CM10.1 ROM for Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Tab 2! [Android 4.2.2]

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CM10.1 ROM with Android 4.2.2 is here for your Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Tab 2 Android tablets.

CM10.1 ROM is now an official build, meaning its more stable than ever and officially supported by the CyanogenMod Team.

The latest Android 4.2.2 brings additional stability and added performance to your Tab 10.1 and Tab 2.

The latest CM10.1 ROM gives you everything you wanted to know about Android 4.2.1 with Android 4.2 camera (sorry, Photo Sphere is not included), 4.2 GMail, and some more.

If you haven’t tried CM10.1 Android 4.2.2 yet, definitely give it a go today and let me know what you think!

To prevent rolling screens, do this:
For Tab 10.1 Wifi, make sure you flash the US bootloader via ODIN if you don’t have a U.S. version of Tab 10.1 Wifi.
For Tab 10.1 3G, make sure you flash the UK bootloader via ODIN if you don’t have a U.K. version of Tab 10.1.
Don’t know how to use ODIN? See video on this page as reference, process is exact same just different file for PDA.

Also see installation notes at bottom for other variants.


Download CM10.1 for Tab 10.1 Wifi (P4Wifi), Download US Bootloader
Download CM10.1 for Tab 10.1 3G (P4), Download UK Bootloader
Download CM10.1 for Tab 10.1 T-Mobile (P4TMO)
Download CM10.1 for Tab 10.1 Verizon (P4VZW)
Download CM10.1 for Tab 10.1v (P3)

Download CM10.1 for Tab 7 (P3100)
Download CM10.1 for Tab 7 Wifi (P3110)
Download CM10.1 for Tab 10.1 (P5100)
Download CM10.1 for Tab 10.1 Wifi (P5110)

Download Gapps 4.2.2 (Make sure you install this to get Play Store and other Google apps!!!!!!!!!!)

Installation Notes:
-For P4VZW: You must be on stock ICS (and it’s modem) before flashing to this build, for LTE functionality
-For P4WIFI UK: You must be on the US ICS bootloader (odin .tar.md5 inside the .zip in the folder), otherwise you may incur a rolling screen
-For P4: You must be on the UK ICS bootloader (odin .tar.md5 from UK inside the folder), otherwise you may incur a rolling screen.
-For P3: It is advised to be on P4′s ICS modem for best results.
-For P4*: You must be on the ICS modem for best results.

Credits - CyanogenMod

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152 Responses to CM10.1 ROM for Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Tab 2! [Android 4.2.2]

  1. ms.samsprung says:

    Hey Max,
    This build has been my first experience with CM Nightlies. Is it safe to assume, judging from your file’s name, that I can just do today’s update and therefore have the official build? Or is there more to it? I’d like to avoid the whole backup/wipe/restore tango this morning, if its not necessary. It just occurred to me, I probably could of had it done in the time its taken me to type this email XD.

  2. ms.samsprung says:

    Hi Max,
    2 things I almost forgot :
    1) On CM 10.1, where on earth have they hidden USB DEBUGGING & I haven been able to find in settings a location to change fonts. Is there one?

    2) I can’t believe I neglected, in my previous post this morning, to thank you!?!?! Thank you very much for everything you do & share with us noobs. B/c of your videos & sites, what started as a necessity for one phone has turned into a hobby for all my devices ( sgs4g, sgs2, SG tab 10.1 x2). I was even able to successfully root/ unlock / super CID an HTC my touch 4g with a bad emmc chip! its funny whenever i start having trouble working on a device, as evidenced by my torrets flaring up, my husband will try to help & the first thing he’ll ask is, “…is that how that guy, Max, says to do it?”

    Anyway, just thought you should know. Your appreciated.

  3. Julian says:

    Hi Max,
    I have Galaxy Tab P7510 rooted running Android 4.0.4 Kernel 3.1.10_A1_V1.5.9_extreme_edition. I would like to upgrde to 4.4.2. Which file should I download from your list? Thx for your help

  4. Julian says:

    Sorry . I would like to upgrade to 4.2.2

    • SavaS says:

      Download the first one, and dont forget to download gapps….

      1. Flash US bootloader via ODIN
      2. Flash ROM via CWM/TWRP
      3. Flash Gapps via CWM/TWRP
      4. Wipe cache/dalvink cache
      5. Factory reset
      6. Reboot and enjoy 😉

  5. george says:

    I know im goagetit I have a tab 2 7 stock running 4.1.1 with cm recovery will this work on this tablet

  6. sriabhi says:

    Ufffff, installed cm 10.1 4.2.2 from xda long back.
    I hate this, as im dieing to disable status bar from my cm 10 4.1.2, here comes lol dual status bar.
    Worse to see dual status bar in 4.2.2

    Why the hell, this status bar is needed. Dual status bar is worse.

    And max, if u can diable status bar in this 4.2.2 build, plz suggest me.
    Then i wil come again to 4.2.2.

    • sriabhi says:

      Omg, dual status bar disable option in 4.2.2
      So this is the best custom rom of this tab.
      I will stay in this rom….ooohooooo

  7. xal says:


    Im using at galaxy tab 10.1 pt7500.
    Am i able to use this ROM?
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  8. Tozi says:

    on screen keyboard slides out after typing one character for some reason, doesnt do this with the dock, but kind of annoying when I’m trying to talk to my friends on skype or other programs. I noticed it doesnt do this while in some other forms of keyboards though, like for unified remote and a game I play called “Arcane Empires” though it borks when I try to send a message in the game. General cruising on the internet will cause it too. Any ideas?

    • ms.samsprung says:

      I’ve been running the nighty builds for a couple of weeks now & as best as I can tell this has always been a problem. Ive had great success with the jelli bean keyboard, free on play. I don’t know if you’ve also noticed that the Google search bar force closes, I get around this with the web icon (little earth one) in the nav bar. Good luck.

  9. Narto Tumin says:

    Hi, ms Samprung
    I wonder if camera works well (with panorama shooting mode) and can I use the phone calling function in this 4.2.2. Please advise (right now I use hacking prog which I can make call from my Tab - Gt7500). Thanks

    • ms.samsprung says:

      Sorry just now seeing your question & not able to check a camera. But, phone does work on my except can’t hangup 😛 I either have to reboot or wait for other person to hang up. Hope this helps.

  10. al says:

    please advise which cm rom download to use for galaxy tab 10.1 gpt 7510???????? You listed the 5100…being a newbie Im not sure which one to use….I would appreciate an answer…thanks.

  11. Aaron Richardson says:

    Ok does anyone know which one to download for a galaxy tab 2 GT-P5113?

  12. Yopet says:

    Hi Max,

    Would you know if this rom is capable of tablet encryption on p7500?


  13. LT says:

    I have tried most of the roms for the GT P7510 but have found none reliable. The roms work well for a couple of days or even a couple of months but eventually crash. CM10.1 is a good rom but freezes while in settings and reboots for no reason. I tried to fix permissions but the tablet would stop at 169 out of 198 and reboot. Are any roms ready for daily use? My favorite was the rom Maplesyrup put together, it had no working cameras but it was fast and some what reliable. Any suggestions?

  14. Pingback: Formatting/Wiping memory

  15. xandom says:

    I flased 10.1 and I cant see any files in cyan filemanager.It says “error no files and folders found” but I can see them in tje redovery and ics roms. Not in any jellybean rom. Can I get a fix for this.


  16. Arunas says:

    Hi, I have P7500 device (has wifi and 3G functionality). Is is not from T-Mobile or Verison so I used following file : “CM10.1 for Tab 10.1 3G (P4)” and loaded with Odin file “Download UK Bootloader”. I get error message while lading file from SD card using CLWR. Not sure what else could I try? It says something about P4 … not…. Seems like it does not recognize device as P4 (which I don’t understand what it means, but assume my P7500XXLQ8 should be upgradable?)

  17. Arunas says:

    tried several times, same message that I can post precisely now :

    assert failed: getprop(“ro.product.device”)==”p” || getprop(”) == “p4”
    E:Error in /sdcard/
    (Status 7)
    Installation abborted.

    • ms.samsprung says:

      Have you tried TWRP (Teamwin Recovery Project) for loading the Rom? You can get it on XDA website & maybe Play, I don’t remember. It sounds like you’re using the right version. My instincts would be to install TWRP Recovery & DO A BACKUP HERE PRIOR TO NEW BOOTLOADER, then boot into Download mode & work thru the instructions to install UK Boot loader via Odin, then reboot into TWRP Recovery, factory wipe & install the rom & gapps. Sometimes the Galaxy products do better with TWRP than CWR, don’t ask me why. Also check you’re dwnld size, I’ve found if I set something to dwnld, walk away, come back my device will indicate “dwnld completed”, but occasionally if mirror has a lot of traffic the file will be like a fraction of the size its supposed to be. In other words incomplete, easy fix, dwnld again. Hope this helps, keep in mind I’m a newbie, too, not a dev. So pls don’t substitute my advice for that of someone with more experience or knowledge.

