How to Unroot Galaxy Tab 10.1!

To unroot your Galaxy Tab 10.1, you can download the appropriate stock ROM for your Galaxy Tab 10.1 (find it here on XDA), then do the following:

Put your Galaxy Tab 10.1 in ODIN download mode by holding down both Power Button and Volume Down button and let go when your Tab 10.1 reboots, shows Samsung logo, then 2 menus.

Hit Volume Up button and your Tab 10.1 should be in ODIN download mode.

Open up Odin3v1.85.exe program.

Choose PDA and choose the file ending in “tar.md5″ and hit “Start”.

Reboot your Tab 10.1 by holding down the Power button, now your Galaxy Tab 10.1 is unrooted back to stock.

Download ODIN here

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5 Responses to How to Unroot Galaxy Tab 10.1!

  1. sriabhi says:

    is this for gt - p7500?

  2. fred says:

    Question -will this unroot zip also work on Tab2 7….if not what can one do to unroot Tab2 7..

  3. Ben Whitaker says:

    Great site and tutorials. Just the sort of capable help you want in your office showing you how it works.
    Just trying to get my 10.1 to CM 10.1 and hitting roadblock after roadblock.

    Wow, this process is so fussy. The Tab10 WiFi recovery file .tar.md5 got rejected by Odin for a bad MD5 so that didn’t work. Part of a package, but doesn’t work.

    Then even getting my 7500 to boot into download has been super-elusive. Only gotten it once.

    It would be good to nail down these variables to recreate the right conditions.
    * tablet on or off. That’s the difference between booting and rebooting
    * Odin running or not running on PC
    * USB cable connected or not connected. Different tutorials have different answers.
    * correct .MD5 file that passes has so you are in position if you do get in.

    totally stuck for right now. Got some other devices to JB earlier today but can’t even get download mode on this Tab 10 7500 right now.

  4. Sandar says:

    Unrooted but Superuser still there. How can I get rid of it?

  5. mobility says:

    I have been trying to root my galaxy p7500 tab xfe with your galaxy tab firmware for 6months now but it seems like all your firmware havent been workIng. When i enter into download mode and flash my tab with odin the tablet restarts but the problem comes in when it comes to intalling the zip in installing mode, the screen flickers and i cant see clearly the options that come in installation mode

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