How to Root ICS on Galaxy Tab 10.1! (Also for Tab 2)

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So, you just updated your Galaxy Tab 10.1 to official ICS (or custom ICS) and enjoying it? Well, you should go root it immediately so you have root again, here’s a video tutorial that shows you how to do it easily.

First, you will need to install ClockworkMod Recovery for your Galaxy Tab 10.1. Do that first and follow this video tutorial to get root.

If you have Tab 2, please install ClockworkMod Recovery for Tab 2 7-inch or ClockworkMod Recovery for Tab 2 10.1-inch.


Download rooting files
Download USB drivers

Q: Having scrolling issues in CWM Recovery!
A: Try this.

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93 Responses to How to Root ICS on Galaxy Tab 10.1! (Also for Tab 2)

  1. martin says:

    Now we just need the overclock kernel and this would be epic! I’m running the ofi ics rooted only and its way faster than any 3.2 rom whith oc kernel. Love it!

  2. hatem elmoghazy says:

    i install ics in ma tab and i found it very good but i need to add arabic to my keyboard

    any help for that
    hope to find help soon guys

  3. Pieter Provoost says:

    What is the best custom rom for the p7500 with ICS and with a working camera?

  4. Reinier Roelofs says:


    Works great 😉

  5. Muteb says:

    thanks but I have a problem ,,, I can’t connect to my Sim card

    • admin says:

      Not sure, this root method doesn’t touch ur sim card. Maybe an unrelated problem.

      • Muteb says:

        i don’t know ,, there is no internet connection i don’t know why ,, not because of root but because of ICS

        • admin says:

          did u install the correct ICS? There’s two versions, P7510 and P7500, you might have installed P7510, re-install the P7500 if you have 3G Tab wifi.

          • muteb says:

            yes, , i install 7500 version and it installed and everything ok except 3G, , i tried to put ABN manually and it doesnt work

  6. Jim says:

    Thanks a lot for doing this. I have used several of your videos to improve my tab!

  7. admin says:

    muteb, it should be working, try a factory reset if all else fails, it might have corrupted if you installed P7510 recovery.

  8. vittorio says:

    it worked like a sharm, but now when I attach any external usb stick, it mounts as read only. Before it mounted read write. Any chance to mount usb stick the old way? I may need to write from the tablet (p7500) to stick, not just reading from it!
    Thank you

  9. Vittorio says:

    Indeed.. After rooting AND upgrading the os to ics! This must be some crap introduced in ics. If it was linux I would normally edit /etc/fstab, but with android I am lost. Any clue?

    • Darko says:

      Have you found a solution for RW on external USB? It is annoying and making my life miserable not to be able to write to stick!!!!!

  10. Sujit says:

    Works like a charm! Thanks a ton…

  11. Karl Schneider says:

    Hey Max-
    When I enter into clockworkmod recovery mode on my Galaxy Tab 10.0 wifi and choose [install zip from sdcard] and then [choose zip from sdcard] to install the file I get an error at the bottom the tab screen saying:

    CWM-based Recovery v5.5.0.4
    E: can’t mount /sdcard/

    Any suggestions on how to fix or what I’m doing wrong?

  12. Karl Schneider says:

    Yes. GT-P7510 WiFi model.
    I want back to double check every step of the install process and still no success.
    Everything else on the tablet works great.


    • admin says:

      Make sure you chose “choose zip from sdcard”, not “install”. That’s the only thing I can think of.

    • Ben says:

      I have the same issue “Can’t mount /sdcard/”. I think it may be because my Tab is encrypted. I haven’t been able to find a way to remove the encryption. Does anyone know how?

  13. baz says:


    Thanks for the great Howto!
    Unfortunately the rooting files seem to be offline.
    Can you please re-upload them?


  14. Athee says:

    It isnt workng what should i do,cause it says that when i want to install this it says that E: unknown volume of path [/sdcard] pls help me?

    • Dom says:

      Same to me! I Put the root zip on my tab, but when i try to install update from sd card it gave the Same path problem answer! Need help!!

  15. Athee says:

    Sorry,i have a stock 4.0.4 fw and 10.1 3 g

  16. Bbh says:

    I have spent hours on other sites trying to get this to work.. 5 minutes here and success…. Thanks very much.

