How to Overclock your Galaxy Tab 10.1 to 1.4Ghz!

Thanks to the guys over at, you can now overclock your Galaxy Tab 10.1 to 1.4Ghz.  (that’s dual-core overclocking!  each 1Ghz processor overclocked to 1.4Ghz)

The result?  Not too shabby, my Galaxy Tab 10.1 went from 50ish scores on Linkpack to near 80MFLOPs.  That’s about 60% increase in the Tab 10.1′s speed.

As far as battery life, with SetCPU app set on “ondemand”, it only uses 1.4Ghz when you are using CPU-intensive games.

So far, I haven’t had any problems with it, it seems to be pretty stable.

Before flashing the new 1.4Ghz kernel, you can backup your current rooted ROM so you can go back to your stock kernel if any  problems arise.  (You can read up on how to backup/restore ROM on your Galaxy Tab 10.1.)

How to Overclock your Galaxy Tab 10.1 to 1.4Ghz!

You will need to download the following kernel zip file and copy over to the root directory of your Tab 10.1′s internal storage.

Download 1.4Ghz kernel

Next, reboot into Recovery from ROM Manager.

Once in ClockworkMod Recovery, simply zip the file you copied over earlier via “Install zip from /sdcard”.

Reboot, then download latest version of setCPU(you can also donate by buying on the Market), unzip the zip file, and install it using a file manager app such as the free AndroZip, available at the Market.

Having problems?  Just watch this video as I took while I installed the overclocking kernel on my Galaxy Tab 10.1:

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89 Responses to How to Overclock your Galaxy Tab 10.1 to 1.4Ghz!

  1. Benny says:

    Awesome! Just got done and it was simple with these great directions! Thanks!

  2. Matthew says:

    I followed your directions, but after going into Clockwork recovery and installing the kernel and rebooting, under SetCPU it still just says 1Ghz.

  3. Phong says:

    LoL.. I did all this process and end up with only 12MFLOPS.. lol

  4. Ric says:

    Clicked on Download 1.4Ghz kernel and got this:

    Oops! Google Chrome could not find

    Also, does my tab need to be rooted?

  5. stefan Mueller says:

    it doesn´t work on P7500 3G Version:-( Any help????

  6. Rick Olivero says:

    Rooted and installed SetCPU and LinPack. SetCPU cycles between 216MHz and 456MHz no matter what the setting i try to force it too. The Tab has always seemed pretty slow although this is my first tab. Running LinPack Multi-Thread comes up with a max of only 12 MFLOPS. Any suggestions?

    • max says:

      Same problem here.Did you solved your problem Rick? SetCPU can’t push my GT to maximum limit.Running only at 456mhz top.

      Please help me.

      • Rick Olivero says:

        Nothing i did fixed it. Called up Samsung and had them look at it. They claim nothing was wrong but after the second time sending it in i asked for a new one and they sent me one. Everything works fine with the new unit.

  7. Pete says:

    Does not work after I applied TW update. Any help?

  8. Lucas says:

    Any chance of getting a touchwiz version capable of overclocking?

  9. Hussein Akram says:

    Since I did the overclocking the ” Samsung galaxy tab 10.1″ screen stays then the screen later turns into stripes of lines as it was broken or so!!! what should I do plzzz help!!

    • admin says:

      Try downloading the latest one, I just changed it, the previous one wasn’t for Touchwiz UX ROMs.

      • Hussein Akram says:

        I did nw, but for the record, if anyone did this by accident, I re-worked my Gtab by installing a new rom

        • EG_GUAPO48 says:

          I had the same problem , but i was able to restore mine, maybe, (just a suggestion), you might want to make a video on how to use clockwork recovery to restore, and add the link to the updated file, for those who might freak out, like i did (for about 10 secondss….LOL)

    • greg says:

      same issue with my tab… stripes after samsung logo boots. what rom did you use. please help

  10. Dru says:

    Can you post a URL for the stock kernel, Netflix will not work with a overclocked Kernel.
    Thank You

  11. Remco says:

    Hi guys,

    Great job and great tutorials! However, I tested the whole process and it does work but when using a Mac with Snow Leopard you won’t be able to connect your device with Kies on Mac. So just to help readers on this great site I would like to ask you guys to put up a warning for this. Read about my experiences and comments.

  12. matthew says:

    Can you take a look at after doing the Starburst update, why the Samsung firmware update is not working? I am trying to find a work around but no dice so far.

  13. Joxah says:

    Hey Max!
    i got some problems when it comes to overclocking. I’ve tried both Kernel – OC-UV-VFP_FP and StarBurst_Rom_8.9.11. and non of them lets me increase my cpu past 1000. I’m using setcpu 2.2.4 and used autodetect.

