In Paris ROM for Galaxy Tab 10.1! [3000+ Quadrant][1.4Ghz Overclocking]

Want to try the best and latest of Galaxy Tab 10.1 ROMs?  Well, user Task650 and PhantomHacker (author of Starburst ROM) at XDA have got together to make exactly that, In Paris ROM that comes with a ton of optimizations plus 1.4Ghz overclocked kernel.

This is what I am running right now and so far have no issues other than battery status  being a bit off. (This should fix itself after you drain the battery once.)

Other than that, go ahead and try out the best ROM for the Tab 10.1 right now and leave your thoughts in the comments box about it.

Download ROM here:

Download Paris ROM

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64 Responses to In Paris ROM for Galaxy Tab 10.1! [3000+ Quadrant][1.4Ghz Overclocking]

  1. Juan Gutierrez says:

    awsome rom!!! it works much faster then starburst:)

  2. natius says:

    Sexy just sexy, love it.

  3. Lizzam Abdul Latiff says:

    Hi, can you confirm if the cifs module is working. I’ve use both starburst, and bonsai but my cifs is still not working.

  4. Tab 10.1 P7500 says:

    Hi, can i flash this on tab 10.1 p7500 3g version? or this is for wifi only?

  5. Garri says:

    How can I change wallpapers in lock screen on this rom? Where is the old one? :)
    I didn get 3000 points only 2300… :/

  6. Chris Kranz says:

    Installed this on my UK version of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and I get a lot of force-close when it finally reboots. Tried re-installing and I get the graphics all messed up. Already rooted the tab with Starburst which works a treat (although battery is starting to perform pretty poor), but “In Paris” just doesn’t want to play ball.

  7. william says:

    Wow amazingly fast and such a beautiful interface

  8. Jeff says:

    Just a heads up. I installed this rom and did a factory wipe on my tablet. Then purchased the setCPU app through the android market and my credit card info got stolen. I have used the android app market before to purchase apps without issues. I am not sure if the two are related but just as a heads up check your account for any charges from IM GAMED.COM. Hopefully the two are unrelated but just wondering if anyone else had the same issue happen

    • Garri says:

      today i try to buy setCPU too, the money was taken, but i can’t download the app… some info from the letter i get in The order was canceled because of internal error of Android Market. :-(

  9. William says:

    is anyone else having this issue

    Sometimes when I hit the home key it goes to a back screen for about 40 sec than says launcher failed?
    Any idea how to fix this?

  10. Mark Moran says:

    Hi guys,
    Just got this last night and I like it. Do you need to manually over clock to 1.4GHZ is that already built it?

    Also when I click the button to flip between all open apps, is this called the app switcher it always has an annoying delay of a few seconds, have you had this as well?


  11. Cole Mayes says:

    SSSSaaaaaaaaWWWWEEEEEETT!!! I like the look and feel of this ROM. Just now getting starting playing around.

    Thanks Task650 and PhantomHacker!


  12. Sjoerd says:

    Very nice one!
    Would it be possible in some way to get the cifs.ko module for this one working too? (I’d like to mount my shares as a directory on the Tab so i should also be able to stream to the Tab in stead of copying the whole movie/album/whatever first)…

  13. Henrik M. says:

    It works fine, even for the 3g version. I just installed the V4 ROM w/success.

  14. Henrik M. says:

    OK, one little “problem” - how do I overclock to 1400 MHz?
    I’ve bought and installed setCPU, but the highest speed I can select is 1000 MHz?

    • admin says:

      You should be able to go 1.4Ghz make sure you have allowed the SetCPU app in SuperUser app. You might need to Force Close the SetCPU app first.

      • JT says:

        Run superuser app first then only start setCPU. SetCPU will call the SU app to ask for permission.I spent weeks on this also as a virgin rooter.

  15. Chris says:

    does the rom, just the rom get rid of the little lag the tab 10.1 has? i’m a little hesitant of buying the tab, if this rom will solve the problem i’ll buy one immediately. :D

  16. asdsad says:

    So did the battery indicator fix itself?

  17. fred says:

    Slowest ever. I installed it and it was very slow. Quadrant score was 1500 at 1ghz and 2100 at 1.4ghz.
    I get 2900 with Starburst….

    • admin says:

      Might want to double check you are actually overclocked, a lot of times you need to step up slowly in setcpu or otherwise you get stuck at 1Ghz.