  18. Felix says:

    2nd post. Why is my last post still showing “Waiting for Moderation”?

    I am still having issues with the disappearing keyboard. I have found this to be a problem for many but so far everything I have tried is still not working. Most of the posts suggest to use the Wingray gapps file. I just finished reflashing trying that one and still no go. I have flashed and flashed and cleared and cleared but so far no luck.

    Any ideas?

    • ms.samsprung says:

      Hi Felix,
      Do not despair. I’ve got your solution. Download from Play - Jellibean Keyboard, its free. I really like it & it solves the slide out problems, but I believe some of the other keyboards will also take care of this issue if there’s one you find you might prefer. Give it shot. Good luck.

      • Felix says:

        Thanks for the quick reply. Do you see my other post a few up? Perhaps that one got missed as it still shows awaiting moderation.

        Anyway I just finished restoring a nandroid backup to my Galaxy Tab. I’ll try your suggestion tomorrow.

        And FYI simply tapping the Google Search bar at the top of the screen will momentarily bring up Google Search and the Keyboard of course then it will Force Close(Google). And that is on top of the other Apps where the keyboard simply disappears.

  19. Brendan says:

    Hi, I have 4.0.4 with update from CHN to solve battery issue (great success over any other stock Rom). What is the battery drain like on the tab with CM10.1 (4.2.2)? I can say with the other one, if everything is off, battery drain is about 1% a day… Just wondering how this one will stack up…. Any experience so far??

  20. Kyle says:

    I have a question if someone can please answer, I can’t seem to find an answer.
    I have an original Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wifi only GT-P7510 model running android factory stock 3.2 non rooted or nothing and want to flash this version of jelly bean 4.2.2 (described above). My question is, if something goes wrong after I have completely flashed it, (not during the flashing/rooting/custom recovery/rom process but after) is it possible to revert/undo everything back to factory stock android 3.2?
    What concerns me is, can one revert all the way back from android 4.2.2 to android 3.2 safely?

    Also one more question, if I wish to choose to flash this rom (above), do I have to upgrade/begin from the official Samsung ICS 4.0.4 version? Or can I choose to flash/root my tab from Honeycomb 3.2 factory?

    I ask the question of reverting back just in case, because I saw some comments above stating that this rom breaks down or crashes after a couple of weeks of use? and I don’t understand what would happen…
    Im a little new to flashing and rooting and the custom recovery, but im a little familiar with a few things/terms, sorry if misread/missed an answer to this question, but I tried searching extensively for an answer and can’t seem to find anything.

    Thank you for anyone who can please help and your time!!

    • Kyle says:

      Oh forgot to add one thing,
      As in would it be possible to revert back from 4.2.2 to 3.2 if I made an Nandroid backup? Is that possible to use to revert back?

  21. ms.samsprung says:

    Hey Kyle,
    Let me start by saying that I, too, am a newbie. So, do your due diligence & certainly don’t substitute my advice for that of someone with more knowledge/experience.
    That having been said, I have been hacking my devices, phones/tabs/Samsung/HTC, for about a year now. Ultimately, all with success. And it was one of Zedomax’ videos that I started with & keep coming back to if I get into any trouble.
    Anyway, my suggestions for you would be:
    1)first go ahead and root your device. That experience alone will be hugely educational & give you a familiarity that you just won’t get otherwise. Don’t be fooled by how simple it looks on paper but also don’t get scared off either.
    2) once rooted, you’ll have a custom recovery on your device. Its this custom recovery once installed, that does all the ROM/Recovery work. So, pretty much whatever goes on with your device, as long as you can get into this custom recovery you can fix it. And there’s a couple ways to get into it, but you’ll learn that. BTW I’ve used both cwm & twrp, & although I started out with cwm I’m starting to prefer twrp. Some Samsung products don’t play well with cwm or Rom manager.
    3)as you mentioned, prior to making any changes, you do a backup. This can be a Nandroid backup or you can do a backup from either of the custom recoveries. And as long as you can get into recovery mode you can access this back up & install it.
    4) as far as installing CM 10.1 directly from Honeycomb, yes you can, to the best of my knowledge. To quote their site,”…is an alternative operating system, to replace the one installed on your smart device…”, so I take that to mean replace, not augment, enhance or anything else to imply cm is dependant on your current os. I’ve installed directly from honeycomb, gingerbread & ICS without problems.

    When you get to the point where you’re installing this or any other ROM, be sure to do your backup, be sure youre installing the version that is appropriate for your device, download gapps at the same time you download your Rom (I forgot once, couldn’t figure out what the hell was wrong at first, duh! No problems just a pain in the butt), you’ll also want a file manager(I prefer androzip), & titanium backup is a must. I feel like I’m forgetting something, but that should be enough to keep you busy for at least the weekend. Oh and you’ll need to download a keyboard from Play, I like Jellybean keyboard, as the native one slides out.
    Happy flashing!

    • Kyle says:

      Hi ms. samsprung
      well first of all thank you for taking your time to help me out, means alot!! I didn’t think i would get a reply that quick!
      Anyways, well alright sounds good, I guess ill go ahead and give it go later today.
      Last thoughts (sorry if im asking too much, but you just sound very knowledgeable and helpful!!), well before I choose to flash a rom can I ask what version of android or whichever android/rom do you like/have for your galaxy tab? I would like to install this one i suppose, unless you know of a better 4.2.2 rom that you might prefer, is this the best looking one for now?

      and one more final question that way i can kinda know and get a feel how the way all this works, okay say im running a custom jellybean rom or whichever (this is of course after flashing the custom recovery, root, and gapps) and i decide i want to go back to my factory honeycomb. Okay so I go into my custom recovery (power off and hold power and volume down) wipe all the data, cache, and delvik, then go to backup and restore> and then i hit restore…and then i should be back in honeycomb right? but from there if i wanted to, could i choose to download the official ota ICS? does it work like that? can you still download that even with a custom recovery or do i have to completely remove the custom recovery so that i can download factory ICS?

      Again im sorry if im asking too much, I find this all interesting to know what you can an can’t do and what does and doesn’t work. Plus you are very helpful! and I feel with those questions above answered, I should have a strong understanding of well the basics but then should be ready to go with the flashing.
      Anyways please let me know, if not all the questions, then just at least which rom your using or prefer for your tab.

  22. ms.samsprung says:

    Hey Kyle,
    No problem with the questions, I’m happy to help if I can. And it just so happens ive tossed & turned all night anyway, so at least i can feel productive. But, I feel I must emphasize, I’m relatively new, too. Self taught with the guidance of this & similar sites, also making the most of other people’s Q & A on the blogs (do yourself a favor & read it all). So, please double/triple check everything. Which reminds me, are you familiar with XDA Developers website, invaluable resource? Also, CyanogenMod has its own site & ClockworkMod Recovery, too. I typically bounce back & forth btwn the appropriate Zedomax site & XDA.
    As far as what I’m running on my tab, CM 10.1 Nightlies, last I checked this seemed best. But to be fair, I’ve been spending a lot more time working with my phone, SGS2, than on my tab so there very well could be ROMs available that I’m not aware of. Also, you should be aware that custom ROMs are likely to have from minimal to tons of imperfections, its the price we pay to be out in front on new developments. CM 10.1 Nightlies specifically has these issues I’ve found so far: the native keyboard slides out on you(get one off play); the Google Search bar won’t work ( use the little earth icon in navigation bar); using voice activation from either gives you a force close (but is fine from new keyboard). I think there might be 1 or 2 other little glitches, but I can’t come up with them right now. If you can deal with that than what I like is that you can setup your device to send your anonymous logs back to Dev, so they can figure it out, improving their work for all of us. Kind of like a public service ;-).
    O.k. about recovery/restore. Remember the steps that you would have taken to get there. 1) root, 2) backup, 3) install new Rom. So, when you restore in this scenario, your restoring the stock honeycomb Rom, which is right where you’d want to be to proceed to the next stock Rom, ….EXCEPT…. to do ota updates you can’t be rooted. So, after restoring to stock honeycomb you’ll need to un-root device, get your OTA update, then re-root. A lot of people would wonder why once rooted, you’d even care about OTA updates, including me. But then I remembered that I spent a good 2-3 hours just last night doing essentially the same thing on my phone XD So, its your time & your device do what makes you happy.
    Now, if you’re going to root your device it would be at this point that you would do it. I’m not trying to influence you, but the work it takes to do it for the first time is a great education in itself. Be sure you’re fully charged, do the leg work/read everything, double check at each step prior to executing it, let us know how it goes!
    Good luck!

    • Kyle says:

      Well once again, thank you ms. samsprung
      And thank you for your lengthy and detailed an very helpful explanation.
      And yes, way before I had even came to this website, i had been checking out and familiarizing myself with the CM website,CWM, xda alot and etc.
      Anyways as far as my experience is going, right now I had successfully flashed the CWM and rooted the device and had Titanium Backup up and running with root permissions. Went great!!! then i had to kinda figure out how to use titanium, I think i got it now, so now i just made the nandroid backup and am about to finally flash this rom (above) and see how things go!

