Overcome 10.1 ROM for Rooted Galaxy Tab 10.1! [P7500][P7510]

For those of you with a Galaxy Tab 10.1 3G P7500 (3G version) or the Galaxy Tab 10.1 P7510 (wifi), you might want to check out this setup, Overcome 10.1 ROM with Pershoot’s overclocked kernel.

This setup works just as good as the Starburst ROM + OC setup and would be a great ROM for those of you with Tab 10.1 3G.

Let me know what you think!

Flash the ROM then Kernel right after in ClockworkMod Recovery(CWM).

Download for P7500 3G version:

Download ROM

Download Kernel

Download for P7510 Wifi version:

Download ROM

Download Kernel

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64 Responses to Overcome 10.1 ROM for Rooted Galaxy Tab 10.1! [P7500][P7510]

  1. Jr says:

    I have a tab 10.1 3G SHW-M380K ( i buy in korea ) this rom will work fine in this?

    ps: my inglish is not soo good.

    thx for the post.

  2. Jr says:

    …. and… someone know where i can found the stocks roms for galaxy tab 10.1, Wifi and 3G version?

    thx, and nice website

  3. dejfson says:

    I’m using this ROM already for some time on my 3g tab. Works great, however none of those ROMs published repairs any of the bugs. Unfortunately this will change only when source code becomes available and cyanogen stats to work on pouring ics into our devices. A the critical bug I consider the omnipresent lag when using all the drawing applications. The lag is more than half second and this changes only very softly when overclocking. Out seems like a problem of driver for touchscreen, which cannot be repaired changing the pda part of the firmware, but only tweaking threw kernel

  4. wheeler says:

    I’ve had good luck with all the Roms so far but not the oc kernel… I get hard lags…even when turned down. I’ve had the best luck with bindroid. Without the oc kernel. Maybe cause of the scripting. I think the speed tests are overrated and is not consistent. Plus my battery life wasn’t very good. I’m sticking with bindroid till ics

  5. Ryan.W says:

    This Rom is great! And is the fastest and smoothest that I have used so far, despite it got a bit lower score from quadrant than the starburst.
    By the way, will overclocking at 1.4G damage the hardware? I have been using it on performance setting.

  6. Brandon says:

    Hi, I purchased a GT-7500 (3G+WiFi) in Beijing and I just installed the other Starburst ROM on your site, everything works great on WiFi but i just found out some how the 3G is not working when i am not using WiFi. Is there a similar ROM that works with 3G? or can I install this ROM to overwrite the Starburst to bring my 3G back? Please help, I’m stuck big time here. Thanks!

  7. Brandon says:

    Hi again,
    Sorry, one more question I case i am going to flash this ROM.
    I would like to clarify about your statement above that says: “Flash the ROM then Kernel right after in ClockworkMod Recovery(CWM).”
    Is this means once i completed flashing the ROM, there will a command where i can select to flash the Kenel right after the ROM is flashed? or do i need to first reboot the device and then reflashing kernal by repeating the same steps you instructed on the other page as below?

    2. Reboot by holding down Volume down button and Power button together and let go when you see Android logo.
    3. Hit Volume down button then Volume up button to enter into ClockworkMod Recovery.
    4. Choose “Wipe/Factory Reset” then hit the Power button.
    5. Choose “Yes” and hit the Power button.
    6. Choose “Install zip from sd card” then hit the Power button.
    7. Choose “choose zip from sd card” then hit the Power button.
    8. Choose the ROM zip file you want to install, then hit the Power button.
    9. Choose “Yes” and hit the Power button

    Would you kindly help and let me know step by step of what i have to do from the point when the ROM flasing is completed and how to move to Kernal flashing? Big THANKS in advance!!!

  8. Patrick Ho says:

    Sir, there’s a problem with the link for the P7500, I tried downloading both ROM and Kernel but only managed a 4kb zip file. Can you kindly check please……Thanks in advance

    • admin says:

      You are probably trying to download on your phone? Try using Dolphin Browser or other browsers other than stock or use your computer to download.

      • Patrick Ho says:

        Thks. Got the download working already, its my download manager causing the problem. I got the link working properly after disabling the download manager.
        Your site has been most helpful to novices like us. Keep up the good work man!!

  9. walter says:

    hey guys please helo i bought my tab in hong kong its baseband is p7500xxkh5..bt its not detecting my sim card in africa..i put in the card it say please insert sim card.

    my friend here has the
    P7500XXKG7 and it works fine..should i shift to that..and where can i find that rom.

    PLEASE HELP!!!! :(

  10. Reedy says:

    Hi everyone

    Does anyone know from where to download galaxy tab 10.1 7500 3G rom for arabic countries?

    Thank you

  11. EndUser says:

    slo-o-ow and unstable on galaxy tab 10.1/3g/wifi shw-m380s.

    • phuonglev says:

      Did you flash your m380s tab with this firmware? I also own this one but I couldn’t find any instruction to flash it.

