CM10.1 ROM for Galaxy Tab 10.1! [Android 4.2.1]

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Looking for the latest Android 4.2.1 ROM on your Galaxy Tab 10.1?

Well, CM10.1 ROM built by Pershoot is pretty solid, I’ve heard some good things about it and it runs rather smooth for an unofficial build (although this will become official real soon).

With the latest Android 4.2.1 ROM, you will be able to turn your Tab 10.1 into a full-fledged Google Android device with support for lockscreen widgets and multi-user login just like a Nexus 7 or Nexus 10.

I still use my Tab 10.1 quite often. Even though it’s been out for awhile now, I think Tab 10.1 is still one of the best tablets ever launched on the market when you consider “when” it was launched.

Anyways, the CM10.1 ROM gives you everything you wanted to know about Android 4.2.1 with Android 4.2 camera (sorry, Photo Sphere is not included), 4.2 GMail, and some more.

The only bugs I found was random flickering when swiping through your apps but that’s not a huge deal as it doesn’t bother me too much (and should be fixed in subsequent future version).

If you haven’t tried CM10.1 yet, definitely give it a go today and let me know what you think!

To prevent rolling screens, do this:
For Tab 10.1 Wifi, make sure you flash the US bootloader via ODIN if you don’t have a U.S. version of Tab 10.1 Wifi.
For Tab 10.1 3G, make sure you flash the UK bootloader via ODIN if you don’t have a U.K. version of Tab 10.1.
Don’t know how to use ODIN? See video on this page as reference, process is exact same just different file for PDA.

Also see installation notes at bottom for other variants.


Download CM10.1 for Tab 10.1 Wifi (P4Wifi), Download US Bootloader
Download CM10.1 for Tab 10.1 3G (P4), Download UK Bootloader
Download CM10.1 for Tab 10.1 T-Mobile (P4TMO)
Download CM10.1 for Tab 10.1 Verizon (P4VZW)
Download CM10.1 for Tab 10.1v (P3)

Download Gapps 4.2.1 (Make sure you install this to get Play Store and other Google apps!!!!!!!!!!)

Installation Notes:
-For P4VZW: You must be on stock ICS (and it’s modem) before flashing to this build, for LTE functionality
-For P4WIFI UK: You must be on the US ICS bootloader (odin .tar.md5 inside the .zip in the folder), otherwise you may incur a rolling screen
-For P4: You must be on the UK ICS bootloader (odin .tar.md5 from UK inside the folder), otherwise you may incur a rolling screen.
-For P3: It is advised to be on P4′s ICS modem for best results.
-For P4*: You must be on the ICS modem for best results.

Credits - droidbasement

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83 Responses to CM10.1 ROM for Galaxy Tab 10.1! [Android 4.2.1]

  1. sriabhi says:

    Ya max, thnx….
    Well, i flashed this on very first day of release, i.e 31st night of 2012.
    Its nice build by cm.
    And from tat day till today, cm released 18 (nearly) builds of cm10.1 for tab….im daily updating. Jst updated new build today. V19.

    But max, can u plz provide a multi window mod for our tab.
    Plz do it yourself, there is no one working on multi view.

  2. Jon says:

    The link for p43g is the same as the uk bootloader

  3. sriabhi says:

    Max, please provide multi view for this galaxy 10.1 tab….
    Multi window wud b awesome on this large tab.

    Im expecting multi view mod from u.
    U r making tutorials for old devices and modding new devices i think.

    But one last mod for this old tab —- multiwindow mod.

    They ported multi view mod for sgs2, its awesome.

    Plz u do for sgt 10.1
    Thanks a ton if u do….

    • Paul says:

      Second that, multi Window would be so great!
      Still big up to Max, all my knowledge about how to improve my tab comes from his pages.
      So funny that the note 10.1 is officially still on ICS here in Norway, and my good old 10.1 is running JB 4.2 smoothly. Makes my nub friends jealous 😀

  4. Aditya Choudhary says:

    After installing this, the phone calling feature is not working properly.
    I can make a call but cannot cancel it by myself.and also cannot receive a call.
    The google now appscreen is not opening , keyboard hides manyatimes in between typing in any app while it works fine in browsing.
    Hope these issues will be resolved soon.