      Oh and yeah, I know I felt kinda weird asking the question about “why once rooted, that I would even care about OTA updates” Well your probably gonna laugh, the reason I had wanted to know to be able to go back was because first of all, I personally love Honeycomb purely for the reason that it is themed blue! I love the dark blue it has and which is also why I never upgraded to ICS because the transitions when sliding from homescreen to screen are all dull grey and I didn’t care for that. Yes ICS maybe faster, but id rather look at blue than grey. So yup there you go, thats why I wanted to know the whole thing. and as for the ota thing, I asked that because just in case while I was flashing and well am about to go to the new rom, for any reason the flashing to the new rom doesn’t work because i had started on honeycomb, I thought i may have to go back to honeycomb using the nandroid restore, then upgrade to factory ICS and then start the whole rooting blah process again. And thats also why i had asked you can I start from honeycomb because i wanted to keep the honeycomb Nandroid backup as my always be able to go back to blue themed version lol.

      Anyways, so far so good, like i said about to flash the rom above and see how that happens and if im successful in being able to use titanium to restore some very important office apps (which says that are system apps) that i use for my classes. but yeah ill let you know here. Just I feel little bad clogging up this comment section.

      Again thank you ms. samsprung! and of course Max for your helpful videos and this whole site.

  23. ms.samsprung says:

    Wow, Kyle! That was quick! I’m so impressed! When I first started hacking my devices it coincidently coinsided(sp?) with the onset of my Torrents 😉 Congradulations! Soon you’ll be helping me, really great.
    As far as backups, I also make sure when adding contacts that I save them to Google, so when I start up in a new Rom all that info automatically updates. I, too, feel like I’m not availing myself of all Titanium has to offer, but if there wasn’t more to learn I’d get bored. Also, now that you’ve made your backup of honeycomb, no matter how many different ROMs you try you will always have that back up to revert to. Provided, of course, you don’t delete it.
    Currently, I’m in the process of weeding thru all the different ROMs I have dwnld, & either deleting or saving to SD. I plan to keep one, an old tried & true one, on each device just in case. And “just in case” happens, believe me. A couple of weeks ago I was going to be wait a couple of hours for one of my sons, decided I’d hang out in my car & screw around with my phone & tab. No problem. So I decided to install a new Rom I’d dwnld a few day before. Once I did I lost all services b/c the APN settings didn’t carry over from previous. Shouldn’t have been a problem b/c I can get the settings off the web, but no web. O.k., I can get them from my husband we use same carrier, but no phone. Last resort I’ll call the company, but they won’t give it to me b/c they say they turned me off a week ago for excessive data usage! So now I’m stuck in my car for a couple hours to go with nothing!! Then I wondered if I reinstalled an old Rom would that get it back? Ta da, presto, Chang installed an old Rom & I was back up & running in minutes, despite my carrier having “shut down” my data!! Another reason to root your phones/ tabs. Have a great weekend.

    • Kyle says:

      haha thanx! 🙂 yea I wish i had more access to other android devices to experiment more, But I only have just my tab and the Evo 4G lte, I would be happy to help you out thing is now when it comes to phones im kinda not comfortable touching those because of the 3g/4g data services being messed up, In the past i was always able to root them but then yea i came across those data problems. I had alot of trouble when i got my Evo 4g lte to work, but i had to take it to someone though. What i wish i could do for my evo is install the official jellybean but with the rom version of “stock w goodies.” anyways thats another story, but wow congrats for you when you got your phone working!

      Oh yeah so my tab is amazing now with the rom above, everything works really great! Felt like i almost got a brand new tablet! I think I only came across just 2 minor problems, which was the expected google now doesn’t work even when I updated it (but thats no prob for me), and I wasnt able to restore the app I really needed which was HD Quickoffice Pro. I was able to restore it through titanium and saw all my word and excel files but when i click any of them it forces close. I may just have to buy it from the market place. Oh and as for the stock/native keyboard, it works perfect for me, doesn’t force close or nothing, the “swype” functionality it has works just amazing. Feel it is pretty much up there with SwiftKey.

      Oh last few thoughts about it, (lol i promise ill leave you alone with the questions) so yes like you said, I made the nandroid backup of the honeycomb so now, if an when I ever choose to go back I can just enter my recovery and wipe everything and choose the restore to honeycomb with all the apps it had? Just like that? and last, can I have multiple Nandroid backups even with different android versions? like so now I have my honeycomb and then I decide that I also want to have one now for the above jellybean rom? And so i should be able to hop around to other roms and I can always restore to either my honeycomb or the jellybean rom above right?

      • ms.samsprung says:

        You got it. What will happen in that case is when you enter recovery, & hit restore, a window will open with your backups listed, then you just pick the one you want to reinstall. As far as your device is concerned these are just separate files of generic storage just like any other storage files you have on your device, until of course you choose to install one. So honeycomb, ics, jb files will just hang out side by side w/o conflict. Its when a rom/ backup is installed that it is “activated” & typically you’ll only have one going at a time. Although, I understand Max has a tutorial to enable having two ROMs installed simultaneously, but I don’t remember which device its for. These backups will have all your apps & Everything, so no need for gapps, etc. BTW, separate from rooting/roms/etc, if you need to reinstall an app you’ve already paid for, & it was a one time pay, go to Play>settings/menu>my account/my apps> it should be there to reinstall. This has been fun, like watching your kid take their first steps, now if only I could get my 20 something’s motivated & moving! Lol. See you around, & keep trying with that Evo, keep broadening your horizons. 🙂

  24. Ali says:

    Just finished installing CM10.1 couple days ago. So far super stable. It literally hasn’t crashed yet. And is very fast compared to stock rom. The only minor issues that I’ve had is the stock keyboard disappears on the mail app, but a really easy fix for that is installing SwiftKey.

    Another issue is occasional flickering, but in my opinion not a big enough deal to warrant using stock rom.

  25. Kyle says:


    Just thought i would share, I ended up flashing a (to what I think is a very recent version) rom of CM10.1 Nightlies from using android 4.2.2. Anyways I flashed it and I personally think its a bit more smoother and stable than the above one. Also I was able to get Google Now working perfectly! Everything works and I have root permissions as well. Also I would like mention, not sure if anyone has noticed, but the above like for flashing the gapps is not for 4.2.2 its actually for 4.2.1. So I went and found the correct gapps for 4.2.2 at this site teamandroid com/gapps/ (without quotes, and click mirror #1). So I flashed them, they worked. Just thought android 4.2.2 should have gapps optimized for well android 4.2.2.
    Also again, the native/stock keyboard works perfectly, rarely rarely rarely ever force closes but its not enough to be affected for daily use (at least thats just me).

    Last thing to ms. samsprung (or anyone who can clarify this)
    Why is that when after wiping data/cache/delvik then after flashing a new rom, I still see all my Documents, pictures, word docs and excel docs etc. I thought that was supposed to delete and clear everything? Yes my recent apps where gone, but all my folders and even my photos in the gallery still had their contents?
    I noticed today that when i was in CWM i thought let me go check if my nandroid backups where there. To my surprise they where not. This is even of course after I performed the backup, and then I successfully flashed a rom and yup. So I thought what the hell lol. So I went to try to see if I could locate my honeycomb 3.2 backup that i made using the Nandroid and I found it where it was using a pc-tablet-clockworkmod folder-and there it was. But it wasn’t appearing in the menus in CWM backup and restore. So I had to manually locate where CWM uses or basically how to get my backup to appear in the menu which is in this path mnt shell emulated clockwork thats where i copied and pasted my 3.2 backup and there it was, it appeared in the CWM menus again. I have no idea why this has to be done…but yea anyways just thought I would share in my flashing roms experience and etc.

  26. Laurie says:

    How can I get my extra internet tab at the address line when I’m on the web. Something happened and I am having a heck of a time trying to figure it out. Thanks in advance for any help.

  27. Ben Whitaker says:

    Although the trail was seriously challenging, with so many pitfalls along the way, now that I have installed CM 10.1 on my 10.1 I am ecstatic with the results.

    A truly accurate install guide with up-to-date links would be ideal, but for now it’s more like a mountaintop grotto for people who can handle 4 hours of unexpected setback and challenge.

    The result though, is amazing. This ancient 1Ghz Galaxy Tab 10 now feels faster than my Galaxy Note which just got a Kies Jellybean update today.

    I am thinking I may have to flash CM 10.1 on the Note tomorrow although it just graduated to official Samsung Jellybean 4.2.1 today - but it feels slow.

    Unreasonably ecstatic about the CM 10.1 upgrade - this ancient 2011 Slab Tab is now whip-quick.

  28. christopher says:

    By flashing UK boot loader, will this rom be compatible on i497 model?

