How To Unroot/Update to Official ICS Android 4.0.4 on Galaxy Tab 10.1!

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As many of you know, the official ICS Android 4.0.4 for Galaxy Tab 10.1 was pushed out last night. For those of you who have updated, you should be good to go. For those of you on a custom ROM, here’s how to unroot/update your Galaxy Tab 10.1 (P7500 or P7510) to the official ICS.

Also you can use this method to update your Galaxy Tab 10.1 on a stock unroot/rooted ROM.

If you are on a custom ROM, please MAKE A BACKUP OF EVERYTHING ON YOUR INTERNAL STORAGE, as doing a “Factory reset” (at the end of the video) will erase all contents of your internal storage including photos and videos.


Download stock ROM for Wifi P7510
Download stock ROM for Wifi P7500
Download ODIN
Download USB Drivers for Galaxy Tab 10.1
(Don’t have unzipping program? Download and install 7Zip first.)

If you don’t have Windows, you can use Mobile ODIN PRO (available on Play Store) to unroot/update to official ICS.

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155 Responses to How To Unroot/Update to Official ICS Android 4.0.4 on Galaxy Tab 10.1!

  1. martin says:

    hi there max!
    thanks a lot for this, i was waiting so much time and i finally it came! one question, is there any way for rooting the tab on the ics or we have to wait? thank you very much

  2. khairool says:

    Hi… finally… everything is working fine? Camera etc?

  3. martin says:

    oh sorry max i’ve just checked you home website and realize that you just made it again! you’re big my man, really big!!!

  4. William says:

    Hi there Max,

    You are great! !!!
    Everything is working fine

  5. Pieter Provoost says:

    What is the best custom rom for the p7500 with ICS and with a working camera?

  6. stu says:

    Ive got a gt-p7510 in the uk, but the ota update option is reporting no update available. Any one got it to work?

    • martin says:

      My tab is gt p7510 from us and when i checked the ofi update it didnt find anything so, just do this metod, its simple just do it like on the video and everything will be fine!

      • stu says:

        Mine too is from the usa. Just updated over the air as now available. Benefit of this method is that it is an upgrade so you dont loose any apps, or settings. Differences seem to be speed, fonts and colours. Wifi reconnection on wake much more reliable too.

  7. Armin says:

    Hi there max!
    I have a P7500 tablet and i didn’t install any custom ROM on my tablet and i only rooted it.But now when i check for update it says there is no update.also when i’m in Odin download mode on my tablet it says Current Binary: Samsung Official.Do i have to download this stock ROM for my P7500 to upgrade to Android 4.0.4?

  8. huzaifa says:

    hey i appreciate your every tutorial,and thanks for the guide and the tricks.

    i wanted to know if this works for galaxy tab 10.1 P7500 3G version as well.

    • Armin says:

      yes i followed this instruction and my 3G 10.1 tab updated to 4.0.4 version.Thanks a lot Max

      • samsung user says:

        So this version supports camera?
        And does anyone know how to make backup directly in a penfrive?
        I am just a new user so plz help me with these stuffs. 🙁

      • jaafar says:

        Hi there
        it went very fine for me on the 3G version ..
        however, now the tablet is locked on - i guess - the italian carrier network and i can not use my own simcard ! any solution to that ?

        thanks a lot !!

        • Woodcutter says:

          Hi, The same has happened to my 3G version it is now sim locked!.
          Have you managed to remove yours?

          • jaafar says:

            not yet ! havent had much time since then ..
            and you ?

          • Woodcutter says:

            I had to pay for it unlocking to any network again. Called Samsung UK but that was a waste of time. I have read this has happened to a few people, strange why it does it. BTW i used mrunlock to do it.

  9. Samuel says:

    Hi Max!
    Thanks a lot!
    This’s working fine!

  10. JP The Human says:

    Not a bad little ROM, have found the ALL SHARE App is’nt supporting AVI/XVID/DIVX files thouth, back to using MX Player…
    I still think JellyBean (CM10) is smoother and faster, I think I’ll go back to it once the next revision comes out with more functionality.

    • Armin says:

      does this JellyBean have camera support ?

      • martin says:

        No it doesnt, i have tried it and really runs fast and smooth but it still has some crashes and no camera, but dont worry, now that the drivers are out theres no doubt that it will come 100% working in a few days/weeks. I cant wait for it!

  11. Peter Konyves says:

    Than you! This is very cool! 🙂

  12. Diego Silvera says:

    I have one question. Actually I have my Galaxy tab 10.1 Overclocked to 1.4 Ghz. If I Do this, can I keep this overclock or not? I mean, ICS can be overclocked? (Sorry, my english is not good).

