How to Stream Hulu on your Galaxy Tab 10.1!

For those of you who want to stream Hulu on your Galaxy Tab 10.1, you no longer have to deal with the error message saying your device isn’t supported.

By installing a modified version of Flash Player 10.1 and setting your browser’s UA string to “Desktop”, now you can stream Hulu on your Tab 10.1 any time you want.

How to Stream Hulu on your Galaxy Tab 10.1!

First, download the modified Flash Player 10.3 here:

Download modified Flash Player 10.3
Second, copy over the file to the root folder of your Tab 10.1′s internal storage by connecting your Tab 10.1 to your computer via USB cable.

Third, uninstall Flash Player (if you’ve installed it).

Fourth, use a file manager app such as the free AndroZip (available on the market) to install the modified Flash Player 10.3 you copied over earlier.

Fifth, open up your browser and type “about:debug” in the URL bar.

Sixth, Go to Settings->Debug then select “Desktop” under “UA String”. This will trick Hulu (and other websites) into thinking that your Tab 10.1 is a desktop computer.
(Note: If you don’t get Debug menu then try typing “about:debug” in the URL bar again.)

Seventh, open up on your browser and enjoy.

Credits to user shep211 at XDA for the modified Flash Player! (Don’t forget to donate to him if this has enriched your Tab 10.1 experience!)

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44 Responses to How to Stream Hulu on your Galaxy Tab 10.1!

  1. brian j kurtz says:

    The link to the modified flash file is broken. It just times out.

  2. Armondo B says:

    I followed this to the T, and when I brought up on the regular Browser it said:

    “Hulu requires Flash PLayer 10.0.32 of higher. Please download and install the latest version of Flash Player before continuing.”

    I’m stumped.. any ideas?

    • admin says:

      You have to re-do the process when you reboot your Tab 10.1 (I found out), make sure to uninstall the existing Flash Player 10.1 and install the hacked version right after then bring up, sometimes you may need to go to another site like then come back to until you don’t get that “Android device not supported” message.

  3. Matthew says:

    Hulu keeps saying that I do not have the current version of Flash installed. Even though I have the modified Flash installed and the UAString set to desktop.

  4. Ben says:

    It didn’t work. Does the tablet have to be rooted? I did follow everything to the “T” and the modified flash is installed.

  5. mike says:

    I got it to work, but for some reason it reverts back and give an error message that Hulu requires Flash Player 10.0.32 or higher. Does anyone know why?

    • admin says:

      You need to re-install the modified Flash Player on every reboot. This is because Android Honeycomb resets it, some kind of security feature.

  6. harvey says:

    Did everything you said. But when I went to hulu it said that I need to update flash

  7. Ben says:

    Maybe because I didn’t copy the modified flash over into the “root” folder. I tried to but it won’t let me copy it over to that file. Does the tab have to be modified as in rooted?

  8. Matt says:

    The hack no longer works. They are requiring Flash Player 10.0.32 or higher.

  9. Jase says:

    Will these hacks work for the galaxy tab Gt-P1000? Great stuff btw

  10. L3k0 says:

    Not working for me, websites don’t seems to recognize the hacked flash

  11. jody says:

    Ive rebooted, re done eveything, uninstalled and reinstalled the file, went to another site, went back and still saneed a better version of flash, is your device

  12. Hurler says:

    It worked the first time for me. Did not reboot the Tab and now says the same, need 10.0.32 or higher. Tried to redo with browser running and shut down, disabled restore settings when app re-installed (found under Privacy in main settings) and still no love. The only thing that has changed is my wifi connection as I did it at work and now I am at home.

  13. Dru says:

    The modified hulu flash player does not work any more please update the flash player to support whatever has changed

  14. Dave says:

    First thing I did after buying my galaxy tab 3 weeks ago was to try out Hulu. It worked fine out of the box, why is this needed?

  15. kisrita says:

    It won’t work for me either. Tried every possible combination, uninstall reboot install, with and without reboot, installing, reinstalling… the Tablet installs the hacked Flash file but will not recognize it or use it. Not just Hulu, I tried other sites. None of them recognize the hacked Flash installation.

  16. MrBreez says:

    I do not have the USB cable with me at the moment. I have bluetoothed the Hack over to the device. I have tried several attempts at this mod but nothing seems to work. Is there a way to get the hack from the sdcard to internal memory (root folders) without the USB cable. Tried moving it with AndroZIP to no avail.

    Any assist will be greatly appreciated!

  17. Juan says:


    I’m getting the same “error” as some. Does the galaxy need to be rooted? Does the apx file need to be installed in a specific place?

    “Hulu requires Flash PLayer 10.0.32 of higher. Please download and install the latest version of Flash Player before continuing.”

    any ideas? this is AMAZING by the way.


  18. ahmad says:

    no matter what browser i go to none will accpet me typing in about:debug it just sits there

  19. Dawson says:

    I have gotten this to work a few times but other flash sites don’t work. When I try to install the flash version from the market it won’t slow me to. I tried uninstalling and I have set the string onto android again. Any ideas?!

