CM10 Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy Tab 10.1! [Android 4.1.2][10/30]

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For those of you who want to upgrade to Jelly Bean ROM on your Galaxy Tab 10.1, there’s now Android 4.1.2 build of CM10 Jelly Bean ROM by XDA user pershoot.  After trying it out, I would have to say this build is near perfect in terms of running it on your Tab 10.1.

Out of the box, everything is working including bluetooth, Netflix, and even camera.  The camcorder also does work but is a bit laggy when starting/stopping video and recorded videos can be a bit dirty on the rear camcorder.  The front camcorder works just fine.

If taking videos with the rear camera is a necessity for you, then this is not the ROM for you.  But if you don’t mind that, this CM10 build is otherwise near flawless.

So, try it out over this weekend and let me know what you think!

Latest version built on 10/30/2012!

Known issues:

-A random flicker (it’s faint and fast) can be observed occasionally/infrequently. If this becomes a nuisance to you, this can be mostly alleviated by selecting ‘Disable HW overlays’ in Developer Settings. This does not survive a reboot (must be selected on every boot) and impacts swiping motion (it slows it down) in Trebuchet (the Launcher).
-P3: Signal bars on 3g data connection remain blank (connection type (i.e. H, H+, etc.) will show).
-P4*:A 720P recording, when played back, will have artifacts in the upper section of the image.
-Wallpaper will be shifted downward when applied.


Download CM10 for Galaxy Tab 10.1 WIFI

Download CM10 for Galaxy Tab 10.1 3G

Download CM10 for Galaxy Tab 10.1 T-Mobile

Download CM10 for Galaxy Tab 10.1 Verizon

Download CM10 for Galaxy Tab 10.1v

Download Gapps

To install, download the appropriate CM10 for your Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Gapps.

Re-boot into CWM recovery, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, install Gapps, wipe cache, and reboot, that’s it!

Credits - XDA


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296 Responses to CM10 Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy Tab 10.1! [Android 4.1.2][10/30]

  1. Len Kiat Leong says:

    I’m using GT-P7500 tab 3G+wifi model and downloaded CM for galaxy tab 10.1 3G from link provided. File size is 156,201Kb as reported by windows explorer. Copied to the tab and file size reported is 152.54Mb by file manager HD app.
    Using ROM manager, rebooted to recovery mode, done factory reset, wipe cache and wipe dalvik.
    Then, install this latest rom. A few seconds later, error reported and installation failed.
    Luckily, it managed to reboot to previous rom.

    What must i do now? Is it the rom problem?

  2. sriabhi says:

    only one question before doing this today.

    i use otg for my tab, its my nessicity.
    wil it work after this upgrade.

  3. sriabhi says:

    wat is the version of cmw used.
    and, can this be done on watever rom im on.
    means, root access and rom, no matter. they wont effect this install???

  4. aqurry says:

    i waited so long to get this

  5. Michael says:

    My only question: i need 3g tethering. Does it work? And is it stable?

  6. Per says:

    I use the A1 kernel to overclock the processor with ICS according instruction on this site.
    What happens if I install the Jelly Bean? Does the A1 kernel work and can I overclock the processor with Jelly Bean?

  7. Jason says:

    Nice post, it’s awesome. Can you please give me the link to any page where we can check regularly for updates on the ROM?

    • Rob says:

      Under Settings => About Tablet => Cyanogen Mode Updates, you can check, download, install latest updates to this ROM.

  8. Mark Humphryes says:


    Having recently upgraded to Samsung’s stock ICS per your instructions, then added overclocking, and also the full full 3G phone dialer capability (per XDA-Developer website), does the new CM10 ROM now have dialer capability built in?

    Having gone through several rebuilds recently, I don’t really want the hassle of having to reinstall all my apps yet again, as well as overclocking and dialer.


    • Len Kiat Leong says:

      I tried the phone app in this rom but it does not work. sms is ok.

      • huzaifa says:

        phone does works in this ROM ,but the only issue is when you try to disconnect the phone you are not able to unless the person to whom you are talkin disconnects the phone.

        i hope someone fixes this issue.
        and the other thing not working is Polaris office, i flashed gapps JB but then when i try to start polaris it says unfortunately it has stop responding. 🙁

    • sriabhi says:

      jst make a backup,
      try this new rom.
      make this also a backup.

      switch btween two,
      so watz the loss.

      app backup for apps on both os.

  9. Agazoth says:

    You ROCK! JB on P4 is just perfect! This is the smoothest ROM i have tried so far.

  10. Jamie T says:

    Thanks for the update! The only issue I am having is my computer is not recognizing the tablet now. Are there new drivers for a jb tab that someone could point me too?

    • Sriabhi says:

      Tick USB mode in setting,
      Hav u tried tat?

      • Jamie T says:

        The only USB mode I found was in the developer options and turning on usb debugging did not work. If there is another USB mode please give precise directions to find because I have been through every menu in the settings and did not see it. Thanks!!

        • Mikw says:

          Watch the video

        • sriabhi says:

          at actually, max himself said this in the video abt this pc connecting,
          i taught u r maybe askin something other tan tat,
          coz i cnt expect this small que.
          settings-device-storage- then top right corner options.
          usb connection- tick on first one.

  11. Deik Leodime says:

    Works perfectly. And it is smoother than ICS. The great fact is that you don’t need to overclock it. JB allows you to do it from android itself. Great! Thank you Max 😀

  12. Erwin says:

    Google Play store is not available so i cannot download applications
    Is there a way to install this?

    • Sriabhi says:

      Wat, play store not available?
      Havnt u installed gapps.?.

      I have play store.

      And orelse, go get play store by search in

      • Erwin says:

        No i haven’t installed gapps.
        What is gapps?

        I did find a play store apk somewhere, but i don’t know how to get it installed.

        Not having the tab recognized by the PC (same as Jamie T) does help either.
        The tip you gave on USB mode. Is that located under DEvelope options->Debugging?

        Hope you can help.