  17. Kurt says:

    I’ve followed the directions, when I reboot into recovery I get a screen with the CWM menu. BUT, the screen scrolls continuously extremely fast. I can’t select anything…..the scrolling is spontaneous, and starts the instant the menu pops up. I’ve re-installed CWM several times….same result….

  18. Louis Conradie says:

    HI Guys,

    Been following the video step by step until the part where you hold in the power and - volume button. the download icon comes up and then it gives me a warning. I push the + volume button to continue, then nothing happens, its stays on that screen, then when i press it again it restarts. If i do everything and then just press the + volume button once, plug in the tab Oden reads it, but now the tablet shows the the battery icon like when you charge your tab when its off. Is this the right way to go or am i just being parranoid with the time it takes. On oden in the message collum it stays at Setup Connection. help would be appriciated as here in South Africa things never happen quick

    • admin says:

      try the buttons without the cable plugged in.

      • Louis Conradie says:

        THanks figured it out!

        • Omar says:

          Hello Admin,
          here is the story of my Tablet,
          A) Tablet Galaxy 10.1 , 7510MA, Stuck and doesnot show Keybord to enter any password,
          B) I enter in download mode and I choose wipe factory settings
          C) I downloaded all the files from your website
          D) use IDN to put the file recovery_cwm_4.0.0.4-sam-tab-10.1.tar.md5
          E) I copy the files hc-3.1…….zip etc to the root directory
          F) I copied
          G) I get in recovery mode and choose install from SD card and installed the
          H) Then I choose reboot after i get all is OK and successfull, BUT the tablet stuck at the choose language and install screen and I can not choose the language and reinstall the tablet, ” one thing is I see a lock when the tablet reboots”

          Please help me if I miss anything here


  19. Shawn says:

    Ha! - THIS ONE WORKS! - Recently tried to root with the directions here
    which had an older SU file. Attempted three times and still did not root.
    Installed the SuperUser on this zip. Works Great!

  20. ridlana says:

    hi, may i know, with this root and upgrade to ics, will the camera works?

  21. fred says:

    I have install the unroot Ics 4.04 and had no problems, no factory reset and updated some of my files.It rebooted without any warnings and really works great.
    My special thanks to you for your work and wish you the best of luck in your field..
    One question for a num nut like myself ,once you unroot to 4.04, what to you recommend for the person to do next.
    Thank you again


  22. plaknas says:

    I have the official ICS from Samsung installed through FOTA. I don’t see the apply zip option at all. It has options like “reboot system now”, “apply update from external storage” and a few other unrelated things…I put the zip file in the root folder itself but it doesn’t seem to recognize it. I remember rooting it in the same way when i was on honeycomb. Oh and it says Android system recovery . Any thoughts??

  23. Sam says:

    Not getting “Install zip from sdcard” then “Choose zip from sdcard in recovery mode
    currently running official ics 4.0.4

  24. Sam says:

    yes me too not gettng “Install zip from sdcard”
    what to do admin?

  25. Sanenak says:

    About the rolling screen problem. Actually I found a way to circumvent the problem. It is not really a solution but it does the job. Consider it more of a layman’s way to solving the problem. As soon as I flashed the recovery and boot into it the screen started rolling and off-course it is unreadable. BUT it is functional. So I just used my Nikon camera to take pictures of it ( in high speed - set to Speed Priority at 1/500 speed). And there it was, in the pictures you have a static image of the recovery menu. So now you only have to count clicks. E.g. one click down (i.e. press volume up once) it takes you to “install zip from sdcard” option. Then you press the power button to select it. And that will work and it will take you to the “install zip from sdcard” menu”. There the camera snapshot revealed that the “choose zip from sdcard” option was already highlighted. So I just pressed the power button to select it. So I did that and the next menu was actually the file list to choose the file””. That was two clicks of the volume down button and then the power button to select it. You caught the drift by now. The next menu asked for confirmation. That was 7 clicks of the volume up button. Etc Etc Etc.
    It Worked! The rolling screen problem is still there BUT I am rooted. In addition, I repeated a similar procedure to install the A1 kernel. That worked too!!! After that I got the SetCPU app and overclocked the tablet to the max of 1400 MHz. And now it works like a charm.
    I have no idea what causes the rolling screen problem but I don’t really care. I never really use recovery and for backups I will use Titanium Backup. At some point I believe that some enlightened developer will provide a suitable solution.
    Till then… enjoy your android device/s, have fun and take care.

