How to Install KitKat ROM on Galaxy Tab 10.1!

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For those of you who want to install KitKat ROMs like Android 4.4.2, 4.4.3, or 4.4.4, you will need to update your CWM or TWRP recovery to CWM version or higher OR TWRP v2.6.3.3 or higher.  Otherwise the KitKat ROM will give you a status 7 error and not install.

In this video tutorial, I show you how to install KitKat ROM on Galaxy Tab 10.1 by installing the latest version of TWRP.

Pretty easy to do, here’s the files you need to download:


Download TWRP v. for P7500/P7501 (3G model)

Download TWRP v. for P7510/P7511 (Wifi model)

Download TWRP v. for T-Mobile Tab 10.1

For ROMs, you can use any ROM but if you want to follow along with the video, use Nameless ROM:

Download Nameless ROM for P7500/P7501 (3G model)

Download Nameless ROM for P7510/P7511 (Wifi model)

Android 4.4.4 Gapps

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58 Responses to How to Install KitKat ROM on Galaxy Tab 10.1!

  1. Brent says:

    Hands down a must have bookmark for any samsung owner

  2. elashry says:

    where’s the Gapps ????

  3. Noel says:

    Thanks, it worked well on my P7500…however my tab cannot be detected anymore by my pc for some reason via USB which I originally used to copy all the upgrade zip files to the tab. It says its charging though. Should the MTP connection be automatic or are there any settings where to toggle it manually? Thanks

  4. viper says:

    i just did the nameless ROM (wifi version) a few days ago then came across your site for the ad hoc setup. is the process you have on your site the same for this rom? if so i am having difficulty replacing and even renaming the original to get the process complete. any ideas on what to do? thank you

    • Max Lee says:

      Not sure on that one. You are trying to setup Adhoc?

      • Vesku says:

        I cannot get the ad-hoc connection working between my Nikon D4 with WT-5.
        The camera creates an ad-hoc network, but I cannot get the GT-P7510 to even see that network. My Iphone sees it ok, but I would like to use the bigger screen of p4wifi for the camera control.
        How could I get this working?
        Any ideas?

  5. Angus says:

    This was the first time I installed a ROM on my tablet
    I really didn’t know that the gapps is also necessary so I didn’t have it
    I went to recovery mode and tried to install the gapps but it didn’t work obviously
    Now I totally have no idea what to do in order to have my Google store back

  6. Mr_Ouille says:

    New nameless rom installed correctly on my p7510, thanks.

    2 remarks :
    - in your link you point to gapss full and gapps minor version. I tried to install the full version but it fails with ‘not enough space’. No problem with minor version like the one you use in your video
    - more embarrassing, impossible to get swype to work even if activated in the options.

    Any idea for swype?


  7. Fabyan says:

    Hi, i installed everything as i see in the video but i couldn´t see any .zip file after wipe the system i dont know what could be :/

  8. fonzy says:

    Hello. I could use some help. I rooted my galaxy tab 10.1 to android 3.0.1 and it works fine but I’ve been trying to follow your steps to flash the 4.4.4 roms when I go to install on twrp it doesn’t see the files. it only sees the file and the clockworkmod…. I am clearly missing something. Is there any way I can get some help? I really want this kit kat on this tablet since it just runs like crap.

  9. mikeb says:

    Having trouble with netflix app, loads partially-then “app stopped working”. Can’t get it to load. Is there a fix? Just rooted and upgraded galaxy tab 10.1 7510 WiFi to kitkat 4.4.4.

    • mikeb says:

      Resolved the issue. Don’t know if related but went back and loaded CWM and then loaded OMNI version 4.4.4. Works much smoother, more options as well + bonus that netflix working.

  10. paşa says:

    i have odin firmware how can i change it

  11. OIkonomou says:

    Everything OK! Except youtube… When i select a video, message appears telling that youtube stopped.. What i can do about that??? Thanks

  12. Naveen says:

    My Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 does not have an sd card slot. How do I perform the above actions ? I cannot see the option ‘Install Zip from sd card’ but I can see ‘apply update from external storage’

  13. Fredo says:

    Great job!
    Is this ROM translated into french? Is it posible to get an “azerty” keybboard with this ROM?