  14. Jae says:

    This doesn’t work on the 3G version.

    After installation of the 1.4GHz Kernel, my SGT cant detect my 3G SIM card.

  15. stephan says:

    it works on galaxy tab P7500 but after the overcklocked my sim dosent work why?

    He say to my insert sim put sim is inside i tryed the sim on phone and its working put not on the tab pleas help me.

    • Edvin says:

      Download: This is the rite one for gtab 3g touchwiz ux

      • stephan says:

        sorry it’ s not. When i install it and open setcpu i have just 10000max so i can not put it to 1400MHz.
        But i install
        And also the newest version of setcpu.

        Please help!!!!

  16. stephan says:

    i found the problem when you go under telephon info you will see that you have no EMIE number no provider number nothing just the model numer and the version all oter thingts are gone i try all reset go back to factory nothing is working tomorro i will go to my provider and will see the problem is we have to formate evrything and the provide have to put all things new so i found no solution.

    • Ozgur Cetinoglu says:

      Hi Stephan, my Galaxy after overclocking also doesn’t detect my sim. Did you find any solution ? Or after factory stock rom restore on your provider, work it again ?
      thank you

      • EddyEdward says:

        Hi Ozgur,
        I did tried to OC my GT P7500 and it seems this way of OC doesn’t works on 3G devices.

        I did a backup with CMW before I OC and I restore everything back and the sim works fine.

  17. Eddy Edward says:

    I am not sure but my tab feels kinda slow.
    Without overclock, my benchmark test is only 30 to 35..
    After overlock, it just goes up to around 55 while in your video clearly shows to around 80.

    I am using a 3G+wifi though. Not quite sure why..

  18. Lizzam says:

    Hi, just to point out that I tried to install this on XXKFC rom, and many of the issues mentioned above like the lines and all happened. stripes, bootloop. you name it.

    changed to UEKMB and it works. well, at least up to now it looks good. if it doesn’t i’ll reply to this coment.

    anyway…thanks for this combo!

  19. Hellscream says:

    I have strange horizontal lines after i instal ” 1.4Ghz Overclocking kernel for Touchwiz ” on P7500XXKF8_OXAKF8_XXKF8. Do i realy need to use starburst rom to make things work?
    Or i should use earlyer rom because with strburst i loose 3G capability no sim detected i gues its for Gt-7510 WiFi version only.

  20. Hellscream says:

    Finaly success with ROM “P7500OXAKI1_P7500XXKI1_P7500XXKI1_HOME.tar” from and kernel “10.1 3G, Touchwiz UX (HC 3.1 (stock); GT-P7500″ at 1400MHz. Score with Quadrant Standard Edition “3025″ smooth run :) on GT P-7500 16GB

  21. pmk says:

    i installed the kernel and made the oc got 3045 in quadrant but, of course, i have no 3G. Is there a oc’ed kernel for the 3g version ?

  22. Hellscream says:

    Its not the problem with kernel at least not with the 3G, this kernel only bigged volume. Problem is custom ROM if u use starburst or any other from this page because thay are for GT-P7510 WiFi version only. This kernel work fine with latest ROM for GT-P7500 KI1 but like i said volume bar work at 50% only so i think i will wait a little longer with overclocking.

  23. pmk says:

    right now i am on stock with root, if i install any other custom rom i don’t have 3g or i manage to get broadcomb going but i am not rooted. same when i try to put a different kernel, i lose 3g.

  24. Hellscream says:

    That is strange for kernels because I try and kernels don’t mess with my 3G .

  25. luca says:


    every things goin’ OK after root + overclocking, but like other guys i lost my 3g connection, i have a gt-7500

    where i can find the correct room?
    please help me cause i need the 3g connection

    sorry for my english

  26. pmk says:

    o so what other problem could there be. right now if i was to try this kernel it shouldn’t mess with my 3g right ? well wrong, i install it and it is gone. lucky for backups

  27. Hellscream says:

  28. pmk says:

    10x, but you could be more specific. Who here has the 3g version and what custom roms/ kernel do you have ?

  29. Hellscream says:

    I have latest KI1 ROM rooted without custom kernel because of lack of support for p7500 (no 3G) and some bug for volume bar.

  30. luca says:


    where i can find the stock kernel and the stock gt-7500 rom with working 3g connection?
    thank you

  31. ND says:

    Hello can you give more details to enter in setcpu plz?

