Touchwiz UX ROM for Galaxy Tab 10.1!

For those of you who want to try out the new Touchwiz UX ROM for the Galaxy Tab 10.1, you don’t have to unroot device then apply the OTA update because there’s already a rooted Touchwiz UX ROM I have been enjoying for weeks already. If you have a rooted Tab 10.1, my advice is always wait and install a rooted version of the latest OTA update as it WILL be available.

I actually installed this ROM without knowing this was the actual OTA update but I guess some developers got hands on it weeks before.

You can download the ROM here:

Download Touchwiz UX ROM

You will need a rooted Galaxy Tab 10.1 and read up on how to install new ROM on the Tab 10.1.

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14 Responses to Touchwiz UX ROM for Galaxy Tab 10.1!

  1. lost_odeassy says:

    Hi, thanks for update.
    Mine was rooted but i unrooted using instructions on your website.
    However for mine wifi 32 GB I still do not have touch wiz update.
    Can I install this one considering mine is UNROOTED? Thanks

  2. Pete says:

    My tab became unrooted after I installed this ROM. Is this normal?

  3. cheshir cat says:

    hi i have recently purchased my galaxy tab 10.1 2 days ago and was prepared to takeit back to the store because there were no apps for netflix,facebook or silverlight downloadto let mewatch xfinity movies.
    I have the 16 gb galaxy gtp7510 wifi. I applied the new update to include touchwiz as im new to android having never had anything other then qn apple phone. Ilike the idea of rooting my galaxy and your step by step looked great until i noticed i already have the unrooted touchwiz version.
    Question: how would you recommend i proceed: 1. Go ahead and apply the techniques to root the tablet with theapplied update or is there a way to get rid of the touchwiz root the unrooted 10.1 and then apply therooted touchwiz update.

    Please help i want to enjoy my tablet and am not interested in a bigger version of the iphone(ie ipad2).
    Im bringing some tech savvy friends to follow your youtube step by step post on friday. Thank you and i cant wait to join the ranks of the rooted free expression galaxy user

  4. cheshir cat says:

    Thank you Admin

    1. I noticed you have a fb app on your tablet how do you get the actual app when its not written for the galaxy yet. I ask because i would like to get netflix xfinity etc the apps i want that are third party apps are not at the android market. How do you get them do you pay for them and what site will have the same apps i use on my iphone so i can finally thumb my nose at them. Admin i will update or overclock my system, will that remove the annoying lag you see in the touch screen.


  5. walter neto says:

    Hi. I tried settings update to update my galaxy tab 10.1 wifi only 32 - but the file downloading was taking a long time so id ecided to quit it - now i am trying to download it again and i get a message that there is no update available - please note that the initial update was cancelled and not completed - how can i set the update so i can get the file to update to touchwiz?

  6. zach says:

    Why is the download so large? The update is only 188 mb

  7. gustavo duarte says:

    i just bought a galaxy tab 10.1 32gb, and when i try to update touchwiz, in settings>update, there aaren`t no software ATUALIZZATIONS. I am now in brasil. How can i do it.?

  8. Mike says:

    I am unable to pair my galaxy 10.1 to my iphone. It recognizes my blue ant headset but not my iphone. The message I get on iphone is this-this device does not recognize gt-p7510. I would like to also use tendering using my iphone but as it does not recognize my iphone thanks not an option. Is there a go around or download for the galaxy or is this not going to happen because of the iphone/Samsung war.

  9. Dru says:

    I have installed the new touchwiz update via Odin, I have the most recent overclocked kernel loaded from “″ and the results are amazing! one drawback and its a big one… not able to connect to netflix service, is there any solution out there for a rooted, over-clocked, touchwiz updated tab 10.1?? is it my new Kernel version that is kicking me off ? should I just go back to stock kernel?

    Thanks in advance

  10. indika says:

    I installed this ROM. Works perfectly. Also i see that under Apps there is “Samsung App”. When i click it. it says that there is a new version and whether to update. If i do will get all the unwanted touchwiz parts which are already not present in the above given rom? or IS there a away to update only the ones which are there already placed in the ROM only?

  11. Juan Gutierrez says:

    why does it say connection failed when trying to search for updates?

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