How To Install CWM Recovery on Galaxy Tab 10.1!

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This guide will show you how to install CWM Recovery 5.5.04 on your Galaxy Tab 10.1 for ALL models listed here.

By installing CWM Recovery, you will be able to easily root your Galaxy Tab 10.1 (by flashing file in CWM Recovery) or install/backup/restore ROMs.


Download CWM Recovery files

(Don’t have unzipping program? Download and install 7Zip first.)
Download Windows Drivers Here
Credits - CWM, TWRP

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104 Responses to How To Install CWM Recovery on Galaxy Tab 10.1!

  1. Dico says:

    Hi Max, via ROM Manager I flashed CWM Isn’t that a newer version? So do I still have to flash CWM so I can install CM10 Jelly Bean? Thanks for answering.

  2. Pieter Provoost says:

    recovery -CWM5504-P4-P7500.tar.md5 is invalid ,
    what to do now?

    • Vien Cervantes says:

      Using ur computer, rename the file “CWM5504-P4-P7500.tar.md5” to “CWM5504-P4-P7500.tar”
      worked for me! hope i helped!

    • William says:


      I have a Galaxy Tab 10.1 P7500 (3g and wifi). First, I installed ICS ROM (4.0.4) and also rooted it. Then, I backed up the ROM with Rom Manager. After that, I decided to install the JB CM10 newest version. So, I installed the recovery-TWRP-P4-P7500.tar , using ODIN 1.87. Then, I did the factory reset, wipe cache and wipe dalvik at TWRP and finally installed the latest ROM JB CM10-experimental-p4 for P7500. After that, I installed the GAPPS using TWRP too. It worked. Now I’m trying to get used to this new S.O.

  3. Fabrice says:

    Hi, I have an issue when I am trying to install CWM Recovery

    I have a Galaxy tab 10.1 GT-P7510, so I use this file : recovery-CWM5504-Wifi-P7510.tar

    but after when I try to enter into the recovy mode, I see the image rolling…
    I cannot see clearly the menu, everything moving…
    How I can fix it… !?

    thanks in advance

  4. Ake says:

    trying to install on my P7500 i get “recovery-CWM5504-P4-P7500.tar.md5 is invalid.” in ODIN.
    I have tried to find another CWM file for the P7500, but so far no luck.
    Pls advice

    • admin says:

      Try changing the filename recovery-CWM5504-P4-P7500.tar.md5 to recovery-CWM5504-P4-P7500.tar

      • dev says:

        That’s not a good idea. The file should NOT be renamed from *.tar.md5 to *.tar , since this is a security issue. The md5 tells ODIN to verify the contents of the .tar with an md5 checksum to make sure the contents have not been tampered with (by a hacker, for instance).

        If you remove the .md5 from the end of the file name, you are installing an unchecked CWM that may be compromised. Follow these instructions at your own risk!

  5. Ake says:

    That worked, thanks

  6. Ake says:

    I managed to do the CWM on my p7500. Did a backup with CWM after that and now I can’t find the Backup file. I want to move it to external memory…

  7. Ake says:

    Pls disregard abt backup file, found it 😉

  8. Robert J Lausen says:

    I am so frustrated. I loaded the root file and I loaded the files via odin and nothing is working……. I cannot get the tab to flash jb!

  9. dumbled00 says:

    hey Max,

    is there anyway to get CWM if i am on a mac?


  10. dumbled00 says:

    sorry the above question is terribly noobish but i downloaded CWM through rom manager and flashed it there so am not sure how to do it any other way. from what i read people use odin but that doesnt work on a mac right?

    • admin says:

      You can do that too but you will need root first. Also I don’t think that one is compatible with CM10 if you want to install that ROM, you can flash this ROM otherwise should be fine.

  11. dumbled00 says:

    You’re a rock star

    Thanks buddy

  12. Mike says:

    Hey Max,

    Thanks for the videos, very helpful. I installed the official version of ICS 4.0.4 on my Galaxy GT-P7510, but I can’t get cwm recovery ( to work. I get a rolling screen when I try to enter the recovery. I had to do a fresh install of ICS to get rid of the rolling screen. I now have a fully working, un-rooted Galaxy GT-P7510 with ICS 4.0.4.

    Just wan’t to get CWM working without the rolling screen so I can root this baby!

    Has anyone found a way to solve this issue?