  5. Edoardo says:

    great work!

    1)Check the link Download CM10.1 for Tab 10.1 3G (P4) and Download UK Bootloader, they both link to the bootloader (actually it’s only one link).

    2)is there any way to view flash video on the internet? I tryed to install flash player but I made a mess 😛

    3)multiview would be awesome!!

    Thank you a bunch!!

    • sriabhi says:

      Dude, you can get flash player from adobe site, check archived flash player…i cant post link, no one can post links here.

      Or google it, type archived flash player and download 4.0.4 version.

  6. Yopet says:

    Hi there…

    Thank you very much for your great work! Switch from Honeycomb to ICS and now to JB seemed to happen fairly quickly (at least for me). I’ve got lost in all the options now available for p7500.

    Could you please advise me if I should go with CM 9, 10 or 10.1? Is there anything significant/crucial not working in 10.1?

    Also, could you please help me by directing me to some kind of step-by-step installation guide for upgrading from stock Honeycomb 3.2 to CM 10(.1)?
    I am a noob and I need help for all the steps. The instructions like “backup your rom”, “wipe x,y,z”, “flash bootloader, modem…: etc for me are not clear…
    What to use for backup? What am I backing up and how to use for restoration in case of problems?
    How do I wipe every of the mentioned things? In which order? Should/must/ca I in the meantime? Are there important things to watch for?
    How to flash each of the files?

    Thank you very much for your help in advance!


  7. sriabhi says:

    No one wil answer u all your lot questions yar, need help….
    Add me on fb, i wil help somwat.
    Search “sriabhi3” , in fb….

  8. MartinO says:

    The 10.1 3G link is invalid… linked to the boot loader.. Please help/

  9. Styxx says:

    Great ROM, one small issue I have though is the samsung Smart View App……when starting displays sideways only no matter what version I use……I have flashed the fix to allow it to be installed but wont turn to display Landscape. Anyone else have this issue?………..or hopefully solved it ???

  10. Hi MAX I installed many times and I trust your recommendations, I have your rom on my note 10.1, and roms recommended from you on all my phones, I need if possible some help with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 3G 32GB SHW-M380S, is ok to flash this rom? it has android 3.2… Many thanks in advance

  11. Nathan says:

    I have volume issues. Volume is too low when I watch Netflix movies. I had no problem with official ICS. Any suggestions?

    • admin says:

      That could be a bug.

      • Nathan says:

        I had same problem with CM10 Jelly Bean (4.1.2)

        • Nathan says:

          It’s bug in Netflix app. Actual Netflix app is not ready for JB. I read Netflix users reviews and a lot of customers have volume issues after their phones were upgraded to JB!!!
          CM10 4.2.1 is awesome!!!!!!

    • Alan K says:

      This is a great rom, so fast, everything works just fine. DSP manager will help with the vol issue and raise the vol some. Also I have blue tooth haedset which sounds awesome and also amplifies the vol in HD. Thanks Max for all your hard work def 5 star materail.

  12. Bruce says:

    Where I can find the ICS 4.2.1 for GP 7500 3G?

  13. mkrooh says:

    Download CM10.1 for Tab 10.1 3G (P4) … link is invalid help ???admin

  14. ms. samsprung says:

    regarding cm10.1: there appears to be a problem with the p4tmo version as well. Max, could you check it out b/c it’s just as likely that I’m making some obvious error that I’m not seeing and it’s driving me nuts. Thnx.

  15. Andy Llewellyn says:

    Done everything as instructed, but am only getting the CyanogenMod boot screen… any help welcome

  16. vic says:

    I installed everything for my P7500 like you said in your post, the only problem is that I no longer have mobile data. I cannot surf the internet anymore without wi-fi connection.

    What can I do to fix this?



  17. Nikhil bhale says:

    can anyone tell me where to place bootloader file? PDA or BOOTLOADER slot in odin.
    Also, does this have to be done before installing cwm recovery.
    Pershoots site has cwm , is it okay to flash this version of recovery or the one?