  13. Sedir Morais says:

    It runs fine, but Netflix and some videos are not working/running well. Anyone with the same problem?

  14. cs says:

    i update the rom from 3.1 task650 . no need to perform factory reset.

  15. huzaifa says:

    Thanxz works well for me,pretty smooth and waiting for the custom ROMS to get in ready with all the features working properly along with the camera..
    And for the official jelly bean aswell,coz it is more smooth then ICS, as i found.
    Appreciate your effort Max, thanxz alot..
    One question: can we overclock stock ROM, i mean this one…?

    Thank you 🙂

  16. alex says:

    Tested this ICS and is awful, dull and slow. Only good thing is working camera. AOKP ICS ROM Milestone 6 is way better. Waiting for AOKP to port camera app to their ROM. Then AOKP will be perfect.

  17. arik says:

    i have GT-P7510MA from us, i have never ROOT my device
    i try to run this update ICS Android 4.0.4
    and when the device is reset i do not get the download screen
    only the samsung logo
    Is this update suitable only for ROOT device?

  18. Jazman says:

    Installed from stock 3.2. Works really well. No need factory reset.
    Verdict : Totally worth it. UI & performance a lot smoother than honeycomb.
    Thanks Max for the guidance!

  19. teckmeng says:

    can it overcome to 1.4 ghz ?

  20. Diego Silvera says:

    So, does this work with pershoot overclocking kernel?

  21. Chris Kennemer says:

    I tried this update and now it will not boot. When I try to recover I get the recover icon but when I select it the tab just shuts down. Help !!!! Also when I plug into computer it is not recognized.

  22. antonie says:

    hi max

    thanks for your step, i success upgrade my galaxy tab

  23. Deik Leodime says:

    Would you try to overclock ICS and then publish which kernel you use?
    I had try with Pershoot, but nothing. Just freeze on the boot. An overclock would be great for gaming.

    • teckmeng says:

      ya.. me too. and i try pershoot for ics it can be turn on find. but wifi cnt work. any stable kernel version ? pls help.:-)

  24. rizal says:

    Already installing ICS…. manually.. get the file from XDA..
    Also rooted succesfully..
    Only got some market problem..
    Is it bcuz Im from Indonesia? where ICS official update not start yet?

  25. Brent says:

    Trying to connect my tab 10.1 to kies (to get ics update) but just keeps saying connecting. Any advice.

    • rizal says:

      What is ur country? UK and Italy officially get ice update.. other country soon in august get too..
      But if u too curious… just manually install it from XDA..the instruction is pretty easy

  26. Fernando Torres says:

    Excellent, i’ve updated my Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wifi GT-P7510, and everything works, no need to do the factory reset. And after begin it automatically detected to Portuguese-pt-BR. I recommend, much better the sistem, much faster. Thanks.

  27. johnny says:

    I can’t seem to get my WiFi tether to work with my phone on this ROM. When I scan to try and find an available network on my Galaxy Tab, it does not see my WiFi tether connection on my Sprint 4G LTE. Please advise.

    • johnny says:

      This is a re-post because Admin has not replied…I can’t seem to get my WiFi tether to work with my phone on this ROM. When I scan to try and find an available network on my Galaxy Tab, it does not see my WiFi tether connection on my Sprint 4G LTE. Please advise.

  28. Sani says:

    Hi…It asks me for a password to unzip the file for 7500…?!

  29. sherif says:

    Thx so.much for the image tab very.smoth and fast
    But.i have two issues if any one can help
    Am.not able to brows anything.via 3g sim card
    It was.working.propely with the.old rom but after the upgrade it catch the signal but without any response. To browsing !!

    The 2nd issue that swype arabic keyboard disapeared able to find it again

    Any help ??

    • admin says:

      Did you flash P7500? If so, try APN settings for 3G.


      • sherif khalifa says:

        thx, i managed to fix it
        for some reason the APN proxy settings and authentication was changed !!
        anyway its working propely now
        but i still can’t find swype arabic keyboard, it disappeared for every where 🙂
        appretiating if you can help in finding it

        • Armin says:

          Hey like me.After Update i cant use my MTN sim card internet and i checked anything in APN but i don’t know maybe this update doesn’t support MTN sim cards :).I changed my operator and it works good now.also i had Persian Keyboard on Honeycomb,because this update doesn’t release for Middle East so it doesn’t contain Persian,Arabic,etc… i download GO keyboard with Persian Support.