  12. Nestor says:

    Hi all…
    Im using this Overcome ROM for the 3g version, but it doesnt recognize the simcard on my tab, so i dont have internet when im not using the wifi, any sugestions? thanks!

    • walter says:


      • nico T says:

        I bought my tab in Shanghai and I have the same pb… help please.

        • walter says:

          If you find a solution please let me know

          • jeff says:

            Put your Sim,

            And Reboot.

            That’s All

          • Nico T says:

            I don’t know if Jeff was sarcastic or not.
            I’m gonna describe better the problem.
            When I have my SIM inserted, the only proof I got that my Simcard is detected is that I have “rild is reset.please get ril log /data/log/dumpstate_rilreset_date.log”. Which after looking around on the web is a message regarding GSM network problem. Which in my case doesn’t really help. If I take the SIM out and reinsert it, I always have the please insert the SIM card message. Sometimes, I don’t need to take it out, the message sometimes appears.

            1. Is it a problem with my SIM? it worked before I install the new ROM so I doubt. It’s a prepaid 3G card paid 1200 RMB (for those who leave in China might know which one I’m talking about).
            2. Should I install the new ROM without the SIM card installed?

            Any help is welcomed.


          • rainMON says:

            I have the same problem regarding losing access to the SIM card. It seemed to have happened after I installed the kernel. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

          • rainMON says:

            Found my problem, I used the wifi kernel and not the 3G one. I reflashed and my SIM card is now recognized again.


    I have a question: I have instaled the 3g ROM, and it is working fine. The In Paris ROM are better than this one? There are some advantage in changing my actual ROM by In Paris? My GT is the 3g (GT7500) version.

  14. deano says:

    Is there a rom that will work on the Galaxy Tab P7500 which is both WiFi and 3G enabled? Please help. Love the work so far.

  15. Mohamed Sharaf says:

    i installed this ROM in my galaxy tab 10.1 3g and i feel that it is smoother but i lost the arabic keyboard, i don’t need to use the arabic interface but i need an arabic keyboard (i downloaded Go keyboard with arabic plugin to overcome this issue) but i am afraid form any problem with arabic font or characters
    i lost the SNS disclaimer 1.0 and when i tried to install it as a separate application it gives me an error that it is a system app. and i couldn’t find it, so could you please help me to overcome these problems
    really i like the rom and i don’t want to return back to the old one

  16. Mohamed Sharaf says:

    please anyone know from where i can download the Samsung applications like social hub

  17. Ozan Ozen says:

    How about 1080p performance after the rom ?

    And menu smooth ?

  18. Jimmy1050 says:

    After I update the ROM and Kernel, all my games and apps disappear in the Apps. Can anybody help me on that?
    I try to restore it back to the older ROM that I has been backup and it is failed. What can I do? Can I click factory reset in the “setting” to delete all data and install it one by one?

  19. Craig Stolly says:

    Hi all!

    I have flashed the Rom and Kernel but setCPU is only giving me a max of 1000.
    SetCPU is allowed in SU and I have force stopped it and started it again but to the same end.

    Any Ideas?

  20. Dwight says:

    Can in install the overclock with the overcome Rom, I tried but my 4G didn’t work after. Is that because it’s not compatible for the 7500 version, please advise

  21. Pieter says:

    3g doesn’t work… can you help me

  22. Brett says:

    Hi. Thanks for the instructions and files. All seemed to go well for me but now when I turn on my Galaxy Pad it just displays a pulsating blue Android. I’ve tried rebooting system, rebooting download and same for recovery. I just get the blue animated Android. Do you know what I’ve done wrong please?

  23. Brett says:

    I repeated the process for ROM and system. Both appeared to go OK again. Still only get a blue android. Can’t start. Is it bricked?

  24. Brett says:

    Factory reset and data wipe. Still can’t get past blue androids. I liked the word android till about 10 minutes ago…

  25. Brett says:

    OMG! Just tapped the screen 5 times in rapid succession from frustration and now I’m past the blue android and on a setup sequence. Hurrah! Why didn’t I think to do that earlier?

  26. Michael says:

    Could some one list what version of android each rom runs? are any of these up to 3.2? All so has anyone used Task650? good? bad?


  27. Ryan says:

    Can this rom be used with HC 3.2?
    Or when there is update for 3.2?

    • arronxwar says:

      This rom is 3.1….still wondering if its okay to update straight from my tab….(about device)..or there is another way..somebody help me

  28. Joseph says:

    i using GT-P7500 after i flash this rom my galaxy tab cant detect my sim card can u help me??? and with a little prob after oc it will keep freeze

  29. iven says:

    I tried to install ubuntu galaxy tab 10.0 gt-p7500 16 gb 3g wifi on my own but I have problems after following the action steps that you are by
    I could not get Flash ClockworkMod Recovery

    Disease and even the emergence of a yellow triangle when restart galaxy tab 10.0 gt-p7500 16 gb 3g wifi run and the latter for you Pfermth Alcalxa and Anmsh system fully operational
    Is it possible to help kindly send files on Emily, if possible

  30. newworld666 says:

    I have installed it 3 weeks ago on Uk version 3g + 64gb version. Everything is working fine, maybe just Dice Player is less efficient than Stock firmware for hard 720p decoding. But Bsplayer is working like a Charm!.
    So I can recommend using this firmware it is even more stable, overclocking not so usefull, but I have set it on interactive.