        • sriabhi says:

          gapps- google apps.
          max gave us two things, one is cm10, second is gapps.

          wen u install cm10, u wil get the 4.1.2 os and no system apps in it.

          actually no ui even (home screen),

          wen u install gapps, u wil get loading of apps title and one page(half page)
          of apps and all ui.

          and for usb connection:
          settings-device-storage-top right corner small line-usb connection-tick the first one
          in it,playstore wil be there.

          connecting to pc,
          debug mode is for other purpose i guess u know, for some type of flashing and other stuff of boot.img

          • sriabhi says:

            *mistake in the above sentence, “in it playstore wil be there”

          • Erwin says:

            Found it. I completely missed the gapps download.
            Thanks for your patience.

            Also found the usb connect.

            Now I can start looking around.
            It sure looks good.


  13. Sriabhi says:

    I’m writing my personal experience,
    Read for fun only.

    As this 3g tab is my first android, I actually like Asus transformation pad. OK leave tat.
    After I got this tab at about a month after it released, i m so happy wit this device,
    As days pass on, I wanna learn to root.
    Got root on hc 3.1
    Thx to Google.

    As ICS released in android, I clicked on update on my tab, no update available: it said.
    Actually, still it says same.

    I’m very much thx to max. For giving Linux, the first os for my tab.

    Next ICS, of oc for ICS, so many ROMs. 4.1 jb.

    And finally this 4.1.2, this is awesome.

    I think, this tab got the maximum for its worth.

    I really feel bad abt android or may be Samsung not providing updates(all countries) even at least for costly devices.

    Thx max.
    U r more than just awesome.

  14. Sriabhi says:

    OK, max already said , he don’t have sim card tab.
    So, anyone if found calling facility for this version, plz post here.

  15. arik says:

    im using ics official on my 7510
    i download from my tab the CM Jelly Bean 4.12 and GAPPS
    install in recovery v5.5.0.4, and than reboot system
    than i got the Cyanogenmod animate logo And nothing happens
    Does anyone have a solution?

  16. sriabhi says:

    u got the rolling logo, means all done well.
    now, switch it off,
    open cwm recovery,
    wipe cache,
    also dalvik cache in advanced options.
    it wil work for sure.

    • arik says:

      i did it, got the rolling logo, i wait for 20 minute, noting happen 🙁

      • sriabhi says:

        ok, i wil write here wat actually i did.
        as lik the same, i got rolling logo.
        i left it for 10minutes.

        i holded the power button, and it not just shutdown but its rebooting. i forcely holded volume down, entered into cwm recovery.

        i installed again the cm10 and wipe cache and dalvik cache and reboot.
        again this tym 1 minute wit, google login came for me. did all process like in new tab.
        no ui, and no options. coz, i hadnt installed (actually i did hardreset after waiting 10min),
        now, i shut this down and installed gapps and wipe cache and dalvik cache.

        loading of apps came, i thought its going good.

        totally 4.1.2 is here.
        now,restoring apps.

        im sure to confirm u, there is no wrong u did, coz its done for u.
        try twice like me maybe.

        i tought, this delay may be only for me coz, coz i almost filled my tab.

        • Qader ali says:

          i tried the same method of ur’s but still the same rolling :((

          • huzaifa says:

            you should make a factory reset then,and again try installing cm10..and after you flash the rom wipe cache and dalvik , this is what i did and it worked for me..i hope it will work for you too

          • Michael says:

            I have the same problem. Tried with CWM and TWRP 2.2.0
            I did the following:
            Deleted cache / dalvik cache
            Installed cm-10-20121017-EXPERIMENTAL-p4wifi
            Installed gapps-jb-20120726-signed
            Deleted cache/dalvik and reboot. After this I get CM10 logo rolling but nothing happens.
            Does anyone has a solution?

          • Michael says:

            worked after trying about 5 times with CWM 🙂

  17. Qader ali says:

    how to enable calling in p7500 4.1.2 any luck??? 🙁

    • sriabhi says:

      not yet found,
      nly there for 4.1 and tat is not workinh on this.

      • chard dela pena says:

        just flash the rom last night and it work perfectly, regarding about the phone app tried using my previous modem from ICS able to call but you can not hang the call:) no choice for me but to to rebbot my tab (7500) try my luck using 4.1 modem??? what do you think?

        • sriabhi says:

          i tried tat rom for 4.1 given in xda. not working at all.
          and u tried ics one on 4.1.2 , k.its grt to even call option. ofcource cnt hang up.
          so its half success like.

          • chard dela pena says:

            if that’s the case no need for me to flash 4.1 modem 🙁 maybe we just wait a while for them to figured it out. any way is your battery drain so fast when you OC to 1400mhz? coz mine drain faster!

          • sriabhi says:

            drain faster, i think its not.
            ok, i too know, by increasing clock speed makes ur battery drain faster.

            if so, jst manage ur speed, as u thnk the battery is loosing energy faster.

            luckly, this is not like ics oc,
            v can manage it on jb new.

          • sriabhi says:

            backup ur current rom,
            go for jb new,Letz switch bt roms via restore,

          • jason says:

            What would you recommend to back up whole ROM? And would that option also backup app data like huge games that downloaded a once-off game data?

      • sriabhi says:

        titanium backup pro for app backup wit settings,
        app backup- for only apps backup.
        rom backup- cwm recovery backup.

        if wanted, copy all files to pc also.
        i mean game data to pc,
        as u do reset, v can paste back the games or restore backup.

        letz play…

        i usually save pc games or softwares in dvds.
        now, im making these roms, apps and backups in dvds.

  18. pete says:

    In the stock email app, is there no way to select all read mail. Do you have to delete each one.
    Other than it seems like a good ROM.

    • sriabhi says:

      i cnt get u,
      plz explain .

      coz, v can tick the mails and click on delete.
      multiple mails gets deleted in stock email and gmail no.

      and also,
      even wit no cam at starting of jb, v hailed it.
      wit these small things wich can be altered easy, wil never downgrade this rom.

      if so, many apps to check emails even like glympse etc.
      neglected things yar.

    • Mark Humphryes says:

      I see what you mean here - in the old Honeycomb and ICS stock mail apps, there was a tick box above the select column - ticking that selected all emails for the date chosen. Clicking the delete icon then did the lot in one go.

      That would definitely be a ‘really nice to have’ in the next update, if possible.