  26. victor says:

    hey i am new to the android OS i have beed trying to root my tab2 10.1 but i keep getting error E: signautre verification failed when trying to install the file

  27. Omar says:

    Hello Admin,
    here is the story,
    A) Tablet Galaxy 10.1 , 7510MA, Stuck and doesnot show Keybord to enter any password,
    B) I enter in download mode and I choose wipe factory settings
    C) I downloaded all the files from your website
    D) use IDN to put the file recovery_cwm_4.0.0.4-sam-tab-10.1.tar.md5
    E) I copy the files hc-3.1…….zip etc to the root directory
    F) I copied
    G) I get in recovery mode and choose install from SD card and installed the
    H) Then I choose reboot after i get all is OK and successfull, BUT the tablet stuck at the Language and install screen and I can not choose the language or install the tablet, ” one thing is I see a lock when the tablet reboots”

    Please help me if I miss anything here


  28. Azam says:

    I first want to say thank you for creating this sire along with all the videos’, but also answering so many questions that people have.
    I used your galaxys2root site to root my i9100t and it works beautifully
    So here is the real reason for this message - I’m totally confused as to how to root my galaxy tab p7500r (rogers Canada - wifi and 4g)
    Model # gt-p7500r
    Android v 4.0.4
    Baseband p7500ruxlh2
    Kernel version 3.1.10 se.infra@sep-106 #2 smp preempt Mon Aug 6
    Build # imm76d.ruxlh2

    Im looking to keep everything as close to stock as possible, just would like to be able to install superuser
    As I do on my s2 (I used your zerg software) as of still like to be able to receive ota updates
    Hopefully I’ve given you enough info here that you may be able to help me (research I’ve done has shown the the p7500 and the p7500r are different )

    Thanking you again

  29. huzaifa says:

    hey i updated my tab 10.1 p7500 3G version to ics 4.0.4,and then i rooted it i am trying to flash the cm10 file and everytime i try flashin it from CWM 5.0.4 it ends up with install aborted plz help i am trying this since a month now,will either give up or wont upgrade…i found all possible solution yet no success…Maxx i know you can help..plz…its a request,and i would be glad …and the happiest of all

  30. aebob says:

    there is no option to install from zip file..:-(

  31. bob says:

    hey im on tab 2 7 and 1331 model and i cant enter recovery each time i try it just reboots the darn thing. helpp

  32. matt says:

    ok this is a great video, but where am I meant to get this file from, I have searched your site and also downloaded the cwm package but cannot find the file that you mention in the first part of the video but fail to mention the location where it came from.


  33. carlos says:

    i can’t link to your video, i’m tryn to root my galaxy tab 10.1

  34. chapita says:

    I’ve tried every available method unsuccessful. But this works good in ICS. Thanks!

    Does anyone know if there is any full working jellyebean ROM available for the Galaxy GT-P7500 WiFi +3G available?

    Thanks again!!

  35. Feda says:

    If I have an external SD card. can I root my Tab using SuperUS file only using Android System Recovery??
    I mean without flashing CWM recovery??
    Becoz as u know Android System Recovery has the option (apply update from external storage)..

  36. Kyllaz says:

    Hi there.
    I´ve just followed this tut to root my samsung galaxy tab 10.1v p 7100
    I´ve enterede Odin, flashed with the correct file for my tab, rebooted. The problem now is that i can´t enter cwm mode to install superuser. I press down and power, it appears downloading and usb icons, when i select the usb icon it says in the left corner:
    Fastboot usb download protocol
    Bootloader version: P7100BUKC8
    Baseband Version: 228_DB120709
    Serial number: ##################
    Lock State: UNLOCKED

    There´s nothing more to do, no icons, no menus, nothing. Can you please help me and guide me in install superuser please. The android is ICS, instaled by kies, original firmware.

