:

    I was trying to upgrade my tab to ICS (Ice-Cream Sandwich ) and messed it up . Thanks for the instructions on how to restore it back to the original setup. Finally i was able to upgrade my tab to ICS.

  65. Thor says:

    Hey! Great guide! BUT how do you root it from Ubuntu? I’ve tried to find a guide on the net unsuccesfully…
    Hope you can help!

  66. oneluvnlyfe says:

    I got through a few steps after running Odin, now my galaxy tab is stuck in a continuous restart loop, never fully starting!!! What do I do?!?

  67. oneluvnlyfe says:

    Wiping Tab clean, dunno why it was bugging

  68. oneluvnlyfe says:

    I’m able to reboot just fine, but my ROM is downgraded and I can’t copy over the rooted files!!!

    • oneluvnlyfe says:

      So I’m tinkering with the device, attempting to complete this installation. I’m down to the final couple of steps, but Installation aborted on trying to install file. What gives?!? Help me.

  69. How do I reset the battery stats on an un-rooted Tab 10.1 ???

    It shows 100% charge, but if I pull the charger cord, it dies & I seem only to be able to do a reboot thru holding down the on/off & volume buttons.

    I cannot root it, since I do not have usb or sd card access w/the charger in place.

  70. tadmore says:

    HELP! currently doing step 4: ROOTING “This should take about 5 minutes, below is what your Tab 10.1 should look like now, showing the progress download bar moving.”

    been waiting for 2 hours and the progress bar doesn’t progress at all…

    Oin3 MESSAGE:
    PDA_SIGNED_P7105.tar.md5 is valid.
    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
    Leave CS..
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:5)..
    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..

    how to fix it?

  71. c15357 says:

    In Odin3 I am seeing 2 coms, [0:com5] and [0:com3] on my Galaxy Tablet 4G, carrier Tmobile. Is that normal?

  72. c15357 says:

    After following this video to the best of my ability I still can not get tablet modded correctly. one thing I did notice is the after PDA flash my tablet did not come back with the original screen as like in the video. Could this be because I have a 4G tablet which now no longer is 4G? Can you please help? Thanks.

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