  14. Rachit Agarwal says:

    Thanks for the nice tutorial!

    Can I take the latest p4 nightly or only the one mentioned here will work with the P7500 (3G) version?

  15. Dante says:

    would this work on Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 LTE SC-01D?
    Reply Back Pls…..

  16. lauren says:

    hi there
    My Galaxy Tab 10.1 P7500 dont want to move past the Samsung Galxy logo its frozen there. I tried to hard reset and sof reset but not getting any luck.
    Pressing the volume buttons I get the two andriod icons: download box and the Andriod man. Download box takes me to Odin3 v2.1 and request that i plug in the usb cable and the andriod man takes me to teamwin blue page and nthing happens there.
    My Tab was running on jellybean before this happened.
    How can i get my tab to work again.
    What tools do i need to download.
    Can someone please guide me in the right direction

    • bob says:

      How to Unroot Galaxy Tab 10.1!
      Posted on July 30, 2021 by Max Lee
      To unroot your Galaxy Tab 10.1, you can download the appropriate stock ROM for your Galaxy Tab 10.1 (find it here on XDA), then do the following:

      Put your Galaxy Tab 10.1 in ODIN download mode by holding down both Power Button and Volume Down button and let go when your Tab 10.1 reboots, shows Samsung logo, then 2 menus.

      Hit Volume Up button and your Tab 10.1 should be in ODIN download mode.

      Open up Odin3v1.85.exe program.

      Choose PDA and choose the file ending in “tar.md5″

  17. jorch says:

    Hey Max,

    Nice vids! I’m new at this. I installed TWRP 2.7 and Omni Rom 4.4.4 on my old Galaxy Tab 10.1… it works just great!

    I just have one problem. I need to ENCRYPT the tablet. I’ve done some research. Think it’s something related to resized partitions. Have you come across this problem? I’ve tried so many things, little help please!!!

  18. Luke Skywalker says:

    Hi Max, thanks for the ROM & tutorial video, it really helps me a lot as this is my first time rooting a device.

    For those of your that are still looking for a solution on how to enable your pc to detect your device here goes:
    Go to Settings -> Storage -> 3 dot menu -> tick MTP.

  19. bigaljay says:

    tab google services shut down….doesn’t allow me to download new ROM, Twp or gapps in order to update….still using cyan nightly from 2013…it wont let me update and I cant load the old ROM either…is there any help for this tablet

  20. Mfumu says:

    Help!!!! I was following steps to root my tab3 gp5200 using ODIN, it responded very well to be successful, however while rebooting it just stuck in the process with a samsung logo that appears first when booting.
    How can I revive my tab

  21. Ittai says:

    Hello there,

    I’ve just completed installing the kitkat version on my old samsung tab 10.1 at I am happy to say that the device is responding great with the new kernel, including the wifi and cellular networks.

    The only issue I have left to solve is the GPS one - there is no control that seems to start or stop it and there is no location fix in any of my map applications.
    Is there any fix I need to run or am I doing something wrong?


  22. michel says:

    can you please post te links for the software for the samsung galaxy tab 10.1 gt-p5110
    i tried evertything but nothing works

  23. Shawn says:

    Can you help me
    I installed the nameless ROM but the Gapps (stock) didn’t install (system partition space) so I am trying to download the micro Gapps directly on my Galaxy tab P7500 but when the download gets to 4% it says “Download Error”. My PC doesn’t recognize it .PLEAS HELP. THANKS.

  24. BigB says:

    Everything worked good except netflix want play it try to open but then says netflix has stopped please help I use it on my chromecast

  25. pS says:

    The upgrade went well and kitkat worked well on my sammy until i tried to used anything that required the GPU power. Video stuttered continuously as did some games. My understanding is that this is related to the Tegra 2. Nothing could solve this problem so sadly I had to re-rom back to ICS.