  29. daniel says:

    I have upgrade to 4.2.2 on tab 10.1 and the tablet cant detect and read my external SDcard with Samsung SDcard adapter. It is working when I was on ICS. Not sure is there something I did wrong or is there settings I need to enable?

    • admin says:

      are you using 64GB card by any chance?

      • daniel says:

        nope it is a 16G and 32GB and both are the same

        • Kyle says:

          first of all, im not sure if this will work, but I did have a similar problem you had but it was when connecting to a computer, my pc couldn’t detect anything. So this may or may not work. What I did was first go to settings > Developer Options > Scroll down to Debugging, and make sure “Android Debugging” is ticked. After which if that still does not work then under settings again go to > apps > slide to running> do you see a process called “Media”? If its not there, is it under “All”? Anyways if you do see that, click it and force stop disconnect the SDcard and reconnect again. That fixed it for me. But again this was when my pc could not detect my tablet.
          Let me know what happens!

          • daniel says:

            Hi I realize it was due to the file explorer does not have root access and external SDcard is mounted and required root access. When I use ES explorer, it works fine. Thanks for helping out

  30. Krishna says:

    I ve newly bought galaxy tab 2 10.1 gt-p5113 and dont have skype app with it, how can I download and install?

    • MaxC says:

      Really? Just go to the Play Store, search for it and install it.

      • Krishna says:

        Thank you MaxC !
        But it says it is not available in my country. In this situation can I install and use that application installed in any other different model of galaxy tablet ?

  31. Stefan says:

    I would love using this rom if the Audio Jack Plug-In would behave normally 🙁

    Whenever I plug in my headphones, and my tab (p7510) is in silent mode:
    When I press the volume button UP once: Volume extremely loud
    When I press the volume button UP once more: Volume is low like it should.
    Then keep pressing UP will make the tab remain on same volume. After volume at 80% it starts getting louder again.

    Youtube HD video’s lag for me.
    (I have had this problem on any rom running 4.0 or higher. Even stock ICS… )
    Overclocking doesn’t seem to do the job for me 🙁
    Thanks to this problem I’m still running android 3.2….

    Do you know any fix for one of these problems or both?

    • Johan says:

      I have the same problems! Lag in youtube and the volume problem. I have lag in same games as well. and Google now in search bar isn’t working (I’ve installed google search as well) Google now works in the widget but not in search bar.


  32. Trey says:

    First thanks soooo much guys. I have a super locked up and featured blocked up Samsung TAB GT-7500 3G, and thats the way China does it. They lockup everything, no bluetooth, no front camera, no Google play store and more.

    BUT with your method and instructions I just unlocked the most difficult of all tabs in the world. I deleted the whole China Android 3.1 and installed the Jelly Bean 4.2.2 rom, and wow soooo good. I did a happy dance, I thought I would brick it because of the Chinese shit they do to Samsung Phones and Tabs.

    Its works great. Only two problems.
    1.Google search app closes after opening for 5 seconds. ( Can you help me with this, I love Google cards.)
    2. Keyboard minimized itself after pushing one button. BUT after installing Google Chinese IME Keyboard the problem was gone.

    You guys are the best ^^, you saved me from buying a new Tab

  33. pege63 says:

    USB charging does not work on this room i have to use this metod to get it work.

    Step 1. First, you will need a rooted Galaxy Tab 10.1 with Pershoot’s overclocking kernel or a custom ROM with Pershoot’s overclocking kernel.

    Step 2. Install free Android Terminal Emulator app off the Market.

    Type “su”.

    Then type, “echo 1 > /sys/class/power_supply/battery/force_usb_charging”.

    That’s it! Plug in your USB cable to your computer or any USB charging device (even your car USB charger) and you can now re-charge.

  34. Andy says:

    Lots of dumb asses asking stupid questions guess that can’t read for shit! It’s called RESEARCH!!!! Guess people need smart devices to make up for their stupid brain.

  35. isaac says:

    hello i have installed cm 10.1 on my galaxy tab 10.1 16 gb 3g p7500 and everything runs great eccept it does not recognise the whole 16 gb space, and it reduced my device to only 8 gb, does enyone know how to solve this?

    • Trey says:

      Yes, I know why

      Because you didn’t manually delete all of the files and system from the first installation that the tab came with when you first bought it. Just because you did a CWM Wipe out of the previous android OS doesn’t mean it delete other files like video, music and apps that are still installed, just not used.

      So basically you have trash left from the old Android life OS and you just installed a new Android OS system. So you need to plug it into your PC and find the old files that you used before, it should be easy because you know what you installed in the past. Delete the old stuff you dont use now.

      That will bring back some or more of the GB’s you lost.
      I also had this issue, I was like WHAT? why are all of my old files still here? I did a CWM wipe and clean of my Android OS. Its ok now. I found my old shit, delete it and no problem now. ^^

  36. edgardo granda says:

    What link is right for me i have Galaxy Tab 10.1 p7510 4.0.4

    • ms.samsprung says:

      Hi Edgardo,
      Are you sure you have your model number right? Or is your tablet possibly a Samsung NOTE tablet? B/c the closest numbers to matching yours that I could find were “n 7000”, “n 7100”, “n 8000” & “n 8013” all NOTE models, otherwise for the Sam Galaxy Tab family the #s are p3, p4, & p5 and variations of those 3 numbers. You might want to check out “” to clarify.
      Hope this helps, Ms. Samsprung

      • Edgardo says:

        Are you sure because when I go to settings and check the model that is the number it gives me and it’s also in the back of my tablet and just to make sure you got the right information I have the galaxy tab (the first not the second ) running ics it’s not rooted yet I want to wait until I find a good ROM that works

        • ms.samsprung says:

          You know what I believe you are right & I misspoke. I apologize. I’m going to take a few minutes to organize my thoughts ( I’ve been up all night with a very sick little 3 WK old kitten) & see if I can’t speak more knowledgably regarding a device which virtually hasn’t left my sight in over 2yrs! I’ll be back in a few.

          • Edgardo says:

            It’s alright I hope your kitten gets better and don’t worry take your time

          • ms.samsprung says:

            I’m back… after a quick refresher, its my opinion that you would flash the “p4wifi” file. Of course I want to point out that im not a dev and I would never suggest that you substitute a more knowledgable persons advice with my own. That said I have successfully modded many of my devices as a hobby and am just interested in being helpful. The decision & risk are yours alone.
            So, did i understand you right that you still have an unrooted device? Which is fine of course but I thought I saw you around these sights frequently? If so, good. Make sure you have as much of a familiarity as you can. Now, is your tab the U.S. or UK version? Because you’ll want to make sure that if its the UK version that you also flash the U.S. boot loader to avoid rolling screen. I apologize again for the confusion earlier, btwn the kitten & my new SGS4, I haven’t been working on my tab as much as usual. Hope this helps.

          • Edgardo says:

            It’s U.S. by the way how do you install the ROM it’s my first time rooting and installing a ROM

          • ms.samsprung says:

            Hi Edgardo,
            Sorry I haven’t responded sooner but I’ve just gotten home. So, you’re ready to root? O.k. What do you already know? Do you have a preference regarding which recovery you prefer? Have you worked with Odin at all, do you have a decent Windows PC to use for the next couple of hours?
               As soon as I hear from you & get an idea of where we’re at, I’ll be happy to walk you through it. But be prepared this can take awhile or if we’re lucky it’ll go 1-2-3, easy as pie.

          • Edgardo says:

            Sorry I took so long it’s just that I just woke up and I think I know how to root I was going to do it in school but it didn’t allow it it stopped when I started working with Odin and my computer isn’t working so on Saturday I can probably get my hands on a computer from a library is windows xp OK?

          • Edgardo says:

            I can borrow my cousin’s computer in the weekend it depends if they won’t use it and do you know how to root without pc I heard of poot but I’m not sure if it’s for gingerbread only and is it possible to root on Mac and is an easy method and by the way I learned how to root from the video on this site it was “how to root ics on galaxy tab 10.1” by the way thanks for all the help

          • Edgardo says:

            By the way in the how to root ics video it shows two p7510 wifi files which one am I supposed to use

          • ms.samsprung says:

            Hey Edgardo,
            Did you see my last post to you? For some reason it ended up further down the page, check it out. I think it will answer some of your questions. As far as MAC, it is my understanding that using one to root with is possiblity, but purely for ideological reasons I have & continue to refuse to learn, deal with, etc., anything from THAT manufacture. For that you might want to try YOUTUBE. And as far as which file, I’d have to look & refresh memory, but dont have time right now. What I anticipated suggesting to you would be to follow the guide that can be found on this site, under the FAQ section. There are actually 2, one I prefer over the other, but I’d have to look again to tell you which but no time. Let me know how pc hunt goes.

          • Edgardo says:

            My computer hunt has lead me to failure I haven’t been able to find a computer do you know any methods on how to root without pc I’ve tried z4root it worked a little on my phone not on my tablet

  37. Jack says:

    Hi i just flashed this ROM and its great!! But there’s one thing that i found didn’t work. Its the USB flash drive with the samsung adapter. It just doesn’t seem to detect it. Is there a fix for this problem?