  30. Rodney says:

    Thanks, the update worked great on my rooted custom rom P7500. Camera works, and lost no data at all.

  31. HappyBoy says:

    is there another place to download the rom from?
    This server is MEGA slow. It’s gonna take 10+ hours to download and my connection is fast

  32. Nick says:

    Can any of you confirm that the ROM includes Scandinavian keyboards (Danish/Swedish/Norwegian)?

  33. Neil says:

    The official update is not available from Samsung, in India yet - so this was a godsend!

    Worked like a charm, thanks! :o)

    Only wish the onscreen keyboard were as nice as the previous one…

  34. Dhruv Arya says:

    hi max
    I have gt-p7500 3g running official 3.2 rooted by ur method software.
    I’m average with this hacking stuff. So plz guide me.
    I am not sure this hack is good my tab. not sure the 3g will work.
    And when i check for update software it say no updates.
    Would you be kind enough to make another video for 3g version. Or just explain in detail will this work for 3g

    • Jamil says:

      Install stop missing out, i have a tab 10.1 3G and everything works, no need for factory reset so no data loss and all apps work

  35. Jamil says:

    So there is no need to root? just install this rom direct?? Inteesting…. Cuz i dont wana do the update and then the tab wont download from google play. To all who have updated using the P7500 3G plus wifi is it able to download from google play using carrier network?

    As i rooted my galaxy SII (no regrets) to ics using salmans rom, it works perfectly but i cannot download from google play.
    Is the tab working?

  36. Adam says:

    Does the update have to be completed through ODIN, or can you do it through CWM recovery (like other zip file ROMS)?

  37. Adam says:

    I kinda thought that may be the reason, thanks.

  38. Jamil says:

    This new software is magic, been running now for over half an hour and i am loving it. So much smoother interface is great, the problem of downloading from google play is fine, actually its wirking pefectly, tab is much quicker, colours brighter and deeper, i have the P7500 (3G + wifi) and its working on 3G lol i am using it now to post here…..

    Max dude you rock, i am sorry i took long to find this page, i thought you only do galaxy S2 phones and have been following you closely and boom found this. tab 10.1 on ICS. ?……… Whatttt……. Yeah thank bro you rock. Anyone with a not rooted tab just install all apps and data remain and it booted one shot lol i think maxes tab was giving errors due to him running a custom rom. Thanks again bro for all your posts and hacks, tips and updates, i done know what i would have done without it…. Max respect. Peace!

  39. jane says:

    hey!!thanks a lot!!!works for me,
    just one thing, im not getting that effect when i scroll my applications..its just same as, how can i set this up??

  40. Kshitij Agrawal says:

    I have a rooted GT-P7500 and it has cloakworkmod recovery installed
    can I follow this method to unroot it???

    • jane says:

      Go ahead straight with that works for me.i got gtp7500, rooted.and i just followed the instructions and now im enjoying t tab more than ever.just having problem with the display effect.

      • Kshitij Agrawal says:

        By the way if I use this method to flash 3.2 is it ok???
        Pls reply as fast as you can!!

        • Jamil says:

          As long as you have a STOCK ROM remember custom roms work with CWM but stock roms need to be OTA (over the air) or using ODIN. So if you have HC v 3.2 than go ahead

  41. Kshitij Agrawal says:

    I followed exactly what the video said and reinstalled android 3.2 and unrooted it!!!

  42. jane says:

    like the tablet is all brand new!!perfect!!!even mu brother is enjoying it

  43. jane says:

    hey max!
    i want to add kernel to it possible in this rom??will it work fine??and, how??
    SORRY, i cant just wait for more of your vidz…=) its sooooo helpful!!

  44. jane says:

    Hey max!im ur fan now:-)

  45. martin says:

    Hey people! The overclock kernel to 1.4ghz is out for the sock ics rom. Just search for voodoo kernel xda galaxytab 10.1 on google. Now this is fast! 🙂

  46. Julianna says:

    Instalei em meu Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wifi GT-P7510 e está perfeito!!!!
    A câmera está funcionando…está tudo funcionando…reconheceu o idioma e minha rede wifi automaticamente… está mais rápido e com novas funções… excelente!!! 🙂

  47. jane says:

    im not able to downoad multiple apps from the play download and it takes a lot of time, and while its downloading, i cannot browse for other apps.