  18. Seung Hyun Lee says:

    I downloaded this rom and run at ordin but i have a frozen Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 screen. please save meee

  19. Luis says:

    I installed the ROM, but it didn’t come with an overclocked kernel. Although I did the install correctly, (as described on XDA devs) I can’t overclock the CPU by any means that I’ve tried. Any suggestions?

    • admin says:

      Did you run SetCPU and make sure its allowed by SuperUser app otherwise you won’t be able to.

      • Luis says:

        Yes I did. I ran several CPU altering apps to try to overclock it but all of them cap at 1 GHz.
        Besides, I used both ROM Manager and Titanium backup to restore my apps, so I know I have SU permissions (I’ve rooted several devices, but I am a 1st time tablet owner)
        Here is some device info:
        Android Version: 3.1 (I thought it would be 3.2 for a custom ROM…)
        kernel version: se.infra@SEP-63 #1

        Do I need to install another kernel or am I just doing something wrong here?

        • admin says:

          Try killing SetCPU app completely then start it again and also erase it from SuperUser app.

          • Luis says:

            I’ll give it a shot. On another note, I’ve tried installing pershoots kernel twice (from two different sources) and I’ve bricked my tablet both times. I had to flash through Odin the first time and I did a backup for the second time.
            Additionally, on XDA, the In Paris ROM features says: “packaged with Stock Kernel(You guys can flash Pershoots if you want)” In the Version 4 changelog.
            This info is mostly for the new people that want to try to flash it expecting an overclocked kernel/to overclock their CPU

          • j m says:

            Same here, followed all instructions to a ‘t’ and setCPU is capping speed at 1gz, it wont let me put it beyond that.

            Notably however, on my galaxy tab 10.1 i did not have a ‘update from zip’ i just had the ‘apply update from /sdcard’ but that seemed to work fine with zip files (the installation output was the same as what you had on your screen anyway).

            Any idea what’s going on?

          • JT says:

            You need to run the SuperUser app before starting SetCPU. Only then can it respond with permission granted.

  20. Jr says:

    Hi, this rom works on galaxy tab 10.1 3G version?

  21. Adam333 says:

    It works on the 3G but the 3G data functionality are not supported so it acts like a wifi model. Is there a solution for that??

    • Thomas says:

      I have the same problem. Can somebody provide help or any solution for that? 3g does not work somehow.
      Can a Modem.bin be installen afterwards or so?

  22. Vic says:

    Thank you very much for sharing the’s so much better then the stocked one.though the initial boot with a blue static screen really got me scared my shit out but it’s all good now.thanks again for everything upgraded my tab.

  23. Thomas says:

    I have the same problem. Can somebody provide help or any solution for that? 3g does not work somehow.
    Can a Modem.bin be installen afterwards or so?
    This ROM says everywhere I have a 7510. In reality I have a 7500… Is that related?

  24. amit gugnani says:

    Is anyone able to get a phone dialer app for tab 10.1/750 which i came to know is blocked by google

  25. Nico says:

    We keep the original kernel or must put another into the tab before?

  26. michel says:

    Oooops this ROM is WIFI only, i do i get my 3g back?? Suggestions? anyone??

  27. Eric says:

    Max, which ROM is fastest, and most stable?

    which do you use and recommend?

  28. Daniel says:

    @ Admin - what keyboard is that in the video and where can I get the apk?

  29. Dwight says:

    Is there a version of Paris for the 4G version Tab 10.1

  30. PB says:

    I cant download it… it just stops after 113mb

  31. eihab says:

    can this rom read ntfs flash memory ?

  32. Stanley says:

    Hi every one i donst speak good englisch , so forgive me for mistakes, I have just buy SG tab 10.1 wifi, and everything ist cutting, what must I do? I would like have 1,4 GHz processor wich is here an this room, but I dont want lose my apps, and apps from samsung. What must I do? thank you

    • 1337GameDev says:

      Im assuming you want to apply this rom but dont want to lose apps. Make sure to backup app apk’s of you have them and take screwnshots of your app drawer (to reinstall ones you dont have apk’s for by searching the market for them again) then use usb data connection to copy data from tablet. Then wipe the tablet (erase everything) and apply this rom and kernel.