  31. pieter says:

    No more new updates?

  32. Dazzle says:

    Android.process.acore keeps force closing. Also, the overclocking doesnt seem to work.

    GT-P7500 (P7500XXKK2), 3G version. Bought from Elisa, Finland.

  33. nuno says:

    I have tried many ROMs and they all work very well in my opinion but after I flash the OC kernel I usually have problems with the screen rotating…. any ideas why? How do I get the OC kernel off?

  34. Bhaumik says:

    Hey i used this ROM on my P7500 all 3g and Wifi works perfectly…its prerooted ROM…
    BUT, 1 problem is there sometimes it hangs up..then i have to erase all the data and i have to install wifi versioned ROM and then i have to update that ROM to overcome ROM…it works…but i have to do it once in a week any how..
    its time consuming and all my data is going to be erased…
    i also tried to backup my ROM and when problem occurs i tried to restore to overcome ROM but with no success..
    PLeazzz……Help me….PLzzz…Plzzzz……

  35. JandeBeer says:

    Is there a rom that will work on the Galaxy Tab P7500 which is both WiFi and 3G enabled? Please help.
    Tried above solution but keep on getting
    When switching on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1″ with Yellow exclamation mark at the bottom.

    Then “The application Launcher (process com.android.launcher) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.

    Oh no its broken!!!!

    • Ed says:

      Actually, you might be lucky the way I was… I kept getting that error message in a loop - a pain, to put it mildly.
      How I fixed it (Warning: You’ll have to configure your home screens again after this, ie. it will reset the home screens back to the default config):
      1) Get into the settings (I managed to do this by tapping the clock just after “Force Close”-ing the error message)
      2) Go to Applications > Manage applications > All
      3) Select “Launcher” (has an icon showing the android in a house)
      4) Tap “Clear data” button.

      After that, I was able to return to the home screen(s) and it(they) were reset, but it worked again. (I also got a force close message for the browser app, but i removed the app from the homescreen and that stopped).
      My guess is that the previous version of the Overcome rom used some other data format for the Launcher app, although I can’t say for sure as I have no idea how Android works in detail.

      Hope that helps.

  36. Shawn says:

    Hey Man,

    I tried rooting my device using the posted video on how to root and my samsung kept rebooting with exclamation icon and so i reset to factory and now my 3G is not working (its not detecting my sim) and i keep getting exclamation icon everytime i power and than goes to the factory reset platform. Can you please help me?. Thank you.

  37. Carl says:

    hey i installed the rom and works perfectly!! at first it reaches 2800 ghz and after that it only reaches 2300ghz max. i have closed and killed all the apps before launching the quadrants app but i still couldnt get 2800 anymore and yeah i have setcpu to 1400 mhz and its ondemand mode. any reason to this or solution that i can use?

  38. LLUM says:

    Hi, I just installed and it works good, except that the camera doesn’t work. Has anyone experienced this beside me? Thanks,

    • fedorflasnik says:

      Hi. I have that problem too. The original camera app sometimes doesn’t work, but every other app that uses camera will work fine. After restarting the tablet it is ok even with original camera app, but then after some time it won’t run. Restarting the tablet will fix this issue, but that is not a good solution. Try other camera app, there are plenty of them on the market…

  39. Mr.T says:

    I am looking for a rom to install on my galaxy tab P7500. The problem is that I would like to be sure which one is ok for a GT-P7500 3G +Wifi 64G (no Sd card slot). Any help will be great.

  40. sergio says:

    Question. I have a samsung epic 4g touch and the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Both are root. the problem I have is when I use the galaxy tab with the tehering remains
    loading for a long time when i try to wach a video like you tube ect. as if it had bad signal But I have good 3G signal in my epic. there is some way to tranfer best tethering to my tab
    1-the rom I use for the epic 4g touch is (unnamed)
    2-galaxy tab 10.1 is (task)

  41. Jurie says:


    Note the stock OTA ROM was version Android 3.2 and I also updated the software before doing anything to my Tab.

    I rooted my Galaxy Tab10.1 GT-P7500 3G and it worked well and had no problems

    I then overclocked it with the 1.4Ghz overclocking kernel desiding to stay with the stock OTA ROM, only to find out my 3G is not working anymore…

    So I decided to load a diffrent ROM. I chose the Overcome ROM and after installing the new ROM all works fine except that I keep on getting the “The android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.” force close message.

    Any suggestion on how I can get this error fixed or where I went wrong with the installation?

    PS. Awesome site thanx for all the tips and info!

  42. arronxwar says:

    Work just fine 4 me.thanks

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