      • sriabhi says:

        and u guys,
        tats a small thing man,
        tick mark, y u want tat so.

        go, get many apps.
        glympse, etc etc

        small things cnt blame this cm10 4.1.2

  19. Dan says:

    Runs fast and pretty smooth on 1400Mz.

  20. qader ali says:

    Tab 10.1 will get official jellybean update?

  21. Jason says:

    Hi, i’m running stock honeycomb 3.2, can I install this rom directly or should i install ICS first? Thanx

    • sriabhi says:

      yes u can, make sure for cwm , wich is most recommened.
      and simply install zip(s).

      • jason says:

        I rooted and I installed Clockworkmod via the ROM Manager(because I’m still a noob and it seemed to be the easiest way to install it). Is this version okay? Also do I launch clockwork recovery via power + volume down? And then select install update via zip?

        • sriabhi says:

          as i tried tat version of cwm for installing older 4.1 and got my device stopped
          did some stuff and got bak.
          installed cwm and did this jb.
          im not sure abt5.8.3.1 tat rom manager provide us in 10 seconds.
          try at ur own risk.

          ***someone also used cwm version 6.something.

        • jason says:

          Thanx for your speedy reply, this means a lot to me! I see there is an option in ROM Manager to install previous versions of cwm, I will install that one you recommend :D. I will install this ROM as soon as my battery is fully charged. Just wanna backup my whole ROM first

  22. Pingback: How I rooted my US wi-fi tab 10.1 running on ICS to Android 4.1.2 - Android Forums

  23. Johannes says:

    This ROM causes me the same battery draining problem as the stock ICS ROM. The problem is described here:

    Anybody else experiencing this?

  24. qader ali says:

    can i flash A1 Kernal 1.7.2?

    • sriabhi says:

      can i know for wat purpose u wanna flash it?

    • john volt says:

      Hi, I flashed this CM10 4.1.2. works out of the box. But installing the A1 kernel for CM10 which is version 1.7.4B (not 1.7.2 coz it’s for CM9, and 1.7.0 is for ICS stock), MTP doesn’t work. Reflashing the original rom makes it work again. I want the GPU overclocking of A1 kernel, that is why it’s preferred. I can see the difference in the smotthness of the 2D/3D graphics.

      Now i’m just using WIFI to transfer files to and from my PC. EVen upgrading USB drivers, doesn’t work, re-installing the device drivers for MTP, etc.

  25. Jan-Olof says:

    I like this, alot. But windows doesnt see it when i plug in usb cable. Cant move files.

  26. Jon says:

    Hi. I got a problem with my portable hdd. When I try to connect it through my usb kit, nothing happens. I have no trouble connecting my SanDisk flash drive, but the tab makes nothing when I try connecting my portable hdd. Before I installed jb it recognized it. Any suggestions?

  27. Jan-Olof says:

    Android movie studio doest work It allways wanna make new project

  28. jason says:

    sriabhi, have you already flashed this ROM? This going to be the first time I flash. I’m just a little scared I do something wrong. Is this ROM worth it?

    • sriabhi says:

      i got this tab 3g version at the month of release.
      im also too scared and asked many people , so many stupid questions.
      now, im perfect…wat ever happens, i can get bak my tab.

      im so interested in knowing things of technology than jst seeing a tutorial and flashing.

      as i got experiance, im here to help most doubts.

      wat ever u do, do it perfectly. i wil help u- if any problem.

      • jason says:

        Thanx, I appreciate it a lot. If the installation fails, what is the worst that could happen?

        • sriabhi says:

          ha h ha,
          fail is the one wich means imperfection.

          comeon bro. , y it wil fail.
          charge ur tab enough.
          try then,
          can i say u one thing- this is the easiest way to flash jelly.

          dnt fear, do perfect.

          make backup.

          • jason says:

            Haha yes I’m just paranoid because, if it breaks I’m not going to get another one in a long time, so I want to be extra careful. I’m busy backing everything up, but my USB is slow, so it takes a few hours haha. Will report back once I’m done 🙂

  29. keenan says:

    I have a question, is there a way to get the front camera working? In Skype the person I’m calling can’t see me but I can see them. Is this normal? Or is there an update that’s due out?

    • sriabhi says:

      both cams are working, means they work on every app.

      and for ur conformation,
      i used both cams in skype calling.

      i think, net slow- the problem for u.

      • Keenan says:

        hmm ok i’ll try to power cycle my connection and try again. thanks for the quick reply.

        • Keenan says:

          another thing i found out is that when i switch to my camera, it crashes and says “Unfortunately, Gallery has stopped.”

          i believe once i get this fixed my camera on skype will work again.

          • sriabhi says:

            this jelly is stable, yet experiance some errors.
            ui stop, settings stop, gallery stop.
            and also trebuchet error,

            v must neglect them to use this rom.

            i read some posteeeee,
            wit the greater rom, also comes greater difficulties.

            so, neglect then n njoy jelly.

          • Keenan says:

            You know never mind. i just reflashed with the rom from this site and now my camera worked 🙂

  30. sriabhi says:

    guys, i dnt experiance any battery drain. do u?
    i used my tab wit full charged, 11 hours in wifi mode download. screen is off.
    still left some charging.

    so, i guesss…jelly new is good.

    pretty stable.
    s, i kept in 1.4 ghz speed too.

    so, its cool ryte.
    ofcourse, i cant say perfect time and i even dnt know , hiw much it can stay on honeycomb or ics.

    but, this is ok, i guess.

    • jason says:

      I’m experiencing minor battery drains when I’m not using intensive apps. Also with osu!droid and mini game paradise I experience a occasional 5 second lag, which gets irritating since those are beat-your-highscore-games. But otherwise it’s cool 😀

    • Josh says:

      Me too. My drains quickly, but still drains if I use it while charging so I have to leave it alone. Also, it takes a long time to charge; I plugged in my tablet last night and it now barely charged to 40%.