  38. danny says:

    hello i am a complete novice and im not sure how to flash a boot-loader. do i flash the new bootboader while the tablet is running? I take it after i flash the us bootloader i just flash the rom like normal? if i am wrong please give me some detailed instructions

  39. Toby says:

    Stuck on boot animation

    Hi there!
    Thanks for the great post!

    I’ve been trying to install this on my Galaxy Tab 10.1, successfully installed CWM Recovery, rooted the phone, then seemed to successfully flash the CM10.1. However on reboot it gets to the boot animation then stays there (left it for 15m before giving up).

    I am using an American (I believe) WiFi tablet, but I live in the UK (Bought it “restored” through eBay).

    Any suggestions? I tried reflashing with a stock rom and doing the whole process again but had the same result 🙁

    • ms.samsprung says:

      Hi Toby,
      Wouldn’t you need to install the UK ICS BOOTLOADER in conjunction with the CM 10.1 install? Not b/c of where you live btw but b/c of the odd converse relationship btwn CM 10.1, boot loaders & our tabs. The “.tar” for the boot loader should be in the file you’ve already dwnld. Or you could probably go directly to “” & find it there.

      Hope this helps, Ms. Samsprung

      • Toby Berrimam says:

        Thanks for your reply! Amazingly on the fourth attempt it worked, although I have no idea what I did differently on that try! I’m not even sure what version of the bootloader I ended up using :-S
        No matter, I am now a proud new member of the CM10.1 community, and loving it 😀


  40. Richard says:

    Does any of these work on the AT&T Galaxy Tab 2 10.1? I can’t seem to find a jellybean rom for that device.

  41. ms.samsprung says:

    Does your tab 2 receive service from AT&T or is it solely WiFi?
    If your tab 2:

    -receives GSM service from AT&T = p5100,
    - is WiFi only = p5110,
    - is WiFi + ir enabled = p5113.
    I noticed that Max didn’t specify “tab 2 10.1” above, but I’m sure that that was just an oversight as these i.d. # are straight from the CM website. With this info you should be good to go.

    Hope this helps, Ms. Samsprung.

    • no wifi on my att tab2 says:

      i can personally verify that the p5100 build will not work on the sgh-i497 along the lines of incorrect build come by on the screen when flashing on cwm

      • ms.samsprung says:

        Is there any chance that the file you have isn’t the complete dwnld? Just curious. Have you tried using TWRP instead of CWM?

  42. Cedric says:

    hi all

    After installing the Jelly bean 4.2.2 version via ODIN, do i also do the same for Google Apps, aka GAPPS?

    • ms.samsprung says:

      Hi Cedric,
      Did you just root your tab for the first time? Reason I ask is that once rooted you rarely, if ever, need to utilize Odin. That is of course if during rooting you flashed a custom recovery, i.e. CWM or TWRP.
      Typically, when I’ll be flashing a new Rom to my tab (or phones):
      First: dwnld the Rom to my device,
      Second: dwnld GAPPS zip file, if I don’t already have it,
      3rd: verify the files are where I expect them to be or search around until I find them & be sure they’re the expected size. At times when mirrors are busy I have found that my tab &/or PC have indicated that the dwnld was complete, only to find that just a fraction of the file actually dwnld which completely blows when you’ve already wiped everything & your phone is your only source of internet!
      4th: reboot into your custom recovery, I recheck w/in my recovery again for files I need,
      5th: MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A BACKUP, then wipe, flash ROM,
      6th: stay in recovery, at this point you can wipe dalvik cache, then install GAPPS ZIP.

      Please take this advice as a framework only & knowing I’ve been up all night with a sick 3week old kitten whom I adore. I feel like I’m forgetting something, but not something crucial. I’m commenting just to give you a basic idea, although I imagine I’ll be up a bit longer if anything else comes up. Good luck, enjoy.

      • Steffie says:

        Hi ms.samsprung [or anyone else who might know about this pls]

        Your Step 6 included “stay in recovery, at this point you can wipe dalvik cache”. I only realised a day or more after my recent ROM upgrade to JB 4.2.2 [] that i completely overlooked that task, instead i’d gone straight to installing gapps then rebooted into JB & Restored my data & apps via TB.

        My suspicion is that it might be slightly catastrophic if i *now* go & wipe the dalvik cache [???], so my question is: was that task really REALLY important such that i should now go & start all over again, or was it more along the lines of optional / nice to do but not critical?

        On a broadly related theme, i’m curious if i were to choose to do any further JB/CM Nightlies, do i need to repeat the *entire* sequence above [not the rooting & CWM as i suppose they were “once-off” requirements], including running Titanium Backup beforehand & then re-running it after the ROM flash to Restore all my apps & data again? I realise that might be a particularly dim query, but my metaphor is my Win7 x64 pc… even though MS seems to pump out patches & updates every 37 nanoseconds [or so it sometimes seems], they just all happen uneventfully & they do not require me to first backup my data every time & afterwards reinstall all my pgms then restore all my data.

        Ta, Steffie.

      • Noor says:

        Hi ms. Samsprung
        I really need your support. After flashing CWM recovery using odin my P7500 galaxytab is saying that there is no sdcard. My tab has no sdcard slot I dumped the zip files on the root memory of the table. How do I proceed?

        Please assist.

  43. Steffie says:

    Hi. I’ve owned my GT-P7510 Wi-Fi for 12 months, & enjoyed it. It came with Honeycomb, but several months ago i upgraded it to ICS via Kies [yuck], & enjoyed the new look & functions. Recently i’ve decided to update it again to JB 4.2.2 CM10.1 Nightly, & so found amazing sites like this one to educate me in my preparation [& also giggled at some of the humorous anecdotes; looking at you ms.samsprung, heehee]. So far i’ve only installed CWMR, performed the rooting procedure, & installed Titanium Backup. Next i will learn how to use TB & make my backup, then will proceed with CM10.1 Nightly.

    However i’d be grateful for advice here pls. The above work seemed to go successfully, but i’ve discovered that since doing it, my Tab now misbehaves every time I wake it up. Rather than then just giving me the usual Android ICS screen with security challenge, that screen is now unusable … full of high frequency horizontally-scrolling static lines that obliterate everything. There’s no choice each time but to actually reboot it, after which it seems to operate normally in all respects… til the next time I have to wake it. None of this will matter IF the next step of actually replacing ICS with JB will eliminate the fault. However, do i need to first fix this fault before it’s safe to proceed, or can i just ignore it for now & proceed with the upgrade?

    Many thanks. Steffie.

    • Steffie says:

      i resolved this problem, & wish i had read all the info more carefully, which would have avoided it altogether. I did not immediately realise that the “horizontal… static” as i described it, was actually the notorious “rolling screen” mentioned by others. Once the penny dropped, the fix was just so embarrassingly simple … flash the US Bootloader… as already recommended by others on this site. Duh Steffie!! [US_LPL_4.0.4_bootloader\4.0.4_bootloader.tar.md5].

      The annoying thing was that, being a total newbie with all this rooting & flashing stuff, i did extensive research online to try to learn all about what i needed to do, & how to do it, but i fear that i managed to muddle myself along the way. From the plethora of sites i visited i’d accumulated a hefty folder of downloaded files for when i was to begin the upgrade process… but also a deal of confusion about the specific procedure [some sites seemed a bit contradictory to some others… but it might only have been me “not getting it”]. In hindsight, out of this confusion i inadvertently had more than one Bootloader in my download folder, & as luck would have it, i initially used the wrong one, hence rolling screen upon each wake-up [even after i’d flashed CM10.1 to my ROM].

      Oh dear. Anyway, all good now, & i’m rather loving my “new” JB 4.2.2 GT-P7510, yay! This website, & all the corro on it, are an excellent resource for other newbies.