  33. 1337GameDev says:

    I am having problems with freezing on this tablet. Im curious why it happens. It always seems to happen when i have low ram, and everything slows to a crawl for some reason. Yes i use super task killer (i know people try to say they are bad because android loads apps into ram which i hate) and after closing all unused apps i go back into it and only 4 r running and it says like 93mb free. Why i this? If i dont use task killed my tablet slows down soonerbecause of insufficient ram. It seems like ram isnt being released by android for some reason and is really annoying. Is there any way to fix this? Any way to stop apps from preloading into memory? Any way to see a log file of somekind to see what ate up memory and etc?

  34. EA says:

    So I installed this rom, lost all of my live wallpapers and backgrounds that come as stock. Is this normal? Also, is it possible to change the main buttons (back, home, screen capture etc.) to look like the xoom stock ones?

  35. rosstheboss says:

    overall its beautifull and realy fast. The only issue i have is that i can only overclock up to 1.2. ar 1.4 the system crash. Would you have an idea. Im using a galaxy tab 10.1 4g from rogers

  36. Pawel says:

    hi, i just got my galaxy tab10.1 and wanted to know if there is a way to enable mobile phone app on it, so I could make calls using my sim card that i have in the tab? Sms funtion is enabled, but I couldn’t find any app that would allow me to make calls on my tab..

    Your help would be greatly appreciated!

  37. 1337GameDev says:

    I’m having problems with WPA2 and an EAP network (no certificate needed just login data). Does anybody else have problems? With wpa it sometimes connects to a person’s wpa2 network, but it mainly just keeps saying scanning, disconnecting, scanning, disconnecting, even if i type in the correct password. What causes this? Is this a rom problem, or an android problem? If its an android problem, is there any way to fix it / modify the wifi driver?

    In EAP i can connect most of the time, but the signal seems to die (when obviously it doesnt) and then i have to turn off wifi and reconnect (which it takes a long time to do). Why is this? My ipod and other mobile devices can connect to this just fine and stay connected. Sometimes it displays the connecting, disconnected, scanning loop, and have no idea why. Very odd to me, my previous android device seemed more stable with this network (the original galaxy tab 7in stock rom) but still had a few connection problems every now and then, but nowhere near how often it occurs with my current tab.

    Is there an app i can use to see what the network card is sending and doing? Like if it fails to connect, if it cant see network, cannot communicate due to protocol or just anything it sends, like packet data or debug options? like a network debug app similar to wireshark?

  38. Ivo says:

    Your tutorials are great and they helped me root and switch my rom to the Paris one and even overclock. However, I have experienced 2 issues that i do not know how to resolve. First, widgets cannot be resized on this rom (I tried the mail widget and a few others) where on stock I was able to resize most of them. Second, the gyroscope panning when moving icons between different panels is not working either and I’ve tried turning it on and off from the settings a few times without success.

    Do you have any suggestions how to fix that? Otherwise, there really is no lag and it feels great running this rom at 1.4 GHz.

    Thank you.

  39. SDNN says:


    After the new ROM is installed, can you still update your ROM via system updates in the settings (OTA)? As I tried the In Paris ROM, the version is 3.1; however, Samsung allows to updates to HC 3.2. Thanks for your reply.


  40. chandler says:

    keeps force closing the launcher i dont know what to do??!! any help?

  41. clayton says:

    Great tutorials zedomax, I’m extremely pissed off at the rom, though. I have app launcher force close all the time when I hit the home button. I installed correctly, wiped all caches/ data, fixed permissions, and the problem still occurs. I even attempted installing adw ex, and the format of the homescreen is al f***ed up! Everything is moved down a column with adw. Problem with headphones being too loud is ridiculous as well, I have the voodoo app which lets you tweak the audio setting to make the correct , but that’s a pain in the a** and sometimes just stops working and blasts my ears to hell out of nowhere. I’m flashing galaxy task today, goodbye InParis!!! Keyboard on my tablet won’t even stop cursor hopping as I type this! @&!#

  42. Alvin Tran says:

    This vs GalaxyTask 14, which is better?

  43. Simon Siu says:

    Why I only got 1900?
    Any one know what happen?

  44. rob.benter says:

    It doest detect my sim card. Only wifi works for me. What am I doing wrong? I like the look and so far satisfied with its overall performance above the stock rom. Thinking of going with the Overcome 3G rom just to rectify this.

  45. Jochem says:

    Wow realy nice rom but my sound from my headphones is SUUUPER loud. I haven’t tried it without headphones yet but its realy annoying couse i can’t listen to music now :-( . Any suggestions??

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