    Thanks everyone!

    • cholazer says:

      hi guys ,me too, my tab are rolling down
      every one have p7510 with cmw rolling down can fix this problem(the help in xda-developer) but p7500 no
      no one can fix this in p7500
      can i root with usb debugging or super one click

      • Mike says:

        The so called fix, for the p7510, causes more problems.. It stops the rolling screen, but messes up your tab. After you fix the rolling CWM screen, and root your 7510, your tab is messed up. If you power it off and back on, you have a rolling screen on your tab, not just CWM recovery. I’m sure, I’m not the only one with this problem.. I had no problem with CWM before installing the new 4.0.4 system. Seems like a lot of people have this same issue. I’m not a rookie, I have flashed hundreds of droids and have never had this problem. I’m gonna wait until a rom is made for this, then just flash is back to 3.2, install cwm, root it, and just flash the rom. SuperOneClick doesn’t work.

        I don’t think even Admin for this site has any idea of whats going on here.

        Good luck to you to.

        • Mike says:

          I have tried that, it fixes the rolling cwm screen and allows me to root, but causes more issues to the tab. It causes a rolling screen, right in the system after powering off and on. I then flashed ICS back on, and wiped the system data to getting working correctly again.

          I have no idea what the issue is here, this should be a piece of cake. This isn’t rocket science, must not be seeing something….

          Thank you for your support.

          • luigi says:

            max and mike this method does not work on the 7510 it just makes it so the rolling screen moves to the tab and so when the screen dims it returns with a rolling screen. theres got to be a better way

  13. mkrlsaek says:

    hey i have a problem. the flashing process stops here:

    Odin v.3 engine (ID:3)..
    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..

    do you have any idea of what they problem might be?

    • Mike says:

      If your on the old 3.2 system, make sure you have clock work mod recovery (CMW) installed on your system. It doesn’t matter if your rooted or not. I’m guessing your trying to install the the ICS 4.04? If your trying to flash the new ICS, boot into CMW recovery and make sure you wipe everything! “Wipe data/factory reset”,” wipe cache partition”.. go into mounts and storage and “format cache”, “format data”, “format system”, “format sd card” (even if you dont have sd card). The idea is, wipe everything, just to be sure your getting a clean install. The, boot into download and try to flash ICS again, DOUBLE CHECK that you have the right file. It took me a few trys, but you will get it! You can’t brick you tab with Odin, Odin is your friend and can save your ass in the end. Let me know exactly whats going on, and I will get back to you. Cheers!

      • mkrlsaek says:

        Basically, I previously installed the clockwork mod so that I could upgrade my galaxy tab from android gingerbread 3.0 to ice cream sandwich 4.0.3. Right now, I want to upgrade it to jelly bean 4.1 but I need clockwork mod installed. I’m trying to install it through odin, but the installation stops a second after it starts, with the message box including the things I posted on the previous comment.

    • admin says:

      make sure Kies is turned off, might interfere.

  14. mkrlsaek says:

    Basically, I previously installed the clockwork mod so that I could upgrade my galaxy tab from android gingerbread 3.0 to ice cream sandwich 4.0.3. Right now, I want to upgrade it to jelly bean 4.1 but I need clockwork mod installed. I’m trying to install it through odin, but the installation stops a second after it starts, with the message box including the things I posted on the previous comment.

  15. Mike says:

    You mean you wan’t to flash the jellybean rom to your tab through clockwork mod? If so, what tab model do you have?

    • mkrlsaek says:

      it’s the wifi only model GT-P7510 16GB

      • Mike says:

        Watch this video link and follow the instructions EXACTLY as shown! Use the files indicated in the video, even if you have downloaded them before. At the end of all this, you will have CWM installed with the stock rom your GT-P7510 came with. Then you can flash any rom you wan’t. Here is the link:

      • Mike says:

        Google search: How to Unroot / Unbrick the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 - Latest . Click the second result and watch you YouTube video by QBKing77. I have done this myself, so I know it works! Watch this video and follow the instructions EXACTLY as shown! Use the files indicated in the video, even if you have downloaded them before. At the end of all this, you will have CWM installed with the stock rom your GT-P7510 came with. Then you can flash any rom you want.

  16. mkrlsaek says:

    hey! i have just finished unrooting my device and everything has worked out perfectly! thanks a lot! now i can flash whatever rom i want using the stock recovery, or will some roms need clockwork mod recovery?