      • ms.samsprung says:

        Hey Steffi,
        You poor thing, I feel horrible you had to go it alone despite your making several, very reasonable requests for assistance. I’d have been happy to help where I could’ve, I just didn’t see your posts. But, on the other hand I’d bet you that due to having had to go it alone you’re head & shoulder beyond some others that for some reason keep getting hand held & refuse to do a little digging themselves. Good for you!
        Now, lets see if I be of any help. First, I want to make sure you know that I’m not a dev or in any way professionally associated w/ Zedomax. I can see how it might appear that way b/c of my previous posts but I’m just a huge fan of his that has subscribed to a couple of his sites, so I get emails when there are new posts, then I see a question I know the answer to and the rest is history. I’m a giver 😉 Also please don’t substitute my advice for that of a dev or someone with more experience or knowledge. And anything you do is at your own risk, blah,blah,blah. Anyway, wiping the dalvik cache has never seemed to make a huge difference to the function of my tab either way, so right now I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Certainly wouldn’t retrace my steps. But this did make me think of another action available to you, if you ever find that you’re having a lot of force closes, you can go into recovery, find “fix permissions”, & do it (can’t remember where I usually find it. I use TWRP and its either right there on the opening screen or it’s under the Advanced tab). It does help. As far as installing the nightly updates goes two things, 1) you really do want to do them. Cyanogen Mod releases roms in a few different stages of development, each with their own +s & -s. The Nightlies are the least stable (-) but are where you’ll get the latest features d/t being the newest (+) and their under almost constant surveillance via anonymous logs that our devices are sending in so their constantly being fine tuned, hen e the name “Nightlies”. So, if you dont do the updates its as though your rom is incomplete. Not to worry though, updating is easy and NO you dont have to do all that s!#t that you do when installing a new rom. You’ll start to notice in your notification bar that the usual icons now have a little blue circle in their lower right corner indicating an update is available. Go to settings, scroll to the bottom & open About Tablet, open the second choice, CM Update. Here you can choose how often you want the program to check for updates and what kind of updates you want to be notified of. If you don’t see any updates on the page, hit refresh, then choose which update to dwnld. You can use the tab while dwnldg, when done it’ll ask if you want to install, install takes less than 3 mins. Really easy. And as far as you amassing a huge dwnld file while researching, there being conflicting info, and “you not getting it” - don’t be to hard on yourself. My only advise would be to be aware of the potential to trip yourself up with all the dwnlds & come up with a system to manage it. You could of been describing me a couple weeks ago when I had rooted my new SGS4, which was really easy, but then I was going to return it for an exchange so I needed to unroot & reinstall stock. Shouldn’t have been a problem, but of course it was. Dwnld files, saw they were ready, wiped the phone ( at this point I should point out I live on my boat & my phone is my internet), started first file, no problem, went to start dwnldg second file BUT it dwnld incomplete! Long story short the solution included my husband following me to Starbucks early in the morning b/c of course its a 1000 hrs dwnld ( not really but close), find parking close enough to pick up their wifi, start the dwnld, lock the car, go home & set timer to go get car later. Worked, but jeez what a stupid oversight and yet a great story in its entirety. Hope this helps.

        • Steffie says:

          Hi ms.samsprung … i hoped to reply b4 now, but have been unable to access this site for quite a while [weird error msg]… anyway, it’s ok again now.

          Ta for your reply & v helpful info. I must say that, though i’m certain they would not be at all funny for you at the actual times, after the events you sure do have some funny stories to tell !! I also giggled at your cautionary “blah,blah,blah”.

          Regarding the “wipe dalvik cache” bizzo, & just as an aside, this morning i upgraded my free version of Titanium Backup to the Paid version, & noticed that one of the many extra features now available is clearing this cache. I’ve not yet looked further into this, & my following statement might be rubbish, but my initial thought is that if such a function is included in TB, then presumably it must [hopefully?] be a safe procedure for me to do now, post-ROM-flash, without me crippling my system? Anyway, some other time i shall investigate & discover…

          Your comments wrt keeping up with the Nightlies were relevant & interesting, ta. I had been kinda debating with myself about whether i should or not. On one hand, even though i fully realised & accepted that Nightlies are by definition not “Stable” in the official sense, by good luck or whatever my experience in my relatively brief time now living with JB after ICS, & of course specifically i mean CM10.1 of 6June, has been brilliant — i love it!! If it has been “unstable” or “buggy” then presumably only in very minor ways, coz IMO it has not let me down at all yet. Hence, one of my self-arguments was that maybe i’d be nuts to keep upgrading from here if a future Nightly might actually be very unreliable for me? The opposite argument is indeed the one you gave in your last reply, viz: “get the latest features d/t being the newest … and … constantly being fine-tuned”.

          What would make my decision easier would be if on the page that posts each new Nightly for download, if there was a short Release Notes file so i could read the main changes & then decide based on actual facts whether or not i’m interested … whereas now it just seems like a bit of a lucky dip. On the other hand, your “…can use the tab while dwnldg, when done it’ll ask if you want to install, install takes less than 3 mins. Really easy.” is nice to hear. Is it also that “painless” if rather than doing the DL actually on the Tab i did it on my pc & transferred the file to Tab [asking only because an ADSL DL on my pc is faster than a WiFi DL on my Tab]? If doing it all direct on Tab is better, then that’s the way i shall do it, but not yet having tried, i don’t know.

          Finally, you said i “don’t have to do all that s!#t that you do when installing a new rom” … does that mean i don’t need to reinstall gapps after? Does this on-Tab DL & Install process safeguard all my data, or is it at risk of corruption or loss such that i would always need to make a full TB backup first then Restore after [again with metaphorical reference to my Win7 auto-updates I do not need to always make a backup before they proceed]?

          Many thanks for all your “Giving”, sorry for being a “Taker”, & good luck in NOT needing to visit any more Starbucks carparks for a while… teehee.


          • ms.samsprung says:

            Hey Steffi,
            You’re great, glad to see another woman around. We’re few & far btwn.
            About the NIGHTLIES :
            1) I’m not surprised you’re current version of 10.1 is pretty stable, if I remember correctly 10.1 became available early to mid 01/13. I think I installed it in late January & its been improved greatly since that time. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if didn’t get recategorized as STABLE within the next month.
            2) When you go to SETTINGS>ABOUT TAB>CM updates and you see the current available updates (there can be up to 3, listed by date), you can either tap the far right of an item which starts the dwnld -or- you can tap the “name” of the dwnld itself & that will give you the change log.
            3) While we’re “at” the location to update you’re rom, I’m going to walk you through the exact steps involved : decide on your dwnld & tap screen to far right of your choice, you’ll get popup stating “dwnld will start…” or “dwnldg”. Notification bar will also show blinking down arrow to indicate dwnld. Now how long it takes to dwnld will be internet speed dependent of course but my sole source of internet is via my phone’s hotspot (& there are typically 4+ devices on it as is. Kids!) & its never taken longer than 30mins.
            4) When the dwnld is finished, a window pops up stating “dwnld finished blah, blah, blah ;)…”, at bottom of window are “cancel” & “install” .
            5) Hit “install”, and you dont do anything else. Tab reboots itself into recovery, Andy Android shows up w/ open belly blue spinning ball, progress bar under him. Once progress bar finishes, under 3 minutes, then pop up states “optimizing apps” with countdown, then it reboots itself. That’s it!
            5) Because its an update to an existing program, I’m thinking that the existing program needs to be present for the update to dwnld to, but I really don’t know for sure. I will say though just try it once the regular way b/c I think once you see how simple it is you’re going to kick yourself.
            Finally, the dalvik cache. First of all I haven’t studied computer programing since it was done with cards like scantron cards back when I was in 5th grade (showing my age), so bear with my lame & surely incomplete explanation. But my understanding of this cache, similar to any other cache, is that it contains fragments of info to facilitate you re-accessing sites, apps, programs, etc more quickly. Now if you can imagine the building of this cache while you’re using an ICS Rom then you decide to do a wipe & install a jb rom, of what use would these shortcuts & saved bits of info be? They would have no relation or relevence to your new environment, but they would in the mean time be taking up valuable real estate. Make sense?
            Have you noticed btw that there is no “debug”? It’s hidden, let me know when you try an update & I’ll point you in the right direction ;-P

  44. ms.samsprung says:

    Hi Edgardo,
    Glad I didn’t miss you, last nite I got caught up in some projects I had yet to finish & worried maybe I had.
    Any way, as far as I know, Windows XP should be o.k. I’m pretty sure that’s what I was using when I first started hacking my devices, I was a long time hold out - loyal to XP, hated Vista! But, I’m not 100% sure. As far as the school computers not working, I’d actually be surprised if they did due to the simple fact that the program requires Administrative permissions, which is exactly what public computer programs are built to combat. With that in mind, I’m wondering if you’ll have any luck this weekend at the library. Hypothetically, depending on how intense the security is on these public computers, you might be able to alter some of the permissions yourself so that what your trying to accomplish doesn’t get blocked. But, I’m sure there are legalities involved in that that you don’t want to run afoul of. And of course this is all hypothetical anyway.
    One thing that comes to mind, that might help you get around these hurdles is MOBILE ODIN. I was actually about to dwnld & install the other day but got distracted. So, I don’t know much about it yet or even if there’s a patch for my device, but if there is it seems as though its the obvious solution. I’ll get back to it before the weekend & see if I can develop a comfort level with it. You might want to see if your PC problems can be fixed or if you can borrow a friends laptop.
    Good luck.

  45. Bill says:

    anyone give a pointer as to where the ‘hidden’ data, that is still on the sd card would be likely to be found; needless to say-any backups, Titanium , Ultimate, etc.. would be unusable after a flashing of CM 10.1, I guess, since Titanium cannot find previous Backup Folder? Obviously backed up to PC beforehand and copied back after, is the only way-I guess. Presumably all the data is somewhere, but where?