  18. Dan says:

    I haven’t upgraded my ROM since Honeycomb, it had a simply screenshot button at the bottom. I just upgraded to this 4.2.1 how do I take a screenshot now on my Tab 10.1 WiFi? Thanks in advance.

  19. Pasi Pelttari says:

    Can you confirm that Netflix, Viaplay and HBO Nordics is working on this one? When will this one be official? Thanks!

  20. Andrew Llewellyn says:

    Is there any way around the lack of flash support?

  21. Ben says:

    Super cool!! So smooth and great customisation!

  22. Manu says:

    please any one tell me which ROM is work for me I download p4Tmo its give me error installation aborted please help me sorry for my bad english

  23. Manu says:

    please any one tell me which ROM works for me I download p4Tmo and P4vzw its give me error installation aborted please help me sorry for my bad English

  24. json says:

    from malaysia which file to download tq very much

  25. json says:

    oh yea forgot mine is a 3g wifi tab tanx

  26. Kaos says:

    I am new to rooting, flashing and using ROMS… This is my first attempt as I have a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and would love to have this new ROM on there and learn to install ROMS on my phone. My Tab was rooted before by a friend of mine, because when I go into the boot screen, it has ODIN installed. So my question is this… and please don’t kill me for being new at this… Is there a step by step guide on how to install this ROM using a MAC. I do not have access to a PC. I downloaded Weimdall and it looks like that will work, however I don’t know how to use it with this ROM. I’m looking for a basic step by step guide… like an Idiot’s guide to flashing to help me get started… Any direction is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  27. Moisés says:

    Great ROM! One of the best I’ve tried so far. But only one issue, my laptop doesn’t recognize my tab. I tried reinstalling Samsung drivers, but nothing happens. Any help?

    • Andrew Llewellyn says:

      I had this problem. You need to go into settings and click on “storage” and then click on the menu tab it the top right. You will now see “USB computer connection”. You need to go into this and check the MTP box. Should be sorted!

  28. afd says:

    Still not sure if i should install this one or the CM10 JB? Any advice? Never used CM before.I Had overcome’s first rom for a while and then the stock ICS (although i still donno why i made a decision like that 😀 )

  29. John says:

    Hey Max, anyway to speed the clock on this one up or is already set? thanks for everything.

  30. jd.evo says:

    Can Samsung apps store be downloaded in this ROM if yes can u post the link

  31. Ken says:

    Hey, I just put this ROM on my Tab 10.1 wifi. It is awesome, I love it. However, the only problem I am having so far is that now my computer does not see it when I plug it in to transfer files. I was just wondering if there is a different driver that needs to be installed on the computer? I am running windows 8, by the way.
    Thanks for all your hard work!

  32. TheStumblingBlock says:

    The problem here is that these devices are listed as P3 and P4 and such, and I know my device as an unlocked P7510 that’s wifi. Now if I were on Verizon, or T-Mobile I’d know what I want instantly, but if you’re just a wifi Tab owner, this article isn’t clear at all on which thing I want to download. Could you please clear that up? Thanks.

  33. Angelique Rider-Mitchell says:

    Hi Manu,
    Definitely not Tmo, their model numbers are always like : sgh-t XXX, for example my Tab’s model number is sgh-t859 & my phones are sgh-959, sgh-959v and sgh-989. As best as I can tell, you have the international version and should be DL the second option listed, identified as “P4”. Good luck.

  34. savas says:

    CM 10.1 for p4, download from

  35. Sebastien Tremblay says:

    great site, nice, clean advice and instructions.
    I have a galaxy tab 10.1
    I followed your instructions to install CWMR, it worked. the I rooted with you instructions that worked.
    then I wanted to install the latest cm 10.1 nightly, so i downloaded the file from the CM site, put it as a zip on the root dir, then flashed it from CMWR. that seemed to work, but then it never booted, just had a neverending boot screen with the CM logo.
    I went back to CWMR, told it to factory reset, then, right away, re-flashed the CM 10.1 nightly. then it worked.
    i don’t like it so much, so I wanted to restore some of my previous backup, to discover that they are not where they used to be; they are in the following dir: Sdcard/0/clockworkmod/backup
    actually, the sdcard/0 (that’s a zero) directory seem to contain my previous android 4.0.4, or something of the sort, as if something I did actually took the originial sdcard root dir, and moved it to this weird “0” directory.
    is this normal?
    it seems that my file managers now consider /storage/emulated/0 my new “home”
    thanks for any help

