How to Overclock ICS on Galaxy Tab 10.1 with A1 Kernel!

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Does your stock ICS ROM lag? Well, there’s a fix for that.

If you have a Galaxy Tab 10.1 3G P7500 version of Wifi P7510 version, you can install A1 kernel, which allows you to overclock up to 1.4Ghz with the use of SetCPU app. After overclocking my Tab 10.1 to 1.4Ghz, I can clearly tell my tablet runs much faster like it should.

This kernel also gives you additional features like Voodoo Sound app support (download from Play Store), USB charging, and more.

Give it a go if you have a stock ICS ROM and let me know what you think!


Download A1 Kernel for P7500 and P7510
Credits - XDA

How to Install this?

Install this just like installing a ROM in ClockworkMod Recovery but without a factory reset/wipe. Just do “install from zip”.

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130 Responses to How to Overclock ICS on Galaxy Tab 10.1 with A1 Kernel!

  1. safriasd says:

    Thank guy for this kernel my tab run faster than before

  2. Andrew XDoKToR says:

    hey bro!! using your great vidz i ICS’d my p7500 & rooted…
    however just tried this Kernal and Tab went into ‘boot loop’ …luckily had CWM 🙂
    Did i install it wrong? used RomManager.

    cheers and thanks for all your work :-))

  3. XDoKToR says:

    Sorry Yes!

    Stock ICS Rom from link on your update vid & rooted following your other vid.

  4. Jamil says:

    Do i have to root my tqb to use this kernel? i would like to have it overclocked as i do experence abit of lag here and there like when i play the sims which uses lots of cpu… what must i do?

  5. Jamil says:

    Hey max

    Where is the super su file?
    I have the cwm but no super user access or permissions….
    Half rooting not cool. I am ready to overclock bru

  6. jane says:

    hey max!i dpwnload that file using my tab and just install it using rom manager to reboot into recovery..dunno if i did it right..and when im installing set cpu i download from from xda, it was aborted.

  7. Daniel says:

    Thank you for your guide and i done everything NEW ICS + Root + Overclock 1.4

  8. Galaxy Tab Performance says:

    Thank you man for your work on this wonderful tablet.
    Now is faster and better 🙂

  9. Adam says:

    Admin, how do i install this kernel manually? Installed it using ROM Manager, got stuck on samsung logo. any help much appreciated.

  10. Mark Humphryes says:


    I have a P7500 with new stock ICS from Samsung, which I flashed using your instructions - flawless install - thanks.
    I have installed A1 Kernel, and SetCPU. Where do you get 1.4 GHz from on a stock P7500?? I thought the standard max clock speed is 1.0 GHz. Certainly, SetCPU is showing only a max of 1.0.
    I have set the min to 456 and will see what happens. USB charging certainly seems to be working though - at last!

    • Jamil says:

      Well it seems Max has forgotten to add the super su files download, as i have the kernel ready, i have purchased the set cpu but cant seem to get rooting access. Max please give us the super so we can flash.

  11. Mark Humphryes says:

    Ran CloclworkModrecovery FixPermissions. Installed SetCPU still shows max of 1000MHz.

    What am I doing wrong??

    • Stormlord says:

      I used the same kernel, and shows a maximum clockrate of 1200MHz instead of 1400MHz.
      Does somebody knows why?

  12. Jamil says:

    Did you install super su? Remember that having root mean having super user access for rooted apps and other wise app that require more permissions or access to os than others.
    You have the kernel and CWM now you need the super su to finish the process. Follow the “how to root” link and see the downloads, one of them (i believe for tab 2 i think) has the super in there. Just download that, remove the set cpu and go back into CWM and install/unzip the super su and you will be ok.
    Then when you start your tab again it will have super su linked and running, just update it and reinstall set cpu and it will be working

  13. Mark Humphryes says:

    Restored back to stock ICS then restarted process. Already have CWM. Reinstalled kernel, super su, and then set CPU. Tab is rooted.

    Still shows max of 1Ghz.

  14. Mark Humphryes says:

    My SetCPU screen doesn’t look like Max’s - version 3.07 is what installed from GooglePlay.

    • Jamil says:

      Yes mine is also different, but does the same job.
      I do beleive its overclocked, cant really test it since i had no lad on my tab.
      But once CWM was installed i was able to install the kernel and overclock with ease.

      What seems to be your bother??

  15. Mark Humphryes says:

    Discovered I had SuperSU and SuperUser installed. Removed latter and SetCPU in caseof any conflict. Rebooted, then reinstalled SetCPU. Still shows max on 1GHz.