  31. sarath says:

    Dear friends- Now i have ICS 4.0.4( more than 60 Apllications) in my galaxy tab 10.1 and i roted my tab, and i take back up using clock workmod, i want to instal this CM 10 JB rom, if i had some problem i can come back to my original doubt is if i come back i can have my old apllication with data?? please give any suggestion…


  32. sarath says:

    Dear friends- Now i have ICS 4.0.4( more than 60 Apllications) in my galaxy tab 10.1 and i roted my tab, and i take back up using clock workmod, i want to instal this CM 10 JB rom, if i had some problem i can come back to my original doubt is if i come back i can have my old apllication with data?? please give any suggestion…


    • sriabhi says:

      s u can, ur apps r absolutely perfect in backup.

      and also, if u want those apps on this flash of jelly,
      jst make backup via ‘app backup’ app in store,
      it copies the apps and after u flash jelly, u can simply click “install”.
      easy dude.

  33. Raymond says:

    Hi. I downloaded the drivers for my P7500 but for some reason, they fail to install on my computer running windows 7 64 bit. I tried it on my laptop running xp and the same thing happens. therefore, I really need a solution for this to be able to use odin. Any help please.

    • sriabhi says:

      try on hundred computers, it wont work.
      and hey bro, is this first tym u r flashing,

      ok, watever.
      u didnot installed the drivers properly.
      “””connect the tab to pc “”” and then install the drivers.
      tats at.

      • Raymond says:

        I actually flashed my tab several months ago and it worked fine, until now. I will try that method. Thanks for the reply, any help is greatly appreciated.

        • sriabhi says:

          dude, v also did many timz, tat ics and kernal and linux stuff,
          but also, do install them again to pc wit tab connected.

        • Raymond says:

          Still not working.

          • Raymond says:

            I finally got it!!! My PC still won’t recognize my Tab but I used an alternative called “Mobile Odin”. Thanks to a tutorial from Max on this site when he mentioned it. JB installed and so far so good. Thanks again.

  34. jhane says:

    can i download it directly from my tab and just install it?or do i really have to use odin mode??
    Help me,im excited to try this jb since my bro got ipad3 and telling me how slow my galaxy tab is.
    So sad:-(


  35. jhane says:

    ok, thats it!i havent read the
    downloading it now…

  36. jhane says:

    now im stuck in Rotating CYANOGENMOD Logo

    WHatS NEXT?????


  37. Mark Humphryes says:

    Having read all the comments, decided to take the plunge! Backed up ICS4.0.4 with CWM. Backed up apps with Titanium. Flashed new ROM - same problem as jason of rotating logo - yup - had forgotten to wipe cache before final reboot!

    After restoring apps with Titanium, this seems a fantastic ROM - USB charging, phone dialler, smooth, fast responsive - wow!! Just need to see what battery life will be like.

    Thanks to everyone.

    • jason says:

      Glad to hear that :). Which version of clockwork mod did you use?

      • Mark Humphryes says:

        Hi - ROM Manager Premium 5.0.21 / CWM

        Just run quadrant benchmark - 2953 - only marginally better than Samsung stock ICS - but the overall performance looks and feels very much better.

        • jason says:

          Really? I’m using the same Rom Manager and clockwork mod, and mine just gives me a error after I wipe and want to install this ROM. Can you please tell me what you did exactly, will appreciate it 🙂

    • Mark Humphryes says:

      USB Charging - what settings do I need to have this work? The battery icon shows it is charging when USB is connected, but the battery status in settings shows battery as DISCHARGING, and the power % has been going down all afternoon, although power drain does seem to be slower than on ICS.

      • sriabhi says:

        i used my tab while connecting to pc,
        it runs perfect.
        it even also charging while transfering files to pc.
        i go no problem.

        and wat tab u using (model).

        i got perfect result on 3g model tab.

      • Mark Humphryes says:

        Well - battery IS charging on USB. But power drain on battery does seem to be rather faster than I thought, even in Flight Mode (no WIFI/3G). Maybe the battery is getting old - the tab is now well over a year old and has been in constant use.

        Anyone know if it is possible to change a battery on the P7500 ????

        • Mark Humphryes says:

          Well, after 48 hours use, despite loving the responsiveness and smoothness of this ROM, I have gone back to stock ICS4.0.4 with additions, including the xda phone dialler. Battery drain just seems excessive even in flight mode - 1.5 - 2 times faster than before, even with light use. Can’t live with that!

          Will try again with next release.

          • sriabhi says:

            it depends on ur wish…

            and, waiting for next release.

            4.2 ???
            letz wait.

          • Aziz says:

            After 48 hrs use.. My tab restart and stuck at scrolling logo. Done wipe cache, reinstall but dosnt works. Back ro ICS 4.04. Waiting for bugs free version 🙂

  38. jhane says:

    thank you so much max for this post!

    luv yah:-)

  39. Mark Humphryes says:

    Has the ‘running applications’ widget been removed?? This was a useful tool in previous Android builds - had it on home screen for quickly closing apps and clearing RAM. Can’t find it now.

    • sriabhi says:

      wat are u man,
      dnt know the feature of jelly.

      it is wel designed to auto free ram and even kill apps directly in multi tasking.

      if u hav doubt on ram free, go and observe ram, and sure u wonder that much ram is free on jelly in startup it self.

      jelly- dont need task killers and freeing ram apps.
      its awesomly perfect os yar.

      • Mark Humphryes says:

        Well I’m a user seeking best tablet experience NOT an Android expert! And u do need an app killer - Netflix sometimes hangs up - the only way I could kill it was via reboot. The option in settings didn’t do the job. I have now found ES Task Manager in Store - does exactly what I need.

  40. roberto antonio says:

    How u doing. man , well i have this problem… when i use the facebook app in my cellphone … wich had android 2.3.5 i get all my notifications in real time , but in my galaxy tab 7510 doesnt work like my cellphone , i dont get the most of my notifications … if u have any solution , please let me know, …..

    • sriabhi says:

      facebook app is a crap on high end devices (even mobiles),
      its not weel developed, and also main problem here is,
      facebook app not even got a stable update to jelly,
      and see wat- jelly 4.1.2 version here (update of jelly),
      so, it wont work perfect.

      try other than fb app.
      im not happy wit the new friend caster pro update even cnt stand on jelly new,
      u r askin for old fb app.comeo.

      try fb pro new update, its better in givin updates (tat wat u want),

      ofcource, it also hav some problems.