  20. V Jones says:


  21. V Jones says:

    AND THE FUNNY THING ON THE ASUS YOU dont have to type into the browser bar, you just go to settings>advanced>user agent string……easy 3 options tablet , desktop, phone

  22. V Jones says:

    its workin and not rooted all i didi was download the 10.3 apk from the market, uninstalled then installed the HULU 10.3 apk. file to the root of internal storage and it works …nice!!!

  23. Roberto says:

    I think a right Hack would be a single time fix, not after every reboot :) , only then can it get its own Tab on here.

    Any Hacks/Tips of dependable mkv/mp4/etc video playing? It seems none of VLC direct (3rd party app running VLC on PC/MAC to decode), or ES File Manager with Dice Player/Mobo/MX, or Twonky or anything else plays dependably on Galaxy Tab 10.1. Either there is video lag, or it crashes, or works the second time not first, etc….. and none play m2ts just when VLC is running on the Mac/PC remotely.

    I saw some ROMs listed as modified for Volume loudness enhancement, for Android 2.3, any work from you in thar direction? Or is it too risky and better to do with an external hardware device?

  24. Roberto says:

    I spent hours on this…
    I uninstalled Flashplayer, tried to download the suggested Flash apk, but pretty quickly it comes back saying “Application not installed”. And sure enough I go to a website with flash, and I don’t have flash — but the installation of the APK failed.
    I can go to Android store and re-install the flashplayer 10.3 there but that’s not what i want.
    First I read to move elsewhere from /system/app the install_flash_player.apk - i did - it is oly 44.68K !!!
    Then when I did a search I found in the same dir ome_install_flash_player.apk - i move that one too.

    Is there some cache I can clear to help with this? I rebooted but that doesn’t help [Galaxy Tab 10.1 P7510]. I have the Aug updated ROM from your other page — but this article is from July, i wonder if the new ROM supports the installation of Flash this way still? Besides the flash here, I found a different source with flash rom, very similar size 4.22mb vs 4.21, but same story - can’t install, get that error message, and I am running from Root Explorer mounted as r/w.

  25. Bill says:

    I followed the steps and hulu comes up with the following message “Hulu requires Flash Player 10.0.32 or higher” I see under the applications that the player has been installed but is not running. Do you have any suggestions?

  26. Roberto says:

    Bill, looks like you have same issue as me, the Flash is version [Hulufied BRDizzle signed]
    New one from Android store is
    For some reason the one we want, in the article at top here, is not being recognized, not by default Browser, not by Dolphin, not with Desktop set instead of Android [default choice]
    I am running the ROM with August updates, the version is from sometime in July or before. Maybe it doesn’t work with the new ROM

    Anyone with some input?

  27. Daniel says:

    Has this been updated at all? I really would like to use this but before I try Im reading last comment from Sept that it doesnt work?

  28. Jose says:

    Samsung upgraded the firmware or software (upgraded some features and options). I upgraded my wife’s tablet without problem (no rooted) but mine (rooted) did not upgrade. Anybody knows why this happen? Also anybody know a solution for this problem? (Product Samsung Galaxytab 10.1 Wifi)

    Thank you,

  29. Steve says:

    Really wanted this to work, but it doesn’t. It gets as far as the loading screen and then says hulu doesn’t support this platform. When I went to uninstall flash from the market, there was only an option to uninstall updates. I did this and then renamed to apk to bak in root explorer. Installed the new apk, tried hulu and got the above error. Rebooted and tried again with the same results. Even tried xscope browser with no luck.

  30. Rob Weiner says:

    Thanks for posting all this info. I rooted my samsung using your tools & info, but I can not get the hulu install to work. When I click on the apk >> install apk. I get a “Application not installed” reply. Not sure what is wrong. I am running android 3.1 Kernel se.infra@SEP-63 #1. Do you have any insight?

    • Allan says:

      Ditto. I’m running Android 3.2, kernel infra@SEP-83 #1. Can’t uninstall the default Adobe Flash (v10.3.185.21), and can’t install the hulufied over it — get the “Application not installed” message.

      It let me force stop it through Settings->Applications->Manage Applications, but that was the closest I could get.

  31. Anthony says:

    Very frustrated here, have followed the instructions, and continue to get “Unfortunately Hulu is not supported on your platform. We apologize for any inconvenice” Any help would be needed. Thanks.

  32. eclas says:

    Ok, I really wanted to be able to access hulu but my 10.1 will not allow me to uninstall adobe flash 10.3.
    I just get an error that says install failed.
    I had a plain vanilla root installed so i updated to the Bonsai ROM and it still does the same thing. No matter what I do I can’t uninstall flash 10.3

    Any ideas?

  33. jeff says:

    how do i do this for the new 7 it can also run hulu

  34. Darryl says:

    Pretty frustrated. . . My tab has Flash 11, and the system only allows me to uninstall the Flash 11 updates, not Flash 11 itself. Consequently, I cannot install the Flash mod suggested in this walk-through. Help me out?

  35. Barnabas S. says:

    Could you update the links? Both down.

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