Best Android Tablet Theme App? - ADW EX Launcher!

Want to give you Galaxy Tab 10.1 (or any other model) a completely new look with a custom theme?

Well, give ADW EX app a try, you can change themes instantly and there’s enough themes for you to try for the next 2 weeks.

via androidtablethacks

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5 Responses to Best Android Tablet Theme App? - ADW EX Launcher!

  1. Nico says:

    What was your rom and kernel when you did this video? Thx

  2. hamad says:

    Thanks for this.
    I doing this tonight

  3. Olivier says:

    Hi there, great video on ADW Launcher. I tried it and must have missed something (a setting) because it now crops my wallpaper and does not display the settings menu entirely. So the wall paper appears like it’s off-center with an inch off the top and two inches off the right hand side. And the Settings menu at the top right hand corner only shows half the words, like this was made for a 12 inch tablet or something.
    Ever seen this behavior?

  4. hi ma
    I just bought galaxy tab and i wanna search for free apps….u know the ones that i have to pay for them in the market…where can i get them for free?

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