    • Mike says:

      Awesome! It’s really up to you, for most custom roms, you need to use CWM recovery. I would recommend you put ICS 4.0.4 stock version on your GT-P7510. It’s the most recent stock rom for your Tablet; it just works with no bugs or problems, the camera works. That’s what I’m running, it’s pretty awesome! You can get the instructions from the video on this site; just follow the instructions from the video EXACTLY! Google search: ics 4.0.4 galaxy tab hacks gt-p7510 Click on the first search result(How To Unroot/Update to Official ICS Android 4.0.4 on Galaxy Tab …) It’s a really easy install, just follow the video EXACTLY as you see it, make sure you DOWNLOAD THE CORRECT FILE (Download stock ROM for Wifi P7510), on the same page as the video.
      Go for it! Let me know what happens!

    • Mike says:

      I’m happy things worked out for you, but please give credit, where credit is due. A big shout out to Max here at Galaxy Tab Hacks! Max has dedicated his time to help you, and has made videos for just about every issue regarding your Galaxy tab. These is even a section for newbies, so if you have never flashed a rom before, don’t know what a rom is, have no idea what Clockwork mod is or what it does, the answers are all on this site. For all the newbies, and for anyone interested in keeping their tab up to date, sign up for the mailing list here. Once again, make sure you all thank Max here at Galaxy Tab Hacks!

      Cheers everyone!

  17. Nick says:

    Hi Max,
    Mate I am quite new to all this but am very glad you are here to teach us new guys how to tweak our machines.
    I have a Samsung Tab 10.1 P7500 with 3G and wifi. I have rooted it with the new ics 4.01. Followed your vid and everything went great, easy install. My questions are: how do I get to be a super user now and how do I overclock my tablet? BTW my Tablet has dual core processors but I am still showing speed of 1ghz. Appreciate your help.

    • admin says:

      please see root for ics on front of the website for superuser and u can install a1 kernel to get overclocking. its all there.

  18. Athee says:

    is it work with my 10.1 3g?

  19. Wil says:

    Hey so I got running on my 7510 just fine. Did a backup of everything from within CWM Then I went and flashed CM10 Jellybean. Went back to CWM and tried restoring back to ICS, worked fine.

    Flashed back to CM10, upgraded to newest CWM Touch version 5.8.x.x from within ROM Manager once in CM10. Decided I wanted to go back to ICS so I tried to restore back to ICS through CWM Touch, doesn’t work. I’ve tried doing entire normal backup, and strictly the apps, nothing works. Keeps telling me there’s an error.

    What’s the best thing to do? Switch back to Can I do that without turning on USB debug mode? Because I didn’t check this beforehand but I can’t click on Storage in settings and even access USB period, whether it’s to transfer stuff or to turn on USB Debug mode.

  20. luigi says:

    Max i installed the CWM recovery but when i go into it my screen flickers any idea what i did wrong and how i could fix it i already tried to redo it but it does the same .
    Thanks for your help


  21. sriabhi says:

    well, flashed jb on galaxy tab3g.
    not rooted….only flashed.

    for fun,
    how can i go back to 3.1 honeycomb.

    • admin says:

      unroot to 3.1 honeycomb using ODIN and download stock ROM on

      • N1CKL3 says:

        Hey there, I’m new to the whole rooting and I was wondering could you send me a step by step or even better a vid. on rooting the galaxy tab 2 7.0 GT-P3113. I tried as best i could to gather the necessary info for rooting it with the info and links through out your site, but have had nothing but confusion and frustration as an end result. If you would be willing to help me out that would be great!

  22. sriabhi says:

    i want to root galaxy tab 3g,
    only root access, not upgrade.

    plz post video links for rooting and unrooting.

    dnt post for ics or jelly.

    max sir updated root videos only for wifi tab, not 3g.
    i want for 3g tab.

  23. rhconst says:

    Dbl checked all the sites and still can not get CWM on reboot. Odin verified install. File manager shows it there. Tried all of the configurations of volume down and the power button. Erased and reloaded all six times. Have no idea of what to do now.

    • jason says:

      I had the same problem, I saw that if I switched the tab on first without pressing volume down and then when the screen switches on, hold power and volume down for a minute, the menu pops up

  24. Lambros says:

    Hey guys. I only want to ask a very very very simple question. Why should i root my tab? What are the benefits of doing this?