  41. sriabhi says:

    guys, plz confim me.

    u all hav root on this jelly bean 4.1.2 ryte.

    • jason says:

      Yes, after I flashed this ROM, I immediately had root without installing superuser. I restored my titnaium app backups and could backup my jb ROM, so I could switch anytime I want between my 2 ROMS 😀

  42. sarath says:

    Dear Friends,
    i have galaxy tab 10.1 P7500, now running ICS 4.0.4(i bought in korea now installed italy ICS rom using Odin mode) . I follow the process to flash this new rom, i installed new Clockwork mod, when i try to install new Jb 4.1.2 it says installation aborted. Please give suggestion..

  43. Mark Humphryes says:

    With the phone dialler not allowing hang-up, and the keypad not permitting input during a call (eg when working in voicemail), I thought I would try installing the XDA Developers modem and dialler ( - it actually says it is for the earlier preview CM10 ROM, but …

    Backed up current CM10 ROM first. It installed OK but tab wouldn’t reboot - stuck on rotating logo (did follow all instructions including cache wipes). Gone back to current CM10 ROM with no dialler. Annoying when it was working great with stock ICS4.0.4 ….

    Guess we will have to wait a while longer.

    So far though, I am finding this a GREAT ROM. Thanks to all concerned.

    • sriabhi says:

      i already said tat, cm 10 jb old version call facility is not working on this jb new in my comments,
      u jst wasted tym in doing again.

      and also, someone tried ics dialer on jb new, he too is at some trouble and cnt succeed.

      dialer is not built for jb new,

      v mst wait.

      tats at.

  44. jonas snellinckx says:

    It has nothing to do with this topic but it want to record my galaxy tab 10.1 screen so i installed screencast demo from the play store ( you need root for that). So installed it and it didn’t even ask for root permission (but it have to) and the recordscreen says “waiting for service” all the time.

    Can you help me and figure out whats wrong since the developer of the app didn’t respond on any of my three emails and google didn’t really know it either. ?!

    • sriabhi says:

      ya, its showing lock symbol and is waiting for service.
      letz try similar apps or pro version.

      and also try super su.

      letz figure out the problem.

      im almost sure,
      the app may not work on this new upgrade of jelly.
      so, v must check tat app in jelly 4.1.2 os mobile (inbult).

      there r many apps tat dnt work on jelly coz, the apps r in process of its updates to be compitable on new aos.

  45. Dominik says:

    Can you make phone calls / voice calls with this rom? Especially with any bluetooth headset? With ICS I have problems with bluetooth, hand free calls working. I used a unlook-pack found at xda-dev, could it work for jb?

  46. RAMA MURTHY P says:

    CM10 working fine here.

    One question - is there any way to replace JB stock email with ICS stock email app?
    I tried several methods like deleting /system/app/email.apk, rebooting and copying ICS stock email.apk with necessary permissions and ownership. Similarly I tried with /data/app also. No luck.
    ICS stock email app is 19.2Mb and JB stock email app is 2.7Mb.

    Is there any way to do this?

  47. johnny says:

    Zedo, how do I get Adhoc Wifi Tethering from my Smartphone with this ROM?

  48. Cesar says:

    You are the man! This build is much better than the previous one.

  49. johng j says:

    after installed jelly bean 4.1.2(as you posted)
    my galaxy tab 10.1 can not connect with computer.also not appear it from computer.
    but i can see still charging on tablet with computer.
    also even i can not transfer anything between what should i do?
    help me please

    • Sarath says:

      Go to setting-> Storage->choose the option( right top corner)-> enable usb computer connection…

      • johng j says:

        i went to storage but no option for enable usb computer connnection?
        very strange ?how should i find it?

        • sriabhi says:

          ha ha ha, lol.
          rofl also.

          c comments up.
          three dots in line at upper top corner.
          usb connection.
          click it.
          tick first one.
          got ya.

          these small things also doubts.

          y dnt u guys take pain in watching max video of this jb.

  50. sriabhi says:

    im using 3g model.
    im using ful wifi download 12 hours and still my tab is alive.
    i dnt undrstnd , y some people cnt stand even on flight mode.
    mine is well.
    nice jelly new.

    mainly, charging while usb connected to pc.

  51. Mohamed Samir says:

    Hi All

    I installed it and it was very good but with one problem
    i have TAB p7500 3g but when i tried to browse internet it said that connection to refused

    any luck for that


  52. Mohamed Samir says:

    Hi All

    I installed it and it was very good but with one problem
    i have TAB p7500 3g but when i tried to browse internet it said that connection to refused

    any luck for that

    thanks alot

  53. YouTube is not starting from icon, but i can play your video from browser , then YouTube starts fine. Msg is `sorry youtube has stopped`. Any fix for this?

  54. PraiseTheLard says:

    Works fine on P7500R (From Rogers). Anyone with 7500R should make sure they grab the 3G (p4) even though Rogers markets the tablet at 4G.

  55. Andy says:

    I followed the tutorial and flashed my p710 with the jelly bean rom.
    I forgot to make a backup of my stock ics rom.
    Is there a way that I can flash back to rooted stock ICS?

  56. Arne says:

    Everything works smooth except gtalk. When you start an audio chat the app crashes

  57. Smudge says:

    Working great for me. Only two apps I’ve found not working so far are Calculator and the Movie Studio.

  58. Guillaume says:

    I installed 3G ROM AND All works flawless. 1 issue though, I can not install or upgrade apps in play store over 3G. Wifi installs and upgrades works 100%. On 3G I can browse Internet and search for apps in play, but I cannot download them…… Any ideas.

  59. Francois vV says:

    Hi Guillaume.
    I’m living in South Africa, so the following fix I found for the same problem than yours is based on a local 3G services provider.