    Best regards

  37. Dave says:

    Hi Max and guys,
    I have the P7510 and had 3.2 firmware (rooted) and was keen to upgrade.
    I downloaded the CWM with no problems.
    I downloaded the file P7510XXLPH_P7510XEULPH_XEU and extracted the tar.md5 file and then ran Odin (selected the tar.md5 file) and flashed it.
    It seemed to install and then I get the Samsung boot logo.
    But now its ALWAYS STUCK oh the Samsung logo.
    Nothing happens and I left it for nearly an hour, but same deal.
    I went back into Recovery (CWM5504) and even tried installing on Odin again, same thing happening.
    This is VERY frustrating so if anyone can offer any help I would be indebted to you.
    Btw, I did a factory reset BEFORE installing anything so not sure what the issue is now.
    Still stuck on the Samsung white logo and nothing happens (whether its wired into the computer or not wired).
    Please help!!!

  38. David says:

    The process went well though i got the rolling recovery screen. With a little care looking at the options i installed the root zip and then made a backup. I will not come back veryoften to recovery so i will keep it this way.


  39. Jerry Tran says:

    the rooting file link is broken????

  40. ming otromen says:

    Max buddy followed every instruction to the letter, couldn’t flash CWM because odin shows that my P7500 from Malaysia doesnt support CWM yet. Tried TWRP instead everything worked out flawlessly.. Flash superuser voilla..!!!! Im rooted baby… Just finish flashing the A1 kernel and install setcpu now my tab is super fast… Thanks Max..owe you one.

    P/s: i got carried away and flash gsm modem too, now my tab is voice call over 3g/gsm enable and dude i am one happy camper lol..

  41. Ted says:

    Well…I am a first time rooter and I believe that I have bricked my Galaxy 10.1! I have followed the steps completely and I just get the CyanogenMod splash screen circling and circling! I went back to restore and tells me there are no files there? I did a successful back up but I can not find the files…I am stuck in this loop and can not even shut the tablet off…can anyone guide me back to ICS so I can try and start again?

  42. martin says:

    Will this rooting work on GT-N8020 4lte/wfi?

  43. Gbenga says:

    This my 2nd rooting instruction i learned from your website. I rooted my evo3d about a month ago and now I just rooted my co-worker’s galaxy tab 10.1. I had problem with the first instruction but the updated version was like a charm with cwm this was the easiest root I’ve ever made 🙂 . Now I’m about to buy a galaxy tab 10.1 from a co-worker and root it with this method. Android rocks and keep up the good work Zedomax.

  44. Julirose says:

    hi, where can I download all the needed software for rooting?

  45. cant root says:

    hi , i was told that a china brand tablet could use the mentioned method of rooting. Problem is, the tablet doesnt have a home button to select the option. so is there a way to select it without the home button?

  46. Simple says:

    hello admin

    I followed your video and got CWM5.5.0.4 plus SuperUser installed on my SGT-P7150-ICS 4.0.4
    However, my tablet now has this problem: everytime the screen turn off into sleep mode (or when I
    press the power button to put it in sleep mode), then when it time to turn it back on from sleep mode,
    I get the rolling screen again (similar to the rolling screen in recovery mode).

    Have you got any solution for me to fix this annoying problem?

    • Kelly says:

      I have the same problem, any help?

    • Serj says:

      I have the same problem after rooting the tab.

      • Kelly says:

        i installed the ROM I wanted and the UK boot loader instead of the US one. See the CM 10.1 ROM for galaxy tab 10.1 post on this site for the bootloader files. Once you flash UK bootloader the lock screen will not roll but if you had the recovery rolling issue, your recovery will roll again so be sure to have the US bootloader at hand for when you need to access Recovery mode.

  47. Michael Rivner says:

    I have a Galaxy Tab 10.1 for verizon (SCH-I905) running ICS 4.04 When I loaded CWM recovery using your instructions it appeared to work. I tried this twice and both times ODIN said it loaded the file successfully. Unfortunately when I then booted my tablet and went into recovery mode, it appeared that the program was not CWM but rather the standard recovery mode program. Then when I attempted to load the supermode zip file it would not load giving me an error. Help.

    • Michael Rivner says:

      I figured this out thanks to the website which discusses a file /system/etc/ which will automatically replace the cwm recovery with the stock recovery every time you reboot. So the cwm recovery never took over. The above reference website mentions editing the above mentioned file by adding exit 0 on the second line of this file, but without root privileges you cannot do that.