    • Steffie says:

      Hi Bill

      Sorry that the first reply you receive is one that can’t directly help you, but i chose to respond as it’s “indirectly” relevant. As per my initial Post a little higher up this page, i am a complete novice wrt rooting & flashing ROMs. However within the past few nights i did manage to bumble my way thru upgrading my GT-P7510 Wi-Fi from ICS to JB 4.2.2 [].

      Upon my initial bootup into JB, i was stunned to discover the default CyanogenMod File Manager indicated that the SDCard contents were all still there! I had not expected that at the time, though in retrospect it makes sense given that’s where i’d parked the folder which *did* the ROM upgrade, so i suppose it wouldn’t make much sense if the process clobbered itself [?].

      One of the sd card subfolders i found was my Titanium Backup’s backup that i’d run immediately before rebooting into ClockworkMod Recovery mode. I’d also copied that folder to my pc b4 commencing the ROM upgrade, & my expectation was that i’d need to copy it back down to my Tab once the ROM was flashed, prior to being able to begin Restoring anything via TB… i was wrong. However even though in File Manager i could *see* all my data & doc folders, i presumed not to be able to *use* them at that stage, coz there were no longer any of my Play Store & 3rd Party apps on my Tab.

      Hence it would appear Bill that my outcome might have been different to yours for some reason, if you can’t now find that folder on your device [“since Titanium cannot find previous Backup Folder”].
      Once i muddled my way thru Restoring from TB, i’ve been delighted that almost* all my data & apps are going gangbusters again now … in yummy JB [I really liked ICS after my original HC, & now JB seems better again].

      * At time of writing i’m still to resolve my Calendar & Contacts data, none of which is now showing on my Tab. I’m not certain but i suspect this might be coz the CM/JB Calendar & Contacts apps are different to those in ICS, so I presume my Titanium Backup data could not be Restored due to incompatibility? If so then i expect my solution will need to be a forced 1-way Synch from Outlook on my pc via MyPhoneExplorer to Tab.

      Sorry not to be able to help you properly Bill.

    • ms.samsprung says:

      I’m so sorry no one has been able to answer your question. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can’t either.
      What file manager are you using? Reason I ask is I use Androzip, so that’s my frame of reference & when I open that app it opens to “/storage/emulated/0”, then under that directory pretty much everything you can imagine is listed/ itemized, but if I choose to go up the directory then I’m at “/storage/emulated” and I have 3 choices : emulated, 0, legacy. I’ve explored all 3 of these and interestingly they’re all very similar except for maybe 1 or 2 items here & there and this has been how I’ve found missing files on 2 occasions. But I don’t know why or where to direct you except to say perseverance was all that worked for me.

  46. Kyle says:

    What’s up everyone, just thought I would share some great news for people who are having keyboard issues. Google has decided to release the official Android 4.2 stock keyboard for all Android devices running 4.0 and up. “Google Keyboard” is now available on the Google Play Store.
    It works great on my Galaxy Tab! No more force closes! Only thing is, is that English is the only available language for now.

  47. Bill says:

    Anyone care to reply to my previous question?? How to find/access the data the ‘disappears, but is still on the sd card-is this useable data-or just taking up space? I have managed to access the Clockworkmod backup folder, in Recovery, and all is still as was before CM 10.1

  48. Ajen says:

    is this working on samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1 v4.1.2 wifi+3g?
    and please give me a guide on how to install it ..


    • ms.samsprung says:

      Your tab goes by the alternative name, P5100. So this would be the file you would use. But, I’m concerned, is your tablet rooted already. If not you’ll have to do that first. This site has great info on that, too. Hope this helps.

      • Ajen says:

        ms.sam .. is this 100% working on my rooted galaxy tab 2 10.1 v4.1.2(jellybean) GT-P5100 WIFI+3G?!
        THANKS !!

        • Ajen says:

          btw .. what link do i need install?! Download CM10.1 for Tab 10.1 (P5100)
          or Download CM10.1 for Tab 10.1 Wifi (P5110

          thanks again ??

          • ms.samsprung says:

            That’s so cool, I think. But I guess I’m kind of confused by your two posts. Anything to do with your tab will be the files for the P5100. Does that answer your question?

          • Ajen says:

            ok thanks .. ^^

  49. Steffie says:

    Hi ms.samsprung

    Ha, it looks like we’ve used up the allowable number of replies to replies here, so now my latest reply is not in sequence. Oh well. Anyway YAY, your instructions were spot-on for the onboard d/l & upgrade of the ROM to current Nightly. So easy, & I confess to doing some insane giggling at how much (blush) *fun* all this “rooting romming” is. Who knew? What’s taken me so long? Your help on this page has been invaluable, & I’m most grateful. Even your timing estimates were really accurate for me, even almost to the minute. Spooky.

    The only little thing which went slightly off script, & caused me for a brief period of indecision to ponder running away screaming, or cowering under my bedcovers, was that when my Tab was in the Recovery boot, poor little Anastasia Android suffered constant Rolling Screen… but she eventually survived & thrived to a highly successful upgrade result. So, my Tab has had great evolution over the past week or so! I fear I might be getting addicted here…

    Your thoughts on the dalvik cache definitely make sense to me, so I shall look into that new feature I mentioned in my full TB apparently for clearing it. Teehee, you mentioned cards; what if I counter-mentioned IBM punch cards, Cobal, Fortran, Sperry-Unysis, etc. Ah, back in the day. Never ever could I have foreseen back then the incredible little device now sitting on my knees as I type; zowie.

    Oh you mentioned Debugging mode? I unlocked that tricky little hidden gem in Settings a few nights ago thanks, care of some other fabbo info I picked up online during my pre-flash research. It’s so nice that there’s so many knowledgeable people out there willing to share their experience & wisdom. Another yay!

    Thanks so much again, fellow woman, hurrah!

    • Steffie says:

      PS: Here’s what happened in my Titanium Backup [Full] for clearing the Dalvik cache.
      Menu - Storage - Clean up the Dalvik cache… - “Found 3 unneeded files in the Dalvik cache [total 13.6 MB] Do you want to delete them?” - Yes - Operation finished”. Golly, that was hard… not. Teehee.
      Regards, Steffie.

  50. Bill says:

    Hi ms. Samsprung,
    thanks for taking the time to reply-I finally got the necessary info from the XDA Thread-the data is all there and can be found using a Root Explorer-it is in Data/Media-one can either cut/paste the stuff you need across to the main ‘O’ folder-or delete-problem with Tab 10.1 is lack of expandable storage-so, deletion is usually necessary sooner or later-or, as I do, use one of the external sd card/memory stick adapters that work really well in the sync station/port at bottom of Tab-the charging port. These things take either USB or sd cards and can add many extra Gbs.
    Thanks again-incidentally, how come Max, the site owner, doesn’t answer these running posts, any more?? Too busy, and too many topics to monitor, I guess.

  51. Frankie says:

    Hi Max,

    I have a tab 2 SGH-I497 do you have any roms that will run on it.
    I already rooted it.

  52. Mark says:

    Hi, sorry for this question but can someone summarize known issues or bugs found in this rom? It is really interesting and I’m going to choose between this and CM9 for daily usage, so I just want to know which are unsolvable issues found in this rom. I’ve read most of the comments but it’s just to have a clear idea. Thank you all

    • Steffie says:

      Hi Mark

      Clearly this is not a technical reply, which might disappoint you given you asked for technical info. However i hope that even this low-level info might help your decision in a small way.

      I have owned my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 GT-P7510 Wi-Fi for 12 months. It came with Honeycomb, which in due course i upgraded to ICS via Kies [ie, still a standard Samsung ROM ], but recently i decided to upgrade it to JB 4.2.2 CM10.1 Nightly, per this site. This was my first experience of a custom ROM.

      Since my initial rooting & installation of CWMR then the full ROM flash [downloaded from the actual CM site], i’ve also now done a couple of onboard Nightly updates. So far everything has been working nicely on my Tab, as far as i have been able to discern. I am having some issues with correct synchronisation of the Tab’s Calendar with my Win7’s Outlook 2013 via MyPhoneExplorer, but at the moment i do not suspect the fault to be the CM10.1 ROM, but rather possibly a problem native to JB 4.2.2 &/or MPE.

      I have been very impressed with this ROM, & hope if you decide to proceed that you would have a similarly high level of satisfaction.


      • ms.samsprung says:

        Hey Steffi,
        Just wanted to say, “Well said.”

        • Steffie says:

          Hiya ms.samsprung

          Ta … teehee. BTW did another onboard update this morning to the latest Nightly [i tend to do them each Sunday now], & once again it was successful & stress-free … now that i know not to panic at poor ole Anastasia Android suffering her violent Rolling Screen episodes during the period when my Tab is in the Recovery boot during the update installation, as i noted in my 11 June Post earlier. Yay.

  53. CarlosM says:

    just wondering if anyone can help me with the keyboard, it minimizes when i’m typing, (which is very aggravating). I have always had this problem, so i decided to do a nightly and still no fix. what else can i do? I have a GTP7510MA. I’m getting read to go back to stock just because of the keyboard. unless there is a better ROM than this.