    • sriabhi says:

      hey man,
      i say this site is advanced part of things.
      we cnt learn from levelzero here.
      google it, the advanteges of rooting.

      and r u new to this site???

  25. Cole says:

    i did this on my Tab 2 &inch (GT-P3113) It said “Passed” but i can’t boot into CWM and now it won’t load ICS either. it freezes on the logo screen. Help?!

  26. eddy says:

    I have the same problem with CWR mood rolling.. fix it with bootloader @xda developers but when go to sleep mood and open back have jumping screen problem.. HERE is the solution just install wrong bootloader file tar and problem the way my CWR mood have rolling isue back but i dont care coz i have rooted my tab P7500

  27. Tito says:

    I downloaded cwr and the rom zip for galaxy tab p7500 (wifi+3G), made wipe (3 kind) and when choosing the cyano10 up showed and therefore downloaded it gives me error! I did not root just odin CWR and from recovery tried but ,……please help
    if possible can anyone post links for right CWR, root (if needed) and the right rom ???!!!!
    thank you very very much,…I can’t stand ics stock anymore, overall for the battery drain…..

  28. Ali says:

    Please help, I’m using galaxy tab GT-P7500, I’m using Mac and I converted Odin3.exe to and the yellow ID:COM thing Max mentioned doesn’t show up, should I haven’t done this? What should I do? Now my galaxy tab is still in its download mode

  29. StaticXTC says:

    I currently have Stock Recovery and Stock ICS on my P4WIFI i’m trying to flash CWM back to it but for some reason its just not working, Heres the log from Odin3, if anyone could help me out i’d greatly appreciate it. I had this running CWM before but i flashed back to stock everything so i could get the stock ICS and now i just want to get it rooted again but for some reason i can’t flash CWM now.
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:5)..
    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..
    Complete(Write) operation failed.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

  30. Pingback: Upgraded to Jelly Bean 4.1.2 via CyanogenMod 10 (Galaxy Tab 10.1 p4wifi) | koukoupuffs

  31. Kyllaz says:

    Hi there.
    I´ve just followed this tut to root my samsung galaxy tab 10.1v p 7100
    I´ve enterede Odin, flashed with the correct file for my tab, rebooted. The problem now is that i can´t enter cwm mode to install superuser. I press down and power, it appears downloading and usb icons, when i select the usb icon it says in the left corner:
    Fastboot usb download protocol
    Bootloader version: P7100BUKC8
    Baseband Version: 228_DB120709
    Serial number: ##################
    Lock State: UNLOCKED

    There´s nothing more to do, no icons, no menus, nothing. Can you please help me and guide me in install superuser please. The android is ICS, instaled by kies, original firmware.

    Best regards

    • tito says:

      Flash a different recovery, I changed and now it works !

    • justin says:

      i tried with same tab, with the given cwm recovery for gt-p7100 and also does not give you the cwm recovery mode just fast boot and downloading as usual. i tried 2 different zips but no success and dont want to risk flashing something that bombs it out… have you had any luck rooting yours? theres various ways to do it iv seen a few methods involving the fast boot and cmd prompt but i cant find right fastboot drivers for pc either…..

  32. tito says:

    But not sure that this article is for your 10.1V, on my slim is perfect, now!

  33. Ankur Gupta says:

    Which recovery file i should use for tab 10.1 P7500R 4G model? Pls help.

  34. Ankur Gupta says:

    Hi. I was trying to update my samsung galaxy tab 10.1 P7500 to ICS 4.1. I installed CWM recovery also using odin and wiped all the data. I dont know what went wrong but now my tab does not boot. I keeps showing the initial logo repeatedly and does not boot beyond it. When connecting to laptop via USB, now I cant see it in My computer also but it does get detected in ODIN software on laptop. Also I could not find any ROM zip file in CWM recovery to start my Tab with.
    Anyone please help.
    Thank you.

    • SavaS says:

      Try to wipe dalvink cache…

      • Joe says:

        I would just like to get my hands on another one so I can play with it. Wife took mine and is playing “happy Farm” all the time and I just want to use it for on the road computing as I get driven anywhere.

  35. SavaS says:

    Can I install CM 10 with TeamWin Recovery…? 😉

  36. Chris says:

    Can you do a tutorial utilizing a mac to root the Tab 10.1? Thanks!