    • Sebastien Tremblay says:

      one of the main issues is that I can’t connect to a pc once it’s booted; it won’t even see it (the pc does see + install the drivers while the tab is in recovery thought)
      and I did a backup in this state, which is the only backup that CWMR sees, but CWMR does not see previous backups, probably since they are in that weird sub-dir. i tried moving them to the sdcard/clockworkmod folder, but there was none and creating one does not make it visible to CWMR.
      finally, i can’t see where the latest backup file is when I browse the tab with a file manager (if I could, i’d put the old backups there too).

      • Andrew Llewellyn says:

        If you scroll up you’ll see myself and a few others have explained the pc connection issue…

        “I had this problem. You need to go into settings and click on “storage” and then click on the menu tab it the top right. You will now see “USB computer connection”. You need to go into this and check the MTP box. Should be sorted!”

  36. ming otromen says:

    First time i rooted my P4 3G using max method.. My tab couldnt recognise CWM so i opted to flash TWRP instead it worked.. So now all of my backup are done with TWRP from stock rom and kernel to the latest A1 kernel and gsm modem and phone enabler. My question is can i flash this CM 10.1 using TWRP?

  37. jd.evo says:

    Can multi window be install for this ROM

  38. Deik Leodime says:

    How can I Overclock this android version? Which kernel should I use?

    • sriabhi says:

      Good question, u can always refer droidbasement website for kernals….
      That awesome site provide kernals….jst read the tut. there and flash.

    • Tozi says:

      I overclocked my Tab 10.1 with an app called “No-frills CPU Control” from the market, it actually made a big difference in some of the game apps and other apps I use. Pushed mine to 1400 and it’s performing quite well.

      • Deik Leodime says:

        Thank you a lot buddy. No-frills works perfectly. 😀

        • Ben Whitaker says:

          Yes, the No-Frills could not be easier - amazingly simple once you have root.
          The speed jump from that 1.0 to 1.4 overclock was as much as the jump from stock ICS to CyanogenMod 10.1 Android 4.2.2.

          So now my ancient Tab 10 is quick, and running the most modern OS … right on !

  39. jd.evo says:

    Updated this ROM to nightly and I am having issues with my browsers it keeps saying not responding and closes does anyone else have this problem and how can I fix this

  40. VP.vup says:

    hey buddy,i use cm10.1 latest build ,can you tell me how can i get the notification panel down to right side on the status bar and the other three keys(home ,back,multiview window select) to the left corner cm10 4.1.2

  41. djbasen says:

    Hey, how to enable ad-hoc on that rom? (p4wifi)

  42. Erick Pedroza says:

    ZedoMax buddy I would like to know I know u havent updated this in a while but ive been trying to root my sch-i905 aka the vzw tab 10.1 I have stock ics but I cant for the life of me find any dang info if you could help I would greatly appreciate it plz plz plz plz help

  43. Ankur Gupta says:

    Hi. Will it work for mt tab 10.1 GT-P7500R?

  44. BISWAJIT KUMAR says:

    when i installed the overlclock rom they asked for a security pass by i skipped and when i did data wipe for cyanogenmod to install it did not install but when i rebooted it is asking for a password and its not starting idont know about the password please help….

  45. Albert Reguyal says:

    I havent been using my tab 10.1 because of my recent devices….i have noticed only now that my 32GB P7500 is now only 13GB….can’t find what happened to the other half of my memory…any ideas? my tab is running CM10.1 JB4.2.2

    • ms.samsprung says:

      When you’ve changed btwn ROMs in the past did you make a point of wiping the delvic cache? That might help, but I’m sure I’ve read about this before and it seems like it was definitively answered. I just can’t remember what the answer was or where I read it. I’m sorry I know that’s not very helpful, but it was either here or on XDA. You may want to look in the Mobile Odin threads, that was the last topic I was digging into.

  46. rock amit says:

    how to install thisss?????? pls hlp me..

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