    I did the following and it worked for me.
    Go to: setting-Wireless & networks-more-Mobile networks-Access point names.
    click on the 3 dots right top corner
    select, new APN, I set up the following for MTN SA asa service provider.
    Name: MTN SA Web
    APN: internet
    Proxy: not set
    Port: not set
    Username: not Set
    Password: not set
    Server: not set
    MMSC: not set
    MMS port: not set
    MCC: 655
    MNC: 10
    Authentication type: not set
    APN type: default,supl
    APN protocol: IPv4
    Bearer: unspecified.

    go to 3 dots and save, return to previous screen and select new APN.

    it worked for me, i can now download over 3g from play store.
    Francois van Vuren

    • Guillaume says:

      Thank you Francois.
      Changing APN worked for me as well. Cant believe I’m also on MTN (RSA).
      I was actually close to reverting back to ICS, but now I’ll stay on JB longer. This actually fixed Maps issue as well.
      Let me know if you pick-up any more issues.

  60. Brian Alexis Trejo Grace says:

    Hey there i have problems with my speakers, if i use my headphones it works but if y tried to listen music with the speakers it doesnt works only with the notifications

  61. Francois vV says:

    I’ve tested mine.

    the speakers works while playing music.

  62. Francois vV says:

    I see in settings-sounds, is a setting for quiet hours. is yours disabled?

  63. jhane says:

    Works smooth…
    But….. Apps crashes, intenet browser suddenly close all the time, gsm call wont end.
    I think i will just wait for official jb update.

    Gone back to ics:-)

  64. K says:

    new build 1.7 for stock ics. overclock up to 1.6 GHz

    • sriabhi says:

      Nice, but u mean stock rom…i.e original ics firmware from samsung.
      But not everyone had tat.
      Only italy, but people said, italy version works on other countries also,
      So, just yesterday, im downloading files.
      Plz confirm me, if u tried italy version as u may not from italy.
      And also, provide link of oc. Ofcourse, i can search.

  65. Eric aung says:

    I m still comfuse,what shall I download wifi or 3g.My galaxy tab is p7500 32g,and can use wifi and 3g.Please any idea!

  66. Francois vV says:

    Hi Eric.

    I have the same tab as yours.
    Download the 3G version.

  67. Johnny says:

    I can’t seem to get Swype to work. Please advise…

  68. Nadav says:

    HI , someone can help me ?
    i got the gatlaxy tab 0.1 p7510 ,CWM Recovery with cm9 rom ,
    but i cant install this rom ,when i choose to install from sd card an choose the rom it write to me eror/
    what can i do ?

  69. justin says:

    I’m getting ssl handshake aborted errors while adding my .edu mail server address. Anybody know what that is about?

  70. amar sandeep says:

    Works smoothly, compared to CM 9 And original ICS, installing chrome resulted in freezing and some transverse lines appeared on screen like the old tvs, unistalling it resolved the issue… problems other than that..thanks…for the information galaxy tab hacks….

  71. Justin says:

    hey guys, has anyone installed the October 30th build? does it have any enhancements? All i see is the known issues, is there anything that is fixed? any improvements? Is there a reason for my to upgrade from the October 17th-18th build?

  72. Abel Ramirez says:

    So is is 10/30 build an update or is it a whole new ROM? Do I just flash it or do I have to wipe then flash? And is this update worth the time and effort? I’m on the first CM10 build.

    • Justin says:

      you can just flash it, dont need to wipe or anything, just make sure you flash gapps as well.

      i have tried out the 10/30 build. the 10/18 build is working fine for me, since i cannot find the change log, i dont want to upgrade, until i know it adds something, since i am not being affected by any bugs, i dont want to upgrade in case the new build brings new bugs

      I flash the new gapps from Android 4.2 so it includes the new keyboard, camera and clock, so i am all set.

      • Abel Ramirez says:

        Thanks buddy. I really appreciate it. I will flash gaps and play the waiting game to see the change log also.

      • Carlos says:

        @Justin, so the 4.2 apps are flawless on CM10? cuz i was gonna try that.

        • justin says:

          only flaw in found was the keyboard would randomly minimize.. so I went back to SwiftKey… see if you can find the individual apk for the keyboard.. that worked for me… Also I haven’t tried the new 10/30build.. doesn’t look like much changed… I’m happy with the 10/18 build

    • Justin says:

      looks like this is the change log

  73. Abel Ramirez says:

    So is this 10/30 build an update or is it a whole new ROM? Do I just flash it or do I have to wipe then flash? And is this update worth the time and effort? I’m on the first CM10 build.

  74. sriabhi says:

    thx max for providing upgrades to 10.1 tab.
    i wil upgrade to my tab watever he post.

    and i found tat, no difference b/t stock ics and 4.1.2
    coz the apps for jb r in developing stage,
    so, in future…i mean after some months, we need jb, now, im happy wit stock ics wit A1+dailing.

    yet i wil upgrade everything rom max provide us and do a backup and i used to save on my lappy.

    so i say,
    no need jb now…coz no difference i found…

  75. paulmf says:

    have downloaded the Verizon rom 3 times now each time I get E:failed to verify whole-file signature

    Any ont get this file to work?


  76. Jay Mac says:

    Thanks so much! It’s like a new tablet all over again;-)

  77. Francois vV says:

    Can somebody help me with settings on Tab 10.1 gt7500 to be able to make calls.

    I am running CM 10 JB rom on it.

    If i dail *141# to see what is may airtime balance it works perfectly for the ussd code, but if i try to make a phonecall, it hangs up immediatly.

  78. thewitcher says:

    Hey guys i have a question
    I want to setup the new build and do i need to wide data or just install rom and gapps and wipe cache and reboot?

  79. Deik Leodime says:

    Sorry max. I have a big trouble. Im not able to conect the Tab to the PC. It just appear as a cam. Not as usb Storage. Any solution?

    • justin says:

      in settings select storage.. Top right hand corner hit the button that is 3 dots (option button) then click usb computer connection then select the mtp media transfer device

  80. Christian says:

    i NEED your help. I am stuck on a “stock” rom that is unrooted, no camera, no recovery, rotation is messed up, no way to connect to computer, have to turn it off to charge. Im stuck and have no clue how to fix it. PLEASE HELP

  81. sriabhi says:

    hey guys,
    wat the utmost u fount in this jb for or tab???

    Not so many apps are build only for jb either.

    Jst install stock ics and dailing and new kernal tat oc to 1.7ghz and even oc gpu.