    • Jamil says:

      Seems as if you had conflicting information on your tab.
      Unroot back with official kernel and then start again.
      Install in this order and you will not have a problem
      Fist - CWM recovery ( boot device
      Sec - super SU only, do not use the easy root option, it will give you problems ( boot device
      Trd - install A1 kernel ( boot device
      Four - use the set cpu and you should be fine…

      • Mark Humphryes says:

        I have done exactly this and it still shows 1GHz!!

        My CWM version is

        • Don says:

          Dude did you use Rom Manager to install that CMW

          • Jamil says:

            Why would you use a rom manager that does not allow full super user binary installation, if you check all comments max clearly states you need CWM 5.5.0 as it allows full binary install.
            Fix the cwm and all will be ok.

  16. netguru says:


    I noticed a couple of items after doing this and was wondering if anyone else has seen this. Stock ICS ROM, Rooted, Recovery

    1. Battery life is abismal, seems to be cut in half which led me to the next item:
    2. Cannot shut off tablet, when choosing from the tablet menu or from ROM Toolbox Pro, choosing Power Off only reboots the tablet.

    Anyone else seen this?


  17. Jamil says:

    Yo max, the set cpu seems very diffeent from your one, could that be a different software using?
    Please also give us guides on the overclocking setting and what is best to set it on cuz it seems that on max speed, ie 1400Mhz it seems to couse lag when in use, as there games seem to lag when a change is needed. Example when i click something and a pop up is required then the tab will hang for 1-2secs and then work, i didnt have this much lag with stock kernel, did i overclock with incorrect settings?

  18. Utha says:

    Hi there max.

    I have several question about this kernel.
    Does everything, i mean all the features in our gtp 7500 will work just fine using this kernel?
    Since i’m having a bad experience before with the different kernel. Such as gyro sensor error, motion sensor error, sudden restart, Device crashed and restart while opening gallery. Beside the overclock things, does everything will be ok?

    • Jamil says:

      Do not worry there are none of those mentioned errors on the running, just i personally feel that the overclock is not as fast as its supposed to be, set cpu allows for 1.4Ghz but it dont seem to do my tab any good so i am back to 1.0ghz,

    • admin says:

      works fine.

    • Utha says:

      So this kernel kinda perfect for ics stock rom right now?

      Because i really really need the features in thiz tab.
      Coz you guys already trust this kernel, so i’ll do the same.

      Thanks guys, report soon after the installing the kernel.

    • Utha says:

      kernel isntalled.

      everything runs normal
      quadrant reach 3051 and anTuTu reach 6583

      still testing.

  19. martin says:

    Ok, heres some information:
    Theres two versions of this kernel, se and xe.
    Se its standard edition and it can only go to 1200.
    Xe its extreme edition and it goes to 1400.
    Some intruccions, flash it with the last version of cwm, do not use apps for flashing.
    If you get stock in boot logo, this could happen only in extreme edition, just reflash it and it will work on the next boot.
    More indotmation, this kernel also overclock the gpu from 333 to 400 and that is on both edition, with this the games runs better.
    I highly recommend using go launcher for pad on this ics stock rom, its the most smother launcher ive tried.

    • Jamil says:

      Will the gpu be automatically overclocked??
      Well as i previously stated, i must have done something wrong cuz i get serious lag with 1.4ghz as opposed to 1.0. I am using set cpu and well yeah its very different to the one max is using. Any tips on what to do? Or how to do it correctly?
      My problem is especially with the sims freeplay, when i click an item it will hang for 2secs before the pop up and the same when a task is completed. It becomes unbearable……

      • martin says:

        I recommend you to set max to 1400, min to 216! the gobernor interactive and scheduler noop. And yes, the gpu is automatically overclocked.
        Try that set up and then tell me 🙂

        • Jamil says:

          Basically you want to have the cpu at full speed all the time??
          If my u derstanding of processors is correct, setting a min like 216 means as soon as i hit 217cycles the processor will spike to full rotations which we now have as 1.4Ghz? Is that not going to drain the battery with prolonged use?

          • admin says:

            min can be a bit higher, 400-500 if u see any lag.

          • martin says:

            You are getting it wrong, the cpu wont be at full speed with any touch of screen, it will use power needed in that moment, so meanwhile i write this message the cpu its using like 600mhz, you know, the cpu can switch betwen frequecies so it only goes to 1400 if it need it.
            I use my tablet like that since i got it and i had no problem, and my battery life rounds the 6 hours with bright at 50%. I recommen you visit the official thread on xda developers to be update on kernel updates, you know this kernel has a week of life so its improving almost every day.