  32. John D says:

    HELP please!!!! I just downloaded
    10.1-Wifi (GT-P7510):
    copied it to the root directory of my galaxy tablet 10.1
    and ran the program and now my tablet when i turn it on has all these tiny different colored lines?? HELP!!!! How can I fix this??? THANK YOU

  33. ND says:

    I think there is a newer file

  34. Hellscream says:

    Try wipe cache
    Factory reset
    Wipe davlik cache
    If this doesnt help install another version

  35. Ahmad says:

    If you want more life in your tablet. So, Do not do overclock. This overclock will drain your battery.

  36. ryan says:

    thanks a lot this is soo awesome!!

  37. OscarN says:

    I was wondering if there was an improvement on ubuntu with overclocking and if the process for getting ubuntu on my tab would be the same…thanks

  38. Gerson says:

    Você deveria avisar que esse kernel pode danficar para sempre a bateria!

  39. mazen says:

    it support p7510 only no 3g

  40. Vincent says:

    plz help i have the problem with colered lines!!these guides sux,coz i bought my Peace A S#%t 10.1 yesterday…

  41. Manuel says:

    Someone can fix the color stripe lines issue??? I have the same problem after install this overclock file…

    • Samo says:

      are u fix the problem allready? i got the same problem…thx!

      • Manuel says:

        I did, and I posted the link, but maybe someone deleted it. Try to look for it on yooutube, I found the tutorial to fix this problem. I will look for it again, if I found it I will repost the link!

  42. aleng says:

    hi there! just want to ask, is your tab running 3.1 or 3.2 when you overclock it to 1.4 and izzit working with overcome rom?

  43. Art says:

    If i root my tab again will this remove the overclock? Ive had it for about a month and realize i like battery life much better.

  44. PC says:

    I tried this twice, but each time I overclock my SG 10.1 32GB Tab the AUTO ROTATION doesn’t work at all. It’s only when I apply the overclocking procedure…any input?

  45. moyoon says:

    Now! go to website it work for 3G

  46. sara says:

    Plz! help me, my samsung tab 10.1 is stuck on the screen where it’s written SAMSUNG. I don’t know what to do, it does not reboot either, it comes back to the same screen after! :/

  47. The Dude says:

    Anyone know if that 3G version is working?

  48. vanjaime says:

    Everyting is ok with 3g kernel but auto rotate lag its only work vertical how can i fix it?

  49. Luis Benitez says:

    Hey I realized that after installing the kernel, my tablet remains in landscape mode. Anyone else having this problem?

    • VANJAIME says:

      i also have this problem and can’t find how to fix this. I install ADW launcher but the screen dont rotate. the Auto-rotate option is ON. So how can fix this auto-rotate problem?

  50. Ricky says:

    The auto rotation work for me

  51. bryansalas says:

    Im having the same problem with the AUTO ROTATION.. WILL NOT WORK… ANY IDEAS ON HOW TO FIX??

  52. Martin says:

    Does this work for 3.2 or not?

  53. Ankur Mogha says:

    Same auto rotation problem.. Motion sensor is not working in any game too. Plz provide a fix for this.

  54. Martin says:

    I have a p-7510 and am running Android 3.2 with touchwiz. The file YOU NEED for this for it to work is:


    And you can get it from

  55. Mohd Saiful Bin Abdul Hamid says:

    I have tried this kernel on overcome rom and it works, sadly only on cpu overclocking side, my auto rotation fail and seem fail to detect my sim.
    Please advice

    • Mohd Saiful Bin Abdul Hamid says:

      Just ignore my previuos question, didn’t read all the comment.

      Will this kernel post by moyon works for overcome 2.2 rom??

  56. Ralph says:

    I have the same failure as other comments. My auto rotate fails. No SD card problems. Martin posted on Feb 15 another rom named

    Do not use this rom! Your 10.1 will boot to a screen of colored lines and its toast. You’ll have to boot into clockword recovery and restore a previous backup if you have one. If not you may have problems.

    I’m restoring to my rooted rom without the overclock for now until the auto-rotate problem is solved.

  57. Mosho says:


    I overclocked my tablet whit the latest kernel from, and got 4000+ on the benchmark!

    I took a screen shoot! look at it! Is it possible?

  58. Tanish says:

    When I press on the download link there are 2 files.Which one should i download for GT-P7500.

  59. LeeDongJu says:

    Please make overclocking kernel Korea models only. South Korea is not the developer of GalaxyTAP10.1. Users in Korea are all waiting for you. You are the only hope of GalaxyTAP10.1. I believe in you and love you :-) . Please send your reply by e-mail. I’ve used Google translator.

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