    Hav a fantastic experiance.

  82. Dolly says:

    Hello, i unable to instal the CM10 rom. my device is GT P7500 (P4). when i try to flash the rom via CWR i got error due to my CPU hardware. Than i go to Setcpu to check my CPU hardware id and it said P3. can anyone help me to change back my cpu hardware id to P4?

    Need help Please

  83. eddy says:

    Max please help me i have p7500 offical ics.. my hardware is p3 how to chance it back to p4 and my tab is rooted and have A1kernel..

  84. Jansen says:

    Also updated my P7500 to the latest ROM and I love it. Thanks for all the hard word you put in Max!

  85. Patrick Kooreman says:

    Loaded cm 10 but email and Facebook app do not sync at all…my library also does nothing at all

  86. mohamed samier says:

    Dear James
    this is the third time that i wrote concerning this issue

    i have TAB p7500 3g and when i install cm10 and when i connect to internet throw sim card (3g) it gives me error ( connection refused ) but when i connect throw wifi connects good

    note : when i install any other android version it works fine thow wifi or 3g

    please for your advise thanks

  87. Adam says:

    the sound is much lower than stock rom you have to use headphone……. even hooked to my sound system i max out the system and its not loud at all…. ? i tried poweramp and play music same. ????

  88. Nadav says:

    HI , someone can help me ?
    i got the gatlaxy tab 0.1 p7510 ,CWM Recovery with cm9 rom ,
    but i cant install this rom ,when i choose to install from sd card an choose the rom it write to me eror/
    what can i do ? /

  89. Lars Frishert says:

    Works great and 3g is also working camera works fine with me and also the recording has no problems.

  90. SavaS says:

    Will this method work with Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N (GT-7501)…

  91. Jason says:

    Hi Max, check droid basement there is a new build for November, don’t know if it’s a major update though

  92. Faheim says:

    Hi, i got sg 10.1 p7500 official ICS cwm5.0.5.4,,so i pick the p7500 wifi ver.,,but error when installing ,,pls fixed this (T.T),,sorry bad english

  93. Martin J says:


    Is there a good way to keep a ROM running smoothly? It seems like anything I’ve flashed has run smoothly for a couple of months and then turned to complete crap, including stock. After a while, most ROMs I’ve tried start freezing and/or randomly rebooting. The whole reason I even started looking into Rooting is because the stock ROM on my P7510 started getting really laggy. It’s irritating to the point where I just want to toss this thing into the trash and wait a couple more years.

    Any words of your wisdom are truly appreciated.


  94. PedroBenito says:

    N00b question:

    Where can I get a beginners tutorial on how to install this on my Galaxy Tab 10.1

    Thanky! 🙂

  95. Chung says:

    Hi, I have just flash this flash in my galaxy tab 10.1 wifi version. As I directly install the ROM without wiping data/factory reset, now the tab cannot turn on. It stops at CWM recovery now, is there anyway to restore to the original ROM? (I didn’t saved a copy for the original ROM in my tab…)
    Would there be anyway that I can access the internal storage directly in Windows without turning on the tab10.1? Thx:)

  96. Frank says:

    Please how do I connect to a PC?

  97. Frank says:

    Justin skriver: i inställningarna väljer lagring .. Övre högra hörnet trycker på knappen som är 3 punkter (alternativknapp) och klicka sedan på USB-datoranslutning välj sedan MTP Media överföringsanordningen
    Funkar tack.

  98. o says:

    Any chance for jb 4.2 ?

  99. Bill says:

    Hi all

    just been having trouble after installing most roms on my Gt-P5100 Galaxy tab 2 10.1,

    The Rom works but i dont get 3G. I have tried the VPN with no luck. it has been a while

    Please help

  100. jmon says:

    Has anyone tried flashing the new nighty builds?

  101. Ankur Gupta says:

    Hi. I have galaxy tab 10.1 GT-P7500R. Which CM 10 link should I use for it.
    Also from where i can download the latest CMW files for it.

  102. jamie says:

    I got problem’s with volume when I put my headphones into my galaxy tab dont get loud

  103. Jamil says:

    Hi all. Does anyone know if this rom has the split screen function from v4.1.2 that alone will make me root my tab nowfor this software

  104. Jr says:

    Hi all, I got stuck at the CM 10 rotating logo, decided to go back to previous rom rooted ICS with but realised that I have not done a back up! Any help on how to go back or do I need to flash back to stock??

  105. SavaS says:

    Can I flash CM10 with TeamWin Recovery…?

  106. Ivan says:

    Hi Guys!
    I have stuck on rotating logo. I’ve wen tthough comments, and wiped davlick and cashe, however it does not work=(
    I’ve tried to reinstall cm-10-20121115-NIGHTLY-p4 for severall times with nosuccess, so I have downloaded cm-10-20121030-EXPERIMENTAL-p4, but I do not know how put it in tab now….
    Please help.

    • Ivan says:

      Finally I got CM 10 on my Tab, sort of happy about it, a bit unusual and very fast.
      So what I did to make it work, the issue was - I have not done Data factory reset via CWM. So basically how to install CM 10 to your Galaxy Tab:
      - Copy mod file (zip archive) to /sdcard
      - Reboot to CWM
      - Wipe cashe/davlick cashe/data factory
      - Choose “install from sdcard”
      - Choose “choose file fro a sdcard” and press install.

      When CM will be installed reboot your system, if you stuck on rotating logo again, just wipe cash an davlik cashe, if it doesn’t work make data factory reset and reboot your device.

  107. William says:


    I have a Galaxy Tab 10.1 P7500 (3g and wifi). First, I installed ICS ROM (4.0.4) and also rooted it. Then, I backed up the ROM with Rom Manager. After that, I decided to install the JB CM10 newest version. So, I installed the recovery-TWRP-P4-P7500.tar , using ODIN 1.87. Then, I did the factory reset, wipe cache and wipe dalvik at TWRP and finally installed the latest ROM JB CM10-experimental-p4 for P7500. After that, I installed the GAPPS using TWRP too. It worked. Now I’m trying to get used to this new S.O.