    I was trying to utilize Heimdall, but having issues and not sure what I’m doing wrong. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  37. ricardo says:

    hi, after installing chainfire 3d on my samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1 is blocked on samsung boot screen, and i don’t know how to fix it, can you help please.

  38. Leslie Flare says:

    Hey guys, please I need a little help.

    My gt-p7510 flickered, and so I did a factory reset, to no avail. Any suggestion on what I can do? Puh-leeease? 🙁 It’s android os is already on 4.0.4. I just need my screen back to normal.

    Thank you so much — Flare

  39. agentept says:

    Hi guys,

    A question!
    This toturial works for the galaxy tab 10.1v (P7100)?

    Thank you

  40. Tony says:

    i have a problem. i’m running a gt - p7510 wifi 16 gb with ics 4.0.4. i’m trying to install cwm recovery but seems to be stuck in odin. all it says is this…

    odin v.3 engine (id:10)
    file analysis..
    get PIT for mappng..
    firmware update start..

    i’m a noob at this so i could use some help with this.

  41. Tony says:

    i’ve searched everywhere i could think of for a solution for the problem i posted above, but have hit dead ends and developed a massive headache. i’ve noticed at least a couple of other people have had the same problem and no solution or response. no i don’t want to seem rude but at least let me know somebody is alive on this site and tell me if i am going to able to root my tab (build UELPL) or if there is an alternative to my plight. once i’m not trying to be rude just at my wits end.

  42. Tony says:

    okay it’s me again . i still have the same problem. looked at other sites for other tips tried them and nothing.
    i’ve tried shutting off my anti-virus (scary) and firewall (scarier) thinking they might be interfering like kies, by the way, how do you disable kies, and i still can’t get any results. i really want to root my tab. please any advise at all would be nice.

    • Kyle says:

      Hi Tony, First of all let me begin, im no expert at this, and I still feel myself to be considered a noob as well.
      But anyways I have the same tab but when got your Odin program, what version are you using? Cause I noticed in your recent comment you put “odin v.3 engine”

      You must (At least I think) be using program/version of “Odin3 v1.85” Does yours say that? That may be the reason your having trouble. I have the same version of tab as yours and Ive been successful so far in everything I have done. Anyways let me know what happens.

  43. what i need to do if my tab 2 will suddenly stock-up?

  44. dominic says:

    hi tony…what should i do if my tab 10.1 doesnt have dialer storage..couldnt make phone call..

  45. oceanMotion says:

    This works well. Thanks! Updating the bootloader to the US version fixed my rolling/static screen problem from a previous ICS install on a power button wake from sleep. To get odin to recognise my device I had to put it into download mode, then after using the bootloader option once it reset the static screen problem was gone. Awesome! Enjoying the 4.2.2 features. Like the overclocking “secret button” option. Works well at 1400MHz.

    Galaxy Tab 10.1 16G WiFi GT-P7510 Kernel 3.1.10-cyanogenmod+

  46. yeah says:

    There are no step by step guides which makes it really useless for newbies.

    I think these has been the worst guides Ive read on the web.

    You should cut it to the chase and make step by step guides and not upload video of 100mb, thats useless, its not a movie but a tutorial.

    Just saying

  47. Juanita says:

    Has anyone successfully rooted a galaxy tab from tmobile? I have installed the software outlined here and I still do not have root. Did tmobile block it somehow? I am new to the android world and since this is an older device, I would like to root it.

    Any help? Thanks.

  48. michael says:

    Hi guys,
    My samsung galaxy tab GT-P7500 is not entering download mode… Please what do I do?

  49. nichole says:

    I am not the most literate when it comes to things like this, but i have the yellow bar on ODIN but when I select my 7500, it is not changing to PASS. Does that mean it wasnt unzipped properly or that my driver isnt complete?? Thanks for the help!

  50. JamesD says:

    Anyone have any idea how to install any rom on the SCH-i915? I can’t find any roms anywhere.

  51. imran says:

    hi max. i have samsung tablet pc gt p7510
    i update it as u show in video, now i am getting exclamation mark when i am restarting and now i cant download anything from google play store its giving error RPC:S-7:AEC-7

  52. James says:

    Hi, Recovery upgrade fails. Odin message box shows:
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:3)..
    File analysis..
    Complete(Write) operation failed.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    Can anyone help?


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