  26. Jatin says:

    lollipop rom please….. please i am getting bored with kitkat

  27. Niyi says:

    My galaxy 10.1 P7500 reboots or simply goes off after I installed Nameless kitkat (nightly). This happens too often. Pls, what can I do to solve this problem

  28. Niyi says:

    It goes off when idle. Pls, help!

  29. Jonathan Williams says:


    How does one upgrade from CWM to twrp I can only flash TWRP 2.2.0 or CWM 5.5.04. I couldn’t install the “twrp2710-wifi” from within TWRP 2.2.0 but could from within CWM Still after that, TWRP just hangs and then reboots.

    What am i missing?

  30. Nelson says:

    OK I’ve tried every way to update CWM to 6.0.4x or TWRP 2.7.1 and It will not do it, the best I can do is update flash recovery to and when I try to get back into it, I end up back in Android standard recovery, soooo frustrating.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  31. roger says:

    Hi max. Can i try this to sc-01d? Galaxy tab 10.1 lte docomo japanese brand

  32. James says:

    Been running KitKat on my GT-P7510 for about 6 months now and just thought I’d ask if anyone else is seeing a couple issues on start up. First off, it take about 90 seconds of the little fading stars floating around before it loads the home screen. Then I get an error message that says “Unfortunately, the process has stopped”. Once I click ‘OK’ the rest of the page loads and all is good.
    Just concerned with the 90 seconds and the error. Anyone else seeing this or a fix?

    • Dean says:

      I also get the error “Unfortunately, the process has stopped” on startup, but after that everything seems to run ok so I have just decided to live with it. Do you have any screen display problems when the tablet resumes from a sleep state? Mine goes fuzzy and becomes unusable.

      • James says:

        No. I just tap the Power button and it turns on again. It does make a bright line across the screen (kinda like an old black and white TV when you turn it off), but it comes back fine.

    • The Finn says:

      Hi! Installed all of these today and have exactly the same problem. I think the 90 seconds is because the performance is bad. Did you find a solution to this in the mean time?

  33. Dean says:

    Thanks for posting this video and files to help people do what Samsung should be doing… allowing us to keep our devices current.
    I just tried installing KitKat on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 GT-P7510 and everything works except for one odd problem. When I wake the table after the tablet shuts its screen off to save battery, the display comes back on, but does not draw correctly… its looks similar to a tv that cannot get an over the air channel to come in except in my case its a green blur, so I know it is getting the background image correctly, but the video driver is having some kind of issue putting the display image together properly. As long as I don’t let the tablet sit inactive too long this is not a problem, but sometimes I do let it sit for 30 minutes and at this point I have no choice but to reboot once it shuts the display off. Any ideas how to fix this problem?

  34. Joaco says:

    My tablet took on KitKat fairly well. My only issues have been that I get the “Unfortunately, the process has stopped” error… Not a biggie.

    Boot-up times do take over 90 sec. Not a biggie.

    But when the tablet goes on sleep (usually after a couple hours of inactivity), I have noticed that it often becomes unresponsive. So I need to do a full reboot… That’s annoying.

    But performance wise, it’s a lot snappier than with ICS.

    My question is… do we have any options to avoid that “unresponsive” issue? Could it be a CPU governor issue?

  35. The Finn says:

    Hi Max,

    Great video! Followed every step including gapps and it worked just like on your video. However the performance is pretty average. Hence I would like to ask you for some tips… What can I do to speed it up significantly? I also have the model 7510 and now running KitKat 4.4.4.

    Can you point me out? If tuning does not work how do I try another kernel without wiping the system? Does over clocking help? I selected max speed in settings to 1,4GHz but I guess this requires something else…

    I also get the error messages at startup.

    Anybody else who successfully solved these problems?

    Thank you and many regards,

  36. Jon says:

    When I get to recovery screen it’s the android 3x version.I downloaded the cmw 5.5 but it doesn’t take to those menu options.Any suggestions?

  37. Mr Lundi says:

    hello dear please which process can i apply to upgrade my sc01d Lte docomo to lollipop

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