  20. martin says:

    Also it works perfectly without any problem on gtp7500 and 7510. Ofcourse your rom must be based on a offcial stock rom like, task650, stock oficial, jellybeanrom v5, infamous 2….

  21. Rafael B. says:

    Thank you Max for all your great tips and excelents videos.
    I have just O.C. my P7510 to 1.4 but I am experiencing some problems.
    Over 20 to 40 seconds appears a red frame, any ideas.
    Thanks a lot

    A1 Kernel V1.5.5 XE

    • Rafael B. says:

      Forget about this … i don’t now why but the Strict Mode has been enabled when i flash de new kernel. I
      Disable this option in Developer mode (Settings) and problem resolve.
      Thank you

  22. Jamil says:

    I also noticed that you cannot charge while the tab is turned off, that is a real deal breaker for cuz i like to cycle my bat3 once a month….so sad, but my stock kernel on 1.0 Ghz runs pretty good and allows charge while tab is off. Went back to original kernel. Less lag, personally.

  23. Mark Humphryes says:

    Well folks, I don’t know what is going on here. Gone right back to basics:

    Reflashed stock ICS - rebooted
    Installed cwm 5.5.04 - rebooted
    Installed SuperUser
    Installed A1 kernel (1.5.9XE) - rebooted
    Kernel definitely working as now charging via USB
    Installed SetCPU - STILL shows max of 1GHz - no options for anything else.

    What else do I have to do - I have already wasted about six hours in total on this ….

    • joaquin says:

      In the bigining setcpu didn’t have root access so i could not overclock the tablet, i went to a factory reset and and dalvink reset too, then after rebooting i could go to 1400 ghz.
      Best regards

      • Mark Humphryes says:

        Joaquin - thanks. However, I have now done a full data wipe, Dalvik cache wipe and factory reset. With A1 Kernel and SetCPU reinstalled, I STILL get only 1GHz max in SetCPU.

        When I’ve reinstalled all my Apps, I’m just giving up ….

        • Jamil says:

          Does your super su work?
          Meaning when you open set cpu does it pop up to grant access to set cpu?
          Are you able to run rooted apps

          Cuz i had the same problem and was unable to cuz i didnt have root access, there is a app in the app store that can test if you have root access.

          • Mark Humphryes says:

            Yes - SetCPU requests root permission, which I grant, and it says it is granted. I have installed and run Root Checker - it confirms device has root access.

  24. martin says:

    Hey people heres the official thread of this kernel.
    just to be update. right now t is on 1.5.9 and its running like a charm. it can be charged when the tabler its off and it had fixed a lot of bugs.

    • Jamil says:

      Does the kernel force the tab on again. Or does/will my device stay dead and charge

      • martin says:

        I didnt try but if you first power off the tab and then plug in the cable it sure works in 1.5.8, i didnt try on 1.5.9
        I dont know how people get unrooted ive been following the main thread of tis kernel and nobody mention that but heres a lot of people on that situation, i recommend everybody to download the kernel from the main thread on xda developers so you can be up to date.

  25. Steve Walters says:

    Having root access problems, installed per the instructions, I can not get permision for anything. Error message is can not access /system/su.
    Using A1 kernel, p4wifi, ics 4.04, cwm 5.8

  26. Andre says:

    Thank you Max for the great guide!
    1. unroot/upgrade my P7510 from TWN(ZSKK1) to USA(XABLPL) version ICS 4.0.4
    2.install CWM and Root it.
    3. installed A1 Kernel 1.58XE
    Tested most apps, it works fine !
    quadrant record: 2496 before install A1 Kernel.
    and reach 3161 now 🙂

  27. jane says:

    my tab wont shut down, lag in games, cant download multiple in play store and my tab heat up when im playing games.

  28. Mark Humphryes says:

    Well, screen scrolling, app loading all SEEM smoother, even though SetCPU STILL shows a max of only 1000 MHz.

    Just run Quadrant - Total of only 2319.

    Quadrant System Info shows Max Freq SHOULD be 1400 MHz, but actual Max is 1000 - as shown by SetCPU.

    Tab is DEFINITELY rooted, and A1 Kernel is installed - USB charging is brilliant.

    So WHY can’t I overclock it ???????? This is VERY frustrating …………….