    • ms.samsprung says:

      Hey Carlos,
      Instead of throwing in the towel, why don’t you read previous post? I know I personally addressed this issue with another noob about 1-2 months ago. Good luck. Ms.Samsprung.

    • Steffie says:

      Hi Carlos, read Kyle, 6 June, above. That solves it.

  54. a says:

    Does this work for tab 10.1 with wifi and 3G?

    • ms.samsprung says:

      Yes. Btw all of the tabs are WiFi capable, so the determining factor then becomes is it WiFi only or not. In your situation the file designated “p4” would be the correct one unless its a TMO or Verizon model then of course you’d use the “p4” variant indicated for your carrier. Remember if the correct file does end up being “p4” then you would also need to install the corresponding boot loader or you’ll end up with a rolling screen. Hope this helped.

  55. Luch0 says:

    Hello, I have que question does this ROM comes with the multiscreen because I was trying to find but I wasnt able to.

    Thank you once more!!!!

    • ms.samsprung says:

      No, unfortunately. There are now some apps that can do a picture-in-picture kind of thing and I use them to varying degrees of success, but no true multiscreen in this Rom or any other that I’m aware of for this device. The apps I’m referring to are “Floating YouTube Player” & “Floating Browser”, I believe both were free on Play. Hope this helps & if you find a Rom for our device with true multiscreen be sure to post it here.

  56. pege63 says:

    How do i go back to stock P7510XWMPE_P7510OXXMPB_NEE, it just stand samsung logo but it glowing (blinking) and nothing hapends after that?

    • ms.samsprung says:

      I assume you were you already rooted? Did you install the appropriate boot loader (for this device/rom combination)via Odin? That would probably help. But if you just want out of your current boot loop, I’d suggest rebooting into recovery and installing the backup zip you would have made prior to embarking on your current adventure. If your asking for your specific stock Rom b/c you’ve realized that you forgot to make a back up zip, then I’m sorry but off the top of my head I don’t remember. I’d suggest trying, XDA &/or Samsung’s site. Hope this helps.

  57. Gerrael says:

    I have the GT-P5113 and wondering which file to download and use. any help would be appreciated. thanks

  58. Clicks says:

    ms.samsprung - the last time i used this rom was in March, well i would love to know weatha the nightly updates were able to tackle the calling function, or is it still not working properly ?

  59. FFBerlinetta says:

    Is it come with project butter

  60. Nandakishore says:

    Hi, I want to format my android samsung tab 2 310 and i want to install new stable 4.2.2 ROM, version, pls pls help me out the procedure that how to do .,.

    • ms.samsprung says:

      Are you rooted yet? If not, start in that thread on this same website. Max has links the thread to his Youtube video which walks you thru it. Id suggest reading first & getting all the dwnld files dwnlded to your computer first, some of the files can take quite a while. Good luck.

  61. Clicks says:

    Could some one let me know wether the calling function is working properly or if it still got problems in hanging up ect…

    Asap i want to install 4.2.2 im using p7500 3G

  62. Kyle says:

    To anyone who uses Google Maps on their tab:

    Has anyone recently updated their Google Maps app from the Playstore? They released their new updated UI version on July 17 (Version 7.0.2) for Android 4.0.3+ users.

    Anyways so with my CM10.1-20130704-NIGHTLY running Android 4.2.2 decided to try it out and update Maps and upon using it, the new UI is painfully slow on my tab (GT-P7510). I’m not sure why this is, it just seems the new UI requires more processing power to run or something. Mind you, I have my tab over clocked to 1400 MHz and it still ran slow/laggy. I’m assuming this just may be certain limitations of the hardware, but I have never had any lag at all with previous versions of Google Maps. So because of this update, I had to revert back to the previous recent version 6.14.4.

    Has anyone on their Galaxy Tabs running CM10.1 had this problem? Not sure if this problem is only just me or if it will be addressed in future NIGHTLYS or what. But I guess till then I have to stay with current version.

  63. bs says:

    A few questions:
    - A few months ago I installed a different kernel on my device (Tab 10.1 3g). Would that affect the installation of this ROM? The Kernel I installed allowed me to make phone calls with my device. Will this function be affected by installing this ROM?
    - Can I install this ROM without having to format my device (I remember I installed Android 4.0 without having to format my device as well)?

    Thank you.

    • admin says:

      You can install the one for 3G which supports phone calls, you can try installing without wiping but make a backup ROM so you can restore if something goes wrong.

      • bs says:


        Installation went well, but I did indeed had to wipe data and cache in order to prevent a startup loop.

        Another question: Now with 4.2.2 my ’voice call enabler’ does not work anymore. Is there a version of ’voice call enqbler’ availabke for 4.2.2?

        Secondly, I can’t seem to find a samsung-stock-boot-animation for Jelly Bean. Any idea where I can download this?

        Once again thank you for all your help! I appreciate your contribution a lot.

  64. yeah says:

    Where is the guide to install the rom????

  65. mR. 9Sky says:

    i Can’t download the rom for my tab
    im stock at 25%
    plzz help me
    wer can i download ?

  66. syman says:

    I am having real problems with power consumption. It drains the battery in just a few hours. I have not changed anything. Can some help please?

  67. kakaana says:

    Is it really necessary to unlock the device?
    Is there any other way????

  68. bliss says:

    Please can this jb 4.2.2 rom work for my rooted tab 10.1 shw-m180s?
    If yes please guide me on the steps to follow
    I am currently runninng jb 4.2.1

    A quik response will be highly appreciated as am really keen to
    Seeing a new upgrade and performance.

  69. Ted says:

    Hi there,

    I have been installing custom rom on my gt-p7500 for over 6 months now. I have never been able to download files (even pdf from emails) or even app from the playstore while on the 3G network. I managed to live without it althouh I would like to find a fix to that.
    Now I have instaklled 4.2.2 and not only I am not able to dosnoad over 3g, but also, the screen flickers everytime after the device comes from sleep to a point where I can’t do anyhtjing else but restart it. :'(

    P.S.: it is looking for a solution that I came across this post.

  70. iman says:

    hi i can use call and otg cable service in this version of android rom on my gt-p7500 3g?
    please help me…

  71. iman bahmani says:

    hi i can use otg cable and call service and pair bluetooth keyboard in this version?…

  72. Moriarty says:

    I am getting the following error on my Galaxy TAB 10.1 (P7510):

    assert failed: getprop(“ro.product.device”)==”p4wifi” || getprop(”) == “p4wifi″
    E:Error in /sdcard/CM10/
    (Status 7)

    I have redone the pit file and repartitioned. Put a stock rom in, and replace the boot with CM again. I still am getting this error.

    Any help would be much appreciated!


    • Moriarty says:

      Figured it out. Had to delete the getprop line from:


      Install worked fine after that.


  73. patll says:

    comment also on youtube

    I flashed with a cm10.1 rom for the Galaxy P4 (wifi) p7510 (successful and working), but it is missing many features that the official feature set of the Google Android 4.2.* is supposed to have. Do you know which rom has the FULL Feature Set or do any of them or none of them? Like multi-window, etc.

    Which begs the question, if the roms are using (forking) the google code, why isn’t all the features in the new roms?

  74. Bram Gerritse says:

    So I have a P7500 with a dutch telecom provider.
    Will flashing an UK bootloader in any way impair the use of the 3G network in The Netherlands?
    And why exactly is it needed to flash a different bootloader for this process?

  75. Buni says:

    guys I’m having trouble creating and saving APN, i’ve flashed my tab 10.1 3g & wifi tried to creat apn when i save it nothind is happning whats the soluton. by the way its a great work

  76. Rsaxobeat says:

    Will there ever be a Galaxy Tab 10.1 root to Kit Kat with Touchwiz? I absolutely adore the touchwiz and Samsung features, but want to be able to enjoy the upgraded features of Android. Spent too much money on this device to just forget it and get a new one.

    • Rsaxobeat says:

      I know that kit kat will be able to run on slower devices, so I’m hoping that there will be a Kitkat Touchwiz ROM coming up soon. Does anyone know anything about it?

  77. tony says:

    Help I think I’ve bricked my Tab 10.1 wifi.
    I was doing a backup with Clockworkmod Recovery before flashing 4.2.2
    Thinks seemed to be going fine backed up image and system ok but
    when backing up data it seemed to hang at DATA 1. At this point I eventually switch the tab off
    and now it won’t boot back up.

  78. hmz_g says:

    i love you men! was busy the whole day with the screenrolling after taking from standby.. with this solution problem was gone!


  79. nixon says:

    install everything like in the video. but my wifi reception he was not very good. It is very bad .. any solution for that? PLEASEEE RESPOND

  80. Van says:

    Last cyanogenmod ROM I try. The Last three, including this one, have issues on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 p7510, with the keyboard not loading. Thanks for another Waste of time.

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