CM9 ICS ROM for Rooted Galaxy Tab 10.1!

Want to get a taste of ICS on Galaxy Tab 10.1?  If you do, you can try the CM9 ICS ROM, which gives you a full ICS experience.  The only thing missing is camera and ability to watch movies on Netflix but otherwise, this CM9 ICS ROM is super-fast and zippy over Honeycomb.

Of course, not all of you may want to try it but if you make a backup of your current ROM in CWM, you can always revert back after trying the ICS ROM.

For those of you who wan to try, hit up the links below:

Download ROM:

Download CM9 ICS ROM

Download GoogleApps for ICS


Don’t forget to say thanks to user seraphimserapis at XDA for the ROM!

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34 Responses to CM9 ICS ROM for Rooted Galaxy Tab 10.1!

  1. SebazFromStrasbourg says:

    Thank’s for all you give us … really cool..
    Just a thing…
    About this ROM ….
    Flash player doesn’t works . . :0(

  2. ucokzeko says:

    is it can be used for p7500 or just p7510?

  3. Jon Lee says:

    Do you know when CM will release the full ICS. Cant wait to get it on my tab.

  4. Icezy says:

    Not be opened Market

  5. Ryan says:

    It’s really good for tasting ICS on GT~
    However, there are still too many bugs to fix…I have chosen back to Task Rom 10 with an ICS theme~~
    Look really forward to the stable release~~

  6. Shahin says:

    what a great & useful posts!
    tanx veryyyy much & sign up now!!
    continue with your love!
    we like you Admin!

  7. SR says:

    It does run on 7500 as well :)

  8. joelgeranio says:

    not work 3g on galaxy tab P7500

  9. james says:

    i also found that flash player doesn’t work on this ROM. ICS is such a pleasure to use, though. Can’t wait til the release version of CM9!

  10. Raphael says:

    No Market, no 3g

  11. Armando says:

    Can you use it as a mass storage devise with this rom?

  12. Frankie says:

    How long does it take to boot after it is installed. Mine does this weird flicker at the begginning when it is showing samsung galaxy tab 10.1 i dont know if its not working or its just still loading.

  13. rainMON says:

    There’s an updated ROM at XDA forums for ICS. Not certain if anyone is interested, here’s the link:

    I’ve installed it on mine and I’m coming from Overcome. It works fine and I can confirm 3G works. I have to check when I get home later for WIFI.

  14. john says:

    OK I can confirm that the latest Rom works except for the camera and the android browser FC once oh the wifi works without problems…… but does anyone know how to get back to the original rom?

  15. Bogdan says:

    I have installed it and for me it works on gt p7510. Only three things that dont work are youtube hd videos(i must watch them in sd), hd videos that are on my tablet and voice commands. Everything else works flawlessly.

  16. SebazFromStrasbourg says:

    In fact … the problem with all these ROM’s .. since 3 month ago .. Flash doesn’t install native ….
    So you must have to download from the Market ..
    Result …. the browsers .. Chrome and Dolphin .. in particular.. are crashed if you clic on a link includes Flash of the page
    I repeat … for all ROM’s up here .. and even with full wipe each time … but it can be happen to me .. only … lol … forgive me if it’s the circumstance … .. bizZz

  17. Ron says:


    i have a GT 10.1 rooted
    yesterday i put rom CM9 on it.

    it worked not good.
    my GT has no IP address!!,
    So i cannot make connection with internet and PC.
    What can i do? please i need advice.


    • rainMON says:

      Hi Ron,

      Can you do a restore from your back-up ROM ? If not, which version of the Galaxy Tab do you have ? You can check this website and find different ROMs for both WIFI and 3G here and just follow the instructions. Good luck.


  18. Ron says:

    Hi raymon,

    I reset the router and the problem is gone.


  19. HvR says:

    Oh No!

    Since installation of ICS i have several issues:

    1. Market opens but doesnt download anything, (big problem, as I cannot install anything)
    2. Rom Manager just hangs when I try to revert to previous Rom Backup.

    I am stuck in ICS with a half functional tablet.

    Any ideas?
    Please, I am at my wits end.


    • HvR says:

      OK< Just an update.

      if I opened my eyes the first time, I would have seen in the clockwork menu (after holding power+volume and then selecting vol down and then vol up). there is a option to restore from backup. I used this, pointed clockwork to my backup file and violla, it restored to my backup running gingerbread.


    • John Johnson says:

      try power and down volume to get into CWM and restore your backup from there.

  20. John Johnson says:

    Just saw your latest video on the ICS rom. When I ran the Quadrant Benchmark mine showed 3501 with the overclock kernel.

  21. A1 says:

    The new ICS kang build 2/03 /12 flashed normally with no problem. I also installed the 1.4ghz hacked kernel with no problem as well. I am currently running my sgt at 1200-1400 mHz and it seems pretty stable. Right now, from my experience, its almost fully functional except for the camera . Other than the camera everything works fine. Also YouTube is a little buggy aswell, but non the less it works. Also I’ve noticed that the stylus works much better for note taking with touchtuner and antipaper. So far I love this rom fast and responsive, I don’t think I can go back to a HC rom, unless I have to.

  22. Anthony says:

    Market doesn’t seem to work. Says it’s already installed/??

  23. A1 says:

    I just got the new ics. Kang. 23. Build and it is amazing. This has a program called on screen and it allows your tabs to multi task I could watch tutoring videos in one window aswell as having my book open on another window aswell as having my note taking software (antipaper) to take notes with my stilus if I could upload an screen shot on here I would so you guys can see what I’m talking about. The only issue with it is that it might be a little shaky from time to time but for the most part I have no problems on it. I found this software very useful a physics -chem student .

    Anthony, market works on this one w just make sure to clear data, delvic wipe, catch wipe before installing.

  24. Nic says:

    Works fine on mine tablet, no issues except for not having a camera, can not connect flash drive or setup vpn. These issues aside it is miles ahead of any Honeycomb ROM

  25. Nic says:

    Where did you source this ROM from?

  26. Heads up the CM9 ROM for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wi-Fi and I/O Edition and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 SGH-T859 on T-Mobile just got nightly builds.

    I’m gonna give it a try now and I’ll let you know if I can get Flash to install and give the camera a try. Fingers Crossed :D

  27. HvR says:

    Hi William.

    Any idea when we can expect a official release of ice for. The Gt?


  28. ron soderlund says:

    After rooting and installing the ICS my Galaxy Tab 10.1 cannot connect to Kies, nor do I see any icon in the menu tray. I can hear the sound when external source is connected, but no icon in the “My Computer” window.
    The tab works superb but I need the 3G which didn’t install. I have downloaded all appropriate drivers from SS, resetted both Tab and computer (WIN7/64) Deselected the USB bugging and done all according to suggested actions from various forum sites.
    Feels bad to have afully working tab going in the bin

  29. Emmanuel says:

    I flashed the cyanogen mod 9 on my galaxy tab p7500. Now i want to go back to overcome. After flashing overcome, I can’t get past the blue android flashing screen. I tried the stock rom, it keeps restarting. And I can’t restore backups. Only CM9 works on it now. And that’s sad. Pls help me.

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