  29. Lars says:

    Nice kernel i love it.

  30. Mark Humphryes says:

    Just tried to create a SETCPU config file, and installed it as per SetCPU says it is unable to read a custom file and asks if the SD card is mounted - well of course it’s mounted - it’s internal and everything else seems to use it OK ….

    • Mark Humphryes says:

      !!! Sorted !!! - I was not putting the setcpu file in the right folder - it has to go as setcpu.txt in the root of the SDCARD. When restarted setcpu and selected custom setup, it now immediately recognised the file, and lo and behold 1400MHz is available, and seems to be getting used. Ticked setting to tick on boot, and rebooted. Quadrant benchmark improved to 2670 - not massive but a significant improvement. Will see what happens in day-to-day use.


  31. UutGrunn says:

    Works perfect on my tab P7510.
    Up to 1400 Mhz

  32. Abel Ramirez says:

    I have been trying to enable usb charging since installed this kernel but I have had no luck. I have been using (echo 1 > /sys/class/power_supply/battery/force_usb_charging) but it is not taking it. I know that worked with the honeycomb program but will it work with ICS?

  33. Kevin Choi says:

    I installed A1Kernel1.5.9XE version.
    It works good.
    Thanks for your help.

  34. bigaljay says:

    I followed your instructions and unrooted and updated to the new 4.0.4….now i have added theCWM and A1 kernel…what do I do now to overclock and get all the other perks of the kernel???? SetCpu is for rooted only.

  35. Daniel Zoto says:

    The procedure causing heating and reducing speed in games. I’m back to the original kernel.

  36. Daniel Zoto says:

    The procedure causing heating and reducing speed.

  37. bigaljay says:

    thanks I flashed CWM and then the…I think that means I rooted it….is that true????

  38. Athee says:

    help,i ‘installed’ this and after a short time when i’m using my tab it becomes crazy ->the screen is rolling and i can’t use , what should i do?

  39. TotoAtc says:

    Hi Admin, thanks for the hard work.
    Although my tab gt-p7500 was rooted, and installed ICS as per your instruccions. Thanks for that.
    But when it came to overcklocked with this kernel was no good.
    Random lag all around, couldn’t turn tab off, didn’t notice any spped up……but I could charge with usb, setcpu was show me 1400mhz, vodoo drivers where there, so basically the kernel was working but for some reason on mine it was not as good as stock ICS. Back to stock.
    Hope some new come along in the near future.
    Keep the hard work.

  40. Don says:

    finally my Tab 10.1 GT-P7500 perfect with GSM voice call. 😛

    • Mark Humphryes says:


      What dialler do you use?? I followed these install instructions on my GT-P7500 and it looks as if the modem is now available. I installed ‘Dialler One’ and it reports ‘Telephony feature is unavailable on this device’.


    • Mark Humphryes says:

      Ignore last post - just noticed it has installed a Phone app. Having swapped my data only SIM for a phone/data one, it seems to work a treat, although I couldn’t answer an incoming call!

  41. mc01 says:

    So I’m not sure what I did wrong, but I’m panicking. I had unrooted my 10.1 and installed ICS. Then I installed Clockwork to root it again. Then I installed the SuperU file. This was about a week ago. Then I uploaded the A1 kernel to my pad today and installed via Clockwork from SD, and now it will NOT boot past the galaxy Tab 10.1 screen. How do I get my pad back?

  42. mc01 says:

    not sure what I did. so I went the old route, reflashed using Oden, CW, then SuperU. Reformated, then used the newest A1kernel from one of the provided links above. After that everything was fine. Just had the hasstle of re organizing everything again. by the way you asked I’m using a P 7510.

  43. Ian Pietersen says:

    Thanks Max. ICS loaded + CPU overclocked. You’re more than a genius.
    For the record, I have the 7500 3g and when I went from my custom ROM to ICS it retained all my apps, settings and data :-). However, when I tried installing CWM I had to choose the TWRP tar - the tar.md5 would not run (gave me errors). I then used the TWRP interface only to run the A1Kernel.
    Looking good!

  44. silvanio says:

    performed the same procedures and all was fine, however I noticed no difference in performance after over clock to accomplish this 1400ghz. Have a comment to make about? Maybe to improve ..?

  45. Jonas Snellinckx says:

    I got a problem , so i flashed it and know my apps and google play store are gone

  46. Jonas Snellinckx says:

    How do i deinstall it ?

  47. Kikis says:

    Can this overclock cause any problems to the tablet? Increase heat or make the device unstable ?
    Thank You.