    Help please!what should i do?i hope max is here right now

  48. zonex says:

    i have the galaxy tab 10.1 p7500 3g and i cant get 3g
    is this the right rom for me ?
    how should i get 4.0.4 official with 3g

  49. Jamil says:

    Did you already flash a rom?
    Or is your tab just not working properly?
    For v4.0.4 just downliad using the provided link from max thst reads “stock rom for wifi p7500” also make sure you have a p7500 not ANY other variants. Once download is complete unzip the files, run odin and put ur tab into download mode. Go on odin and hit pda search for the .tar file and select it. Then just hit start. I did that to my tab and its working great… Everything works.

  50. zonex says:

    i flashed the rom for my p7500 but i think the rom contains a modem firmware that is not supported where i am im in Egypt so i think its like lock now
    any ideas how to unlock it ?

    • Jamil says:

      I am not too sure, do me a favour, go into stock recovery and wipe data and clear dalvik cache.
      This is for your tab not network dependent, as long as you have a P7500 that is not network locked but it seems to be us/uk networks that do that.

      • zonex says:

        i did that and still same issue
        so im going back to stock 3.2 that is from Samsung for Egypt
        i might take the Modem.bin file from 3.2 and replace it with the one in 4.0.4 it might get the 3g to work

  51. Jamil says:

    Wait before you do that, the tab works but says “no internet connection” at the bottom of the screen?
    If yes go into settings and check mobile networks/mobile data check GSM/WCDM settings cuz mine did that once and i figgitted with that and it came right. If you need apns holla and i will mail.

    • zonex says:

      it says Authentication failed through the Proxy server !!!
      but the signal is 3g
      do i need only APNs to get pass that ? 😀

      • Jamil says:

        Yes you do. I thougt you did not get any signal at all.
        Your problem is that lack of apns.
        If you have an android phone or have a friend that does, just download my back up (trial) and back up his apns, zip and send it to your tab, unzip the file into your tab directory reding “rewire” and us my back up to install the apns into your tab.

        Sorry for the late replay….

  52. Povilas says:

    Download link doesnt work, any alternate links?

  53. Johnny says:

    Max, I copied this overclock kernel to my tablet, but when I go to flash it in recovery I don’t see the file. Please advise…

  54. cgf_ar says:

    Excelent! I’ve done in my Galaxy Tab 10.1″ 3G P7500 and it works perfect! My carrier data is Personal Argentina and after flash to ICS it´s works perfect!

  55. Vance says:

    Max thank you for your hard work, but I’m very disappointed in how the Official ICS Android 4.0.4 works…
    I’ve upgraded automatically via standard checking for updates
    How to downgrade from Official ICS Android 4.0.4 to Official Android 3.2? help please 🙁

  56. hapa99 says:

    worked!!! thanks a lot. best review video i’ve seen of installing the custom rom.

  57. Ahmed says:

    Did anyone who id using a non-englidh alphabet language keyboard try this? I mran what if i have an arabic letters keyboard (or arabic support natively) because i bought my tab in the middle east, will i lose this keyboard and arabic support after using such method? Also anyone know when is it officialy coming to places like middle east?

  58. Agung says:

    Hi Max, i wonder if i can use CWM v6.0.1.1 for install ICS on P7500? thanks a lot Max

  59. Hi guys,

    I upgraded to ics. I thought everything worked, but sadly not. I was downloading everything via wifi. I cant download anything from the play store via my 3g. Is there anything i can do? I cleared my data and cache and it still not working. Any advice?

  60. Madhava says:


    I rooted my devise in order to use Indian fonts. Then Samsung auto update feature stopped working. I was searching on the web and came across your video. It is brilliant and I have upgraded now with out any trouble. Thanks a lot once again for saving my day 🙂


  61. New here says:

    Hi I’m new here. I just root my galaxy tab 2 gt p5100. But I can’t access my 3G . It say no connection at the bottom of the table. PLS HELP!

  62. Johannes says:


    did anyone of you experience higher battery drain rates after update to ICS? I think my battery discharges faster now, although i’m not 100% sure.

    I tried re-calibration as described here

    But i think drainage is still faster than it used to be before the update..

    Any thoughts?

  63. Jonas Snellinckx says:

    Hey Max ,

    I am rooted and i run a custom rom but by computer doesn’t see my tablet anymore .(He sees it but i can’t get to his files)
    And i want to unroot but it doesn’t work , i have tried everything on the internet but i can’t get the stock rom for my (belgium ) samsung galaxy tab 10.1 wifi.



  64. Shang Hua Hung says:


    is there a way to root my tab 10.1 with ics stockrom without odin? because my computer and odin doesn’t see my tablet when i connect it.