      The solution add cwm recovery as shown above and when odin is finished hold the volume down (volume up on sch-i905) so that it will immediately go to the recovery mode. Then you will get CWM recovery and can install the superuser module. If the system reboots normally you need to repeat since then CWM will be overwritten.

      Thanks for your help in rooting my tablet.

  48. Randyite says:

    Galaxy Tab P7510 MAVXAB ICS 4.0.4
    Everything worked perfectly, both the CWM flash and the SU.
    Thank you.

  49. Krimson says:

    Hi admin
    First many thanks for all your efforts. Still I think there are many of us who continue to have a frustrating problem. Manyu of us have the problem that after the official ICS 4.0.4 update, the USB on the tablet no longer works for connecting to a PC. So it is no tpossible for us to install CWM recovery!
    P7500 3G, running ICS 4.0.4
    There error like many others have asked is “E: unknown volume of path [/sdcard] ” You did ask a question if we had CWM recovery installed, but as I mentioned earlier, what if you cant connect to a PC to use Odin? We could use mobile Odin, but the tablet must be rooted first. Classic chicken and the egg problem!

    best regards

  50. Krimson says:

    I nearly forgot the ICS 4.0.4 is the official OT update!

  51. fabibastien says:

    I dont root my galaxy tab 10.1 because i have one problem idont have the usb cable

    Waiting por your answer


  52. Jeff says:

    Hey Max,
    I just recently got a GT N8000 from my fiancée bought from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, I was wondering which firmware should I used to root this tab 2.

  53. alucard says:

    Hi Adm ,
    im looking how to root the galaxy tab 2 10.1 from sprint the p500.. any advise .. thanks in advance

  54. Crazy BEATZ says:


    I have recently bought a samsung galaxy p7500 tab 10.1, i tried to enable voice calls on it, so I research it and a found a way that seemed to be working - After i had reset the tab in the recovery menu, it reset and displays the galaxy tab 10.1 screen, then moves on to the animation and shows the samsung logo and stays there.

    How can i fix it???

    Someone please help me out.


  55. Justin says:

    hi i have the gt-p7100 , i got the cwm recovery zip for it and used odin putting it in pda and it said success and green pass , but tab reboots and if i try get into cwm it still goes to stock choices of downloading mode and usb fastboot options.. what am i doing wrong? i have 4.0.4 ics , i just want it rooted to get a bit more out the cpu. was so simple on my galaxy S2 & 3 but this is somehow different.

  56. Daniel says:

    I’ve finally managed to root my galaxy tab 10.1 wifi model 7510 to the CyanoeMod version10.1-20130116-UNOFFICIAL-p4wifi
    I did a reset to factory reset becuase I couldn’t get rid of the furst wheel circling with the CyanoeMod logo..but finally it’s on now, the thing is there’s no google play option anywhere, I’ve got the superuser logo icon though..
    Please help..I had 4.0.2 I think android and wanted to made it uptodate only..
    Appreciate any help.
    Thank You.

  57. Daniel says:

    Please help..I’ve got no Google play icon to download applications at all after I’ve tried to root my Galaxy Tab 10.1 WiFi. model GT-7510.
    I’ve got the CyanogenMod version10.1-20130116-UNOFFICIAL-p4wifi Kernel 3.1.10-cyanogenmon+ root@pershoot-ubuntu #1 Wed Jan 16 05:24:29 EST 2013.
    I’ve got a black Tab now and I dont know hoe to use it 🙁
    Please Help.

  58. LEGAZINE says:


    • john says:

      I just got done rooting my Verizon LTE Samsung schI905 10.1 Tablet!
      I had to try repeatedly before I got it to restart into CWM. Each time I kept forgetting to release the power button as soon as the two download icons pop-up. After that, I also had to remember that the Verizon tab’s volume button instructions are actually reversed for this procedure. Hope this helps 🙂

  59. Hey - I realize this is an old post — but wanted to say thanks. Using the post about refreshing back to the original factory rom, the links provided, then re-adding clockwork mod, and finally the root files — all using your directions — I was about to bring my old GT-P7510 back from the dead and make it a useable device again.

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