  48. TheStumblingBlock says:

    Well done. I redid the entire thing from the Jellybean so I could do this, and I don’t regret it. Finally my tablet is usable and enjoyable

  49. mUZANI says:

    can this kernel use for galaxy tab 2 10.1 or can u just build a new kernel for GTA 2 10.1….thanksss

  50. joel says:

    For those of you that are not able to initially overclock: after completing the required steps, reboot your tab and you should be fine.. not that difficult. lol

  51. joel says:

    In Quadrant, my benchmark score before the kernel and overclock was 2300. After overclocking and installing the A1 kernel, my new bench score is 3050. Clearly a great improvement. Thanks for the Vid!

  52. chanchal says:

    forgot to backup before installing this kernel, so can u pls provide stock kernel

  53. reo says:

    Help needed noob here hehe
    -usb charging (love this hehe)
    -setcpu show only 1ghz speed
    -downloaded the latest version (a1-p4-1.7-3g)
    -installed it using twrp
    -downloaded setcpu 3.0.7
    -granted access to setcpu
    -shows 1ghz speed MAXIMUM

    pls help me hehe hope to here from you masters soon^^,

  54. reo says:

    used no-frills cpu control
    overclocked to 1.6ghz hehe
    shows 3367 in quadrant

  55. K says:

    new build 1.7 for stock ics. overclock up to 1.6 GHz

  56. Lupo says:


    Does anyone have any problems with audio control?
    Seems like 30% audio is the maximum with this kernel

  57. jsgalaxy says:

    will the A1 kernal work on SCH-I905 runing ics 4.0.4? If not is there a kernel i can use to overclock my verizon 4glte qalaxy tab 10.1 on 4.0.4 ics?

  58. sriabhi says:

    A1 became old.
    Letz get a new one, say A2 kernal wit gpu oc and cpu oc upto 1.7ghz.
    Hav a fantastic experiance.

  59. Jsgalaxy says:

    Those are both only for the 3G and wifi models. What about an over lock kernel for the Verizon 4glte model? (sch-i905)

  60. Ade Oyinloye says:

    A1 kernal is working on my Galaxy Tab 9700. It is doing what it is made to do.

  61. kim says:

    How to make facebook full screen on tab 10.1 ics 4.0.4

  62. Dave says:

    Seems to interfere / not allow certain apps to operate correctly on stock ICS rooted GT-7510. Avast antivirus kept crashing with the firewall kept crashing reporting that kernel is not compatible with netfilter. I’ve also had problems with certain live wallpapers that seemed to improve when I went back to stock kernel.

  63. aljosa says:

    Dont look this comment, i made mistake 😉 😉 😉

  64. oraib nashashibi says:

    I own a Galaxy gt-p5100 2 10.1 wi-fi and I have the following message appeared when I try to updated to 4.1.2 as you want

    this is the error message;

    e: failed to amount /sdcart (no such file or directory)

    what i must do please help me.. thankssssssssss

  65. Tj Tackett says:

    U r the bomd bro u know everything about androids os ha ha thanks i have galaxy tab 2 7.0 do u do any thing with my galaxy or no add me on facebook and email thanks

  66. Jmizee says:

    hey guys I wasnt reading i used the 1.4 overclock for honeycomb and now im stuck in the samsung logo. I know you guys said you can just right over it with this one for ICS but since im stuck i cant get the file into the galaxy. Any way to get the file in there? The computer recognizes the tablet plugged in but its not showing up in my computer ODIN seems to still have access for the recovery mode i have CWM in there. Please help I hope its not totally bricked!! THank you.

  67. Sune Kuntz says:

    I have only rooted my GT 10.1 3G version running ICS. Will installing this kernel delete any data or apps?

  68. Mushrat79 says:

    Can’t find the ICS A-1 Kernel for my Tab 10.1 anywhere! Also, I’ve been getting a headache while hunting the we for the root. All the links I’ve been following are broken.

  69. Mushrat79 says:

    Download A1 Kernel for P7500 and P7510 not working.

  70. john says:

    hi i download another kernal but when i flashed with clockworkmode but when i reboot my tablet after show samsung logo it will stopped can i flashed this kernal with odin are you have any answer for me pls help me

  71. Tasos says:

    Works perfectly on my GT-P7510!I made upgrade from JB 4.2.2 to ICS 4.0.1 for that kernel(A1)
    and I feel vindicated.The speed has improved greatly.
    Thanks for that Christmas gift!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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