  108. Jr says:

    Hey folks,Everything is working on my new CM 10 tab p7500. However the only thing that is not working is my USB charging. I am only able to charge when the tablet is turned off. Anyone can help me out with tis?

  109. Satvik says:

    I am having great problems with my galaxy tab 10.1!
    I am getting streaked lines on boot on 1/4th of the screen and then I get stuck on the rolling logo!
    I followed the instructions given by-sriabhi,micheal huzaifa, but still streaked lines and rolling logo!
    Please help me!

    • sriabhi says:

      Hmmm, u mentioned my name… ok, i wil help u…
      As this is old topic, i jst left this page long bak.

      Flash stock os and try again.
      After flashing stock os, root ur tab and install cwm recovery.
      Wipe cache/wipe data/wipe dalvik cache.
      Now put the two zips ( gapps and jb 4.2.1) in tab and install zips from cwm recovery..

      It works….

      And if u want, flash 4.2 gspps also—-tat also working well for me.

  110. JTFO says:

    Anybody know if there is a way to get ICS widgets back?

  111. Satvik says:

    Thanks a ton sriabhi!! I have unrooted and installed official ICS and will root tomorrow……..thank you so much for helping me 🙂

  112. teckmeng says:

    today i only realize that this rom cnt connect to computer for transfer file ==
    any sussgesstion ??

    • Abel says:

      Go into settings> storage> in the top right hand corner there is a settings menu for how you want to use your device. Select MTP. It’s in the video Max has posted for this ROM.

  113. Yunus says:

    I installed this rom succesfully on my galaxy tab 10.1 and then ı opened usb debugging,connected tab to computer via usb but it didn’t work ı installed usb drivers but it didn’t work again ı tried on a few computers but the result is still the same what can ı do for this problem ? please help me !

  114. sriabhi says:

    Cm 10.1 , which is aos 4.2.1 for our tab.
    Welcome to next level…..

    Leave aos 4.1.2,

    Welcome to next generation.
    New year special wit new rom

    • satvik says:

      Where actually is that ROM? ?I mean……I couldn’t find it on the homepage of this site

      • sriabhi says:

        Bro, rom released jst on 31st nite….max need time to make video.

        But some users like me are over excited to get updates and watever on devices.
        I got aos 4.2.1 for my tab now.
        I even posted links here in these comments above—-but comment in moderation.
        So, google it for cm 10.1…
        Its awesome,,,get it now and spread the news to ur fnds….bye

        • Satvik says:

          Thank you so much bro! And btw,as u helped me earlier, i have unrooted and installed official ICS update………..But i am scared to do this jellybean 4.1.2 ROM as i have faced many problems before.
          .So u suggest me,shall I root and update to this 4.1.2 version or I shall directly root and update to the 4.2.1 version?
          Thanks bro!

          • Satvik says:

            Hey sriabhi! I googled cm 10.1 and tried to install it from official ICS(rooted), but when I go to install zip from sd card,it says-
            assert failed: getprop(“ro.product.device”) == “p4wifi” // getprop(“”) == “p4wifi”
            E:Error in /sdcard/
            Installation aborted.
            what do i do? 🙁

          • sriabhi says:

            Flash using Odin on PC:
            ->flash cwm recovery 6+
            ->flash new boot loader
            ->flash modem

            After above all completed flashing, then install 4.2.1 aos zip from the new cwm recovery.

            You can get all three flash able things from xda site.

  115. Satvik says:

    sriabhi!!!!!!! I dont know how to thank you!!!!! I am running 4.2.1!!!!!!!!

  116. Sherry says:

    I can’t enter any info as the keyboard is in a constant state of “has crashed”…help

    • Sherry says:

      Wiped and flashed “”…everything works like a charm.. This techno junky is smiling!!

  117. chris says:

    After installing this jelly bean ROM I noticed it had no ply store. I installed it and it just keeps force closing . Can’t figure out why?

  118. sriabhi says:

    Is everyone on cm 10.1 ?
    Cyanogen mode released 12 builds of cm 10.1 for our tab so far.
    Still increasing.

    12*157 mb yar….

  119. haydar says:

    i installed cm10, everything is ok but email programs doesnt work, i couldnt add different email account except gmail, please help me,

  120. amar sandeep says:

    Hi every one, i Flashed Cm 10 and after that flashed cm 10.1, keyboard wasnt working well. One day my battery completely ran out and i charged it to 100 %. after that my touchscreen is working oddly, it is getting pressed all by itself at the position of “v” in keyboard, at the same position it is happening, whether it is locked or on the home screen or on the app page. I flashed ICS samsung version, but the problem persisted, can some one throw some light as to whether it is a hardware or software problem.

    • sriabhi says:

      Flash stock os 4.0.4 , it must solve all problems.
      But before, save all your data in pc and do wipe data.
      Then flash stock 4.0.4 from

      • amar sandeep says:

        i will try, but i did wipe the data and installed 4.0.4, jus want to know whether it is a software or a hardware problem. thank u.

  121. james.evo says:

    Where can I download Google now for this rom

  122. miran says:

    Hi when i install wifi version my keyboard doesn’t work. and also link for updated version doesnt work. and can i instal higher version to my 4.0.4??

  123. Azman says:

    Hi guys,

    Need some help. I installed ths rom yesterday. The only thing problem is when i connected to pc to copy some file, it connects as acer adb driver and on gtab notification, it says debugging mode. No storage on my win explorer. I disabled debugging, its not connected at all. Any advice how to overcome this.


  124. Lord Quas says:

    I hope someone can help me out. I rooted my Galaxy Tab 10.1 (3G) but in whipping the cache I accidentally erased everything on the tablet. I know, very stupid. I’m now left with a tablet o which I can only access the Team Win menu. I ordered an OTG-cable, because I read somewhere that this cable lets you install a custom through a usb stick. Although I can’t get it to work (no files on usb are being recognized). Can anyone show me step-by-step how to get the CM Jelly Bean ROM working on my otherwise useless tablet?

  125. Game hacks says:

    fantastic post, very informative. I ponder why the other specialists of this
    sector don’t understand this. You should proceed your writing. I’m confident, you’ve a great readers’ base already!

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