  65. Mary says:

    After doing this I can not seem to log in to the play store or add a google account. I keep getting an error either saying process failed or can not establish a secure connection to the server. How can I fix this?

  66. nick says:

    hi,how do i update to ics ? im on rooted stock rom. do i need to unroot ? how do i unroot

  67. Ronso says:

    you rock!!!! was stuck with HC …..the ICS rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!perfect work!!!!! my data was not changed everything is restored.

  68. Ronso says:

    if i do factory reset afterwards is it okay?im thinking of starting it freshhhh.

  69. Mark P. says:

    Hi Max, thank you for this. I was unable to accomplish it though because the recovery file I put on my desktop, but when I go to flash using odin it does not see the file. I assume this is a problem with odin because the file is there. Please help Max! Thank you.

  70. roberto antonio says:

    i have a galaxy tab 10.1 7510 the wifi version , i got this problem i tried to OC changing the kernel A1 well now doesnt came out of the galaxy tab logo ….. i got stock! do you know any method wich i can use to get out that logo?

    • admin says:

      Do you have ICS stock ROM? If not, that might be why it got stuck, if on CM10, simply flash the ROM over without wipe to get the original kernel back.

      • roberto antonio says:

        To fix i had to install the rom u post in this pag with odin lost all my spps bu i got my tab back .. this is a grest page

  71. roberto antonio says:

    i have a galaxy tab 10.1 7510 the wifi version , i got this problem i tried to OC changing the kernel A1 well now doesnt came out of the galaxy tab logo ….. i got stock! do you know any method wich i can use to get out that logo?……

  72. Johnny says:

    Do I have the ability to wifi tether with my tablet to my rooted phone, if my tablet is not rooted?

  73. Johnny says:

    Do I have the ability to wifi tether with my tablet to my rooted phone, if my tablet is not rooted? Zedo, please help…

  74. Johnny says:

    Thanks! Its working now…

  75. knetada says:

    I have updated my galaxy 10.1 P7500 Brazil using your tuto, and it worked well!! Thanks guy

  76. usama farghaly says:

    i tried it and it’s amazing
    but the only problem is that the 3g doesn’t work at all even after adjustment of apn
    iam using GT-P7500 with vodafone egypt sim card
    so help me plz so that i can use my 3g connection again

  77. David says:

    Fantastic tutorial. Tablet updated with no need to factory reset.


  78. MickyC says:

    I have a GT-P7500 WiFi + 3G that I have just rooted. Everything works including the camera but I can only connect to the internet via WiFi..the 3G capability is not working. I have reset the APN several times, removed the SIM turned the Tab on and off, I have tried everything short of pulling out the battery. My location is Australia, I purchased the Tab in Hong Kong last January, and it was working fine using the Virgin Mobile Broadband settings 3G prior to the ICS upgrade. Any assistance to me going is appreciated

  79. Jacob says:

    Thank you! I love your website and your tutorials are very easy!!!

  80. Rajesh says:

    Hi There Max

    Can you sure that the above procedure will work for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 GT P3100????

    I appreciate U R kind Help. Thanks

  81. Rajesh says:

    Hi There Max

    Can you sure that the above procedure will work for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 GT P3100????

    I will appreciate U R kind Help. Thanks

  82. Bryan Walston says:

    Thanks for posting the tutorial. Saved me a lot of frustration.

  83. chanchal says:

    will it also bring to stock kernel bcoz i have installed a1 kernel, aslo i have installed voice calling on my p7500 so will it also be removed,

  84. Sohil Patel says:

    Odin detects my tablet when its on….but doesnt detect it when i put it in download mode

  85. Dave says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for your tutorials. Easy to follow, easy to get along with, and you’ve got a great manner with explaining technical stuff in a human way. Thanks!

  86. Lee says:

    Great video. When i bought my tablet it had this os on it. but i want to put a linux os on it and the videos you have are not for this set up. do you have a video for that or a how to? Thanks.

  87. Chuck says:

    I tried to install the 4.0.4 rom on my samsung galaxy tab 10.1 and since it is stuck on the screen samsung galaxy tab 10.1. somebody could help me?

    model: samsung galaxy tab 10.1 GT-P7500V (Canada)

  88. Patrick says:

    Hey mate your a genious my tab has been stock on 3.0.1 for so long i was thinking id have to buy another one but this worked perfectly thanks heaps bra!

  89. JImErwin says:

    The hardest part was finding the ROMs. Thank you for posting GOOD LINKS! and not Malware!
    I was given a dead/bricked GT